Friday, March 20, 2009


I went to find Mummy yesterday. It was really good. I watched some of the swimming events. So sad that S'wak girls team got disqualified. They actually got first but, got disqualified. Haiks..

Btw, we went to Sunway Pyramid! Didn't buy any stuffs coz' wasn't really in the mood. Just want to walk around with Mummy. Plus, my leg is still painful! I still have to limp a bit when I walk. =( Mummy almost bought a pair of crocs but, didn't. I couldn't find my favourite colour and I didn't know which design I should choose: Disney? Beach? Mary Jane? I need some ideas! After walking around the place, we settled down for dinner after groceries shopping at the food court. Mummy bought durians and I liked it. =)

The taxi came at about 6pm. I was so reluctant to leave but, still had to. Hmph!

And now, here I am online, blogging, watching dramas, videos etc. I was planning to study Chem tonight but, couldn't! I really hate myself sometimes for not being discipline and focus. After tonight, I shall not on my laptop anymore during the weekdays or even weekends! Please pray for me.

Btw, I'll be playing guitar for this coming CF! I'm so excited and I'm going to play my best for God!

So, I guess that's all. As for other updates, if any, I'll leave them to Hammer. Stay tune~


Sherp said...


but lynthia, i understand wat u mean when u say cant focus eh, coz me toooo! i keep wanting to relax, sleep or watch drama or play etc. but day in and day out its all study studyyyyyy

but good luck to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and yummy durians! :(

jazz said...

good that u are enjoying too. =)