Thursday, April 23, 2009

Back in College again...

Yes, yes... I'm back in college again. =( And yes, I don't sound excited.

Back to college means away from family, away from holidays, away from comfortable home and back to the stressful life of a student. And not forgetting the most important thing, back to college this time means AS Level Examination. Help~

OK.. Let's talk about my Pre-AS. I got most of my results back. I did quite bad in Chem but, I kind of expected it because I did loads of careless mistakes in Paper 1. And I felt so terrible about it. But, I know I shouldn't keep feeling the same way and I must learn from my mistakes. I will not repeat my mistakes in the real AS. Physics was just average. I didn't do well in my Paper 2. Again, I realised I did quite bad at the questions involving graph. So, gonna work on that. I got an A for Maths! I'm really happy about that and I'm going to keep it going that way. And as for Bio, my lecturer haven't given me all the papers yet but, I hope it'll be good.

AS is around the corner! In just about 3 weeks time, I'll be sitting for my 1st paper. AS will last for a bout 1 month. And I can't wait to finish it! But, at the meantime... I really need to do revisions. Please pray for me so I can be disciplined and concentrate on my revisions. I don't want to disappoint my parents.

Alright. I guess I better stop writing now. I have been on the computer for almost an hour! Better stop and get back to Maths. Btw, I'm having sore throat but, now recovering. Hopefully can recover ASAP. Everybody is falling sick lately.. So, better build up strong a body immunisation! =)


lynnx01 said...

All the best!

Judy said...

All the best of luck in your up coming exam! Will keep you in my prayer! God bless! ^^

LingDi said...

Lynnx01, Judy,
Tnx.. Will do my best! God bless..