Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Coping with redundancy

Hi everyone, it is Hammer the Spammer once again! 

Indeed, it has been quite some time since I left my mark here, hasn't it? I was just trying to hold my horses as not to bore everyone here on this very pink web blog which belongs rightfully to Lynthia Wong.

Today, I am here to point out the very redundancy in many people. With that looming economy recession, some people just become jobless and find whatever they do redundant. They can't seem to have that breakthrough whether in financial matters or career advancement.

As a matter of fact, I, Hammer the Spammer is one of them. At the moment, I am just bumming around. Most of the time, I would say aloud my wonderful visions in life, yada yada yada but in the end, no solid action is taken. How hypocritic, I would say. Well, I really should take more action and take charge of my life altogether.

So, of late, I have tried to widen my field. I try to explore the worlds where I never really were interested in. I learn about various business opportunities and even got myself an odd job. If I had more time, I wuold always think of very exciting jobs. Say, Finance Jobs or working online. I like that flexible schedule and freelance sort of commitment. Be creative and daring when it comes to exploring those job or career opportunities. Stretch yourself and get out of that comfort zone. You may find more opportunities waiting out there.

If you have a valid qualification such as a vocational certificate, diploma or a degree, you can always try to maximise that advantage. If all still fails, get online and find those online recruitment companies. They can bring you to many different horizons that you can never even imagine! 

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