Friday, March 20, 2009


I went to find Mummy yesterday. It was really good. I watched some of the swimming events. So sad that S'wak girls team got disqualified. They actually got first but, got disqualified. Haiks..

Btw, we went to Sunway Pyramid! Didn't buy any stuffs coz' wasn't really in the mood. Just want to walk around with Mummy. Plus, my leg is still painful! I still have to limp a bit when I walk. =( Mummy almost bought a pair of crocs but, didn't. I couldn't find my favourite colour and I didn't know which design I should choose: Disney? Beach? Mary Jane? I need some ideas! After walking around the place, we settled down for dinner after groceries shopping at the food court. Mummy bought durians and I liked it. =)

The taxi came at about 6pm. I was so reluctant to leave but, still had to. Hmph!

And now, here I am online, blogging, watching dramas, videos etc. I was planning to study Chem tonight but, couldn't! I really hate myself sometimes for not being discipline and focus. After tonight, I shall not on my laptop anymore during the weekdays or even weekends! Please pray for me.

Btw, I'll be playing guitar for this coming CF! I'm so excited and I'm going to play my best for God!

So, I guess that's all. As for other updates, if any, I'll leave them to Hammer. Stay tune~

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Calling all music fans!

Hammer the Spammer here. Don't say I never warned you!

I remember Miss Lynthia talking about her guitar obessesion. Not to mention, words have it that she has also started playing the keyboard. However, many of her friends are even better musicians that her.

In fact, there are many budding musicians out there. They can compose their own songs and most of them either hide it somewhere or love uploading their pieces up on the world wide web to share with other music lovers. So if you are one of those who would want to do so, go jump over! - Got Music? Find Fans! Love Music? Find Talent!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Mummy Visits KTT

Hey guys.. I'm blogging here from KTT's computer lab. Just sent Mummy off. She came to visit me. It was quite a sudden visit. I was in the library revising Physics when I saw 7 missed calls and 1 msg from Daddy telling me that Mummy's on her way to my college.

Mummy brought loads of things for me. Loads of biscuits and prunes for me. I miss Mummy so much ler.. Almost cried when I walked her to the taxi. But, I had to 'tahan'. Cannot acting like little kid anymore. Ok.. Tears are rolling down my cheeks now. =(

I think I better stop here. Don't want to think so much. Better focus on studies. Currently revising Physics. Stationary waves are not really making any sense now. But, I know I can handle it. God is with me. Please do pray for me.

P/s: My leg is recovering. But, there are more bruises on it. Not very swollen. Hope it'll recover 100% soon. ;)

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Things changed a lot ever since I came to KTT. I started to take up guitar lessons from my roommate. I wasn't very good at first especially with the strumming and I almost even gave up on guitar! But, recently, my interest to play guitar struck me again and I started to learn to play some songs. Besides my roommate, I have other friends who are very kind to teach me.

I can now play 2 and 1/2 songs. I'm super excited coz' I never think I could play out a particular tune from the guitar. Lol~. And btw, my CF Leader decided to assign me to play guitar for one of our CF's praise and worship! It's kind of too fast for me but, I'll try to practice and practice hard for it. Even Daddy and Mummy was surprised when I told them about it. They were like,"Huh?! You can play or not?!" Haha!

Btw, exams coming up! My AS trials coming up end of March and AS in mid of May. Going to be super busy with exams for these few months. Please remember me in your prayers. Plus, I can't guarantee any frequent updates from myself on this blog as I will be trying to hide this laptop away so I can concentrate on my studies. But, worry not my readers! For Hammer the Spammer will continue to spam my blog to keep all of you entertained. Will you, Hammer? Lol~

Friday, March 13, 2009


Guess what?! One of the "coolest" thing that could happen to me had just happened to me yesterday. =(

Photo taken when I was in the clinic..

I fell down the stairs. And twisted my right ankle. My left leg is a little sprained too.

Big difference between the right & left leg. Btw, Yasmin helped me to apply some Salonpas 'koyok' =)

It was a nice, free day when I had to mood to go play tennis. So, I decided to ask for transportation from the college. I was told to find this particular lecturer who is in-charged of sports activities to approve the transportation request. I went up Tangga 9 to his staffroom and only to find that he wasn't there. So, I decided to just leave the place and go back to my apartment. At the brief moment in time, when I was walking down the first few steps, I think I ter-missed one step and fell forward. But, as all of us know, we normal people would have normal reactions, so I tried to stop myself from falling by both of my legs. The situation is unexplainable but, I remembered feeling both of my legs cracking and twisting as I fell. After a falling a few steps, I managed to stop and sat down. The pain was so painful that I couldn't move. And it made me almost cry! I even had to get Joanna to help me out. She was so helpful that she went to get her Physics lecturer to send me to the clinic. Really thank God I didn't have any fractures or broken ankle but just a big, swollen feet. =(

Still swollen. And bruises are starting to appear below my toes.

And I am having a hard time walking normally. I even had to walk like an old lady. But, one good thing about this is that I can spend more time in my apartment studying instead of walking around or going out shopping. I really hope it'll recover soon. And hopefully by that time, I will be able to find the lecturer so I can go for tennis! ;)

P/s: Pls take a look at this. Really funny pics of me!

Monday, March 09, 2009

CF Retreat to GSBA, Port Dickson

Months ago, our college’s CF Leader brought up this idea to organize a CF retreat. At that time, it was just a rough idea but, the CF retreat we just had last week was awesome! We really enjoyed it to the fullest. And I really learned a lot of things and grew closer to the CF members.

