Friday, June 24, 2005

Mufti Day!!

Hey!!! Mufti Day is so great!! I wore a cheongsam t-shirt and my three quarter pants.. It was really fun and everybody took cameras to sch and take whatever pic they can.. Haha... Must check out my tomato blog coz' i will load it up with a lot of pics!!! see you there!!

Friday, June 17, 2005


Well, sch Semester results came out. Well, I didn't do well. Maybe because I dropped in a few subjects that I usually did better. Maths and KH. *sigh* Maybe I just need to learn how to lift up my burden to God. And don't worry about anything. Pray for me so that I can do it.
P/s : Don't really want to say a lot now coz' I am doing smth else... =)

Friday, June 03, 2005


Ok, I am getting more bored. Plus, I almost finished my the 4th series of the Laurel Shardrach Series which is really really cool and nice and very educational. I recommend the christian teenagers to read it. MUST!!! Haha.. Ok, so today, as usual I went for jogging at Taman Selera and again, met that cute dog. Luckily, my dad and and my younger sister brought Bill and Jac dog food. It was really fun.
My dad bought me microphones today!! Well, actaully there is no need to be excited and also why am I so happy?? This is to help me to practise singing for preparation for Malaysian Idol. Well, it sounds kinda funny and weirfd but, duh.. who doesn't wan to miss out this oppurtunity?? Haha.. I am not sure but I really like singing at the moment. So, who knows my interest will change.
I am kinda bored coz' there is no more exciting reality show. The Contender, Amazing Race had finished. Why?? But, now they are re-showing Amazing Race 5 and I am watching. I was nice coz' I missed out some episodes last time. Anayway, I guess these reality shows will be on in no time. Just have to wait and see...
Scooby is really cute and he is gorgeous. Haha.. to tell the truth, he is sometimes getting really annoying coz' he kept laughing and smiling.. I mean, won't he get tired doing that?? Haha...Too bad dogs can't talk. Haha...

Thursday, June 02, 2005


Hey, and guess what? HOLIDAY is here!!! So, obviously I won't be going anyway and also will be quite bored though...
So, every morning, my family and I will wake up around 5.30 am, then, we go jogging. Cool eh?? After that, we will go for breakfast.
Well, one morning, we went to Taman Selera. There we met a cute dog and turns out following my dad everywhere. We actually had a hard time saying goodbye to it coz' it was so irresistable to just leave it there. It went following our car but, stopped halfway. May God bless him.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Ok, we just got our new TV flat screen LCD Projector. Haha... cool...
Plus, we went for tv hunting last night and found some great ones.
Went out for a free lunch this afternoon. Cool... no need to waste money.. Haha... no lar.. but, thank you.
Going out again next week lar.. To celebrate my friend's birthday and bought her cool cosmetic.. Hehe.. I bought my sister cosmetic stuff too...

All June babies.. hehe...