Saturday, December 29, 2007

We Are One Big Family

I went to one of the most interesting and fun gatherings just now which was the Miri Online Community Gathering at Halo Cafe with ErJie, Ning Jie, Ah Ning and Christine. Had lots of FUN! I had never been so excited and nervous since a long time ago. In fact, this is even better than some of those events and dinners I had gone to. I really enjoyed myself. :)

Us eating.. ^_^

We went there at around 6.00pm and met up with Christine. Had dinner and talked about lots of things before the activities started. Firstly, we had to introduce ourselves. I was quite nervous because it was so random. Fortunately, I was one of those who didn't go up. Phew! But, Ah Ning had to go up there when a guy chose her! But, she managed to finish her introduction. Haha...
Then, we had this Q & A game on Miri City. I managed to answer one question which was: What is the tallest building in Miri? I wanted to answer Yu Lan Plaza but... Ning Jie friend, Aaron, told us that it was Imperial Mall and Court so, I answered what he told me and I got it right! Bingo! I got RM50 from Advertlets and RM10 voucher from Halo Cafe. Really, really happy! So, a BIG THANK YOU to him for telling me the answer. Hehe... Plus, we also won the lucky draw. We got Victor Lee's album! Well, quite a lot of them don't know who is that except me. He was one of the Malaysian Idol finalist.He was one of the contenders whom I supported before he was out from the competition.

One of the corners in Halo Cafe

It's me receiving my voucher :) (I have no idea why I did that peace sign..)

Talking about luck, Christine was the luckiest girl there! She won RM300 from Advertlets! Such a blessed girl! I guess that would be a great birthday present for her. :) Plus, we had great fun cheering for her as she compete for the first place.

Christine trying to beat the guy who is more than twice her age!

After the whole thing, we went to approach Josh Lim to take a picture with him. Didn't want to miss this great opportunity. ^_^ A really BIG THANK YOU to Uchu Keling for organising this great gathering and Advertlets and Halo Cafe for sponsoring. Really hope for more of this in the near future...

With the other bloggers...

A picture with Josh Lim :)

P/s: Well, ErJie was the one who asked me to go. So, a really BIG THANK YOU to her for introducing this wonderful event to me. ^_^

Friday, December 28, 2007

Tagged by Sylvia!

(a) Straight A1s for my SPM
A laptop
(c) A trip to Japan and UK again ^_^
A pink Mp4
(e) Stronger faith in Him

(a) I really want and need it! It's not only for me but also my parents. I really want it...
(b) It's time for me to have a personal laptop to myself so that I can keep all my personal stuffs there :)
(c) I miss Japan and UK!
(d) I need it for me to listen to my favourite songs and watch my favourite videos!
(e) It is very important for me.. I want to grow closer to God and to serve Him. I need guidance...


My good old friend, Sylvia :) 5 IMPRESSIONS OF HIM/HER:
(a) Loves fish!
(b) Friendly
(c) Good at playing piano
(d) Mature
(e) Very good to me!


Mmm.. More of like something that made me thought of her - She loves to carry the fish out of the fish tank!

MOST LOVED INVENTION(does not need to be technologically advance):
Mmm.. No idea because I love all of them! Wait! Maybe television(?)



(a) DaJie
(b) ErJie
(c) Sherp
(d) HuiningNanotay
(e) Uei Ying
(f) Michelle

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Good bye...

Went to school this morning to check out the PMR results and also to visit my juniors. Had great fun talking to them until Zhi Chiat told me something.. Something so sudden that really left me speechless and shocked! He told me that one of our Leo friends, DY, from one of our sister clubs, had passed away. :( I couldn't believe my ears! Zhi Chiat told me that he went for a leg operation or something and after that, he had fever and fever and fever. I guess it was an infection. He passed away on 5th Dec. :( I cannot believe it... It happened so sudden and I didn't even get the news until today.
Really, really, from the bottom of my heart, he was one of the Leos who were very friendly and kind to me. And I believe every Leos would agree so. Although I don't really know him, he was really good to my friends and I, he often talk to us and joke along with us. And now, I will never have the chance to see or talk to him anymore.. :(

Good bye...

P/s: Life is so fragile! You can never predict what will happen.. We just have to leave it to Him. God will always assist us and take care of us.

All the best!

My best cuzzie's PMR result is going to be out soon, in about an hour! She is extremely nervous. Really pray