On the 1st day of the CF retreat, 1st thing I did was to check out the place right after we arrived! The retreat was organized at the Golden Sands Baptist Assembly, Port Dickson. The place is very nice and simple. We quickly unpacked and went down to the beach. We were so excited that we couldn’t stop taking pictures. There’s an old fort, aged about 100+ years according to Auntie Liz. Btw, we got ourselves some ice-creams while hanging around the beach. Later, the guys came and we played Ultimate Frisbee. It was a tough game coz’ we had to run around and catch the frisbee without letting it touch the ground. Lol~

Our girls' dorm!

I can see the sea~


Ice-cream + Beach = Great combination!

After playing, we went to clean up for dinner. Dinner was wonderful. Haven’t been eating good food since CNY. So, I was really happy to see the food served on the table. I even had 2nd round of rice! Maybe even 3rd round.. Right after dinner, I went to the lounge to see LiYan, Adeline, Agnes and Sarah practicing for praise and worship. It was great and we all had fun dancing. =) Bro Chris shared about the definitions of leadership. The sharing really opened my eyes and heart. Being a leader is not about being served but, to serve others. Awesome. Btw, we went mamak-ing after the session and even surprised Felicia as it was her birthday. Glad she loves her pink crystal ball.

Praise and worship!

Felicia + birthday cake..

On the 2nd day of CF retreat, the 2nd thing I did (after brushing teeth and cleaning up, duh!) was to stroll along the beach with Clian. The weather was really nice and the breeze was refreshing. Love the seawater too!

After breakfast, we had a session with Uncle Chan and Auntie Liz. Very interesting session and games. I really enjoyed it and I was starting to realize what was wrong with me 3 years ago. Long story short, Uncle and Auntie really shared with us 5 valuable elements of being a leader – passion, communication, trust, commitment and After the session, we played water balloons game. It was so funny to see them wanting to lose as losers get to be hit and splashed by water balloons. But not for me coz’ I didn’t want my pants to get wet! =) Later, we went down to the beach to play one more game before getting down to the sea. We hanged out for quite a long time before the banana boat came. Banana boat experience was indeed scary but, FUN!!! I had quite a bad time trying to get up coz’ the boat was so huge that I couldn’t get my legs up. Really thank God that the guys came with us and they really helped us a lot by pulling us up. =) Btw, we had a great yummylicious BBQ for dinner in the evening.


Lovely dinner!

Group picture!

Emo time after dinner.. Lol!

At night, we had another session with Bro Chris. Yet, another fruitful sharing on leadership. Bro Chris also shared about the 7 most highly habits of an effected Christian. After the session, we had a casual talk among each other about our CF. Went to sleep at almost 3am again.

Our very own CF tee!

Last day of CF retreat, the last thing I did before going back was playing guitar and chit-chatting with friends at the seaside. But before this, in the morning, we had a Sunday service by Bro Chris on our weaknesses as the key of effectiveness. After that, we went to pack our stuffs. We actually called the van to fetch us at 2pm but, since we wanted to spend more time playing at the beach again, we delayed our van till 5.30pm. We went for banana boat again! It was less scary but funnier. Clian got dragged and flew so far away from us that the guy had to pull her up to the motorboat. And she got to see our weird and funny acts when trying to get up the boat. So embarrassing.. =( After banana boat, some of us decided to stay and swim to the deeper area. It was so nice and the water was very cooling. Love it!

High high high!


Say hi to banana boat!

The guys trying to help the girls to get up..

The van came at around 5.30pm. Reached McD at 7pm for dinner and then college at about 8pm++. Was exhausted but really enjoyed the whole retreat. I learned a lot of things and grew closer to the CF members. It’s really a great retreat and God is really awesome to us. Hope there’s gonna be another retreat with the juniors again this year!

McD session!

To all who didn't make it to CF Retreat, we miss you!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

A Night to India

First of all, my apologies to all of you for not updating my blog often nowadays! And also thank you to my blog's spammer, Hammer, for covering up things for me. It's really kind of you, Hammer, though you're a spammer. =)

OK, back to the real topic. Honestly, I had never attended an Indian event before I came here. Trust me.. We don't have this often in Sarawak. But, it is a good experience to attend such a fun KTT Ponggal Charity Night. The Indian Cultural Society in my college had worked hard day and night to organise the Ponggal Charity Night.

Very nice, detailed deco =)

I was quite lazy to go actually but, after seeing everybody to excited about it, I decided to just go. And it was the right decision. I even got to borrow my neighbour's Punjabi dress!

Before we leave...

Walking excitedly to the bus! Btw, we're one of the early birds there..

We had loads of fun taking pictures, talking, eating nice food and cheering for the performers. And I must really admit that most of us felt like as if we're in India. Don't you think so? Lol!

Yummylicious food!

Pls click to view the pictures in a larger form. Sorry coz' too many pics! ;)

The performances were very good. Though there's a little too many of dance performances, I did enjoy all of them. Btw, 2 lucky girls sitting with me each won a lucky draw prize except me! =( I was actually hoping I could win one but.. Lol!

Blasting performances!

The night ended with an open floor dance. I didn't really dance coz they didn't off the lights and I wasn't into the mood. I just shake a bit with my friends then, got of the stage and went back. ;) The whole event was indeed fun!

Me love this pic!

Well, I must really admit that KTT is one of the best college to prepare students to India coz' ya' know.. Ponggal Night, water crisis issues.. What's next then?

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Hammer receives a pic msg

I received this photo from Miss Lynthia not too long ago, showing off herself in this rich purple Punjabi suit. So there you go, say hi to Lynthia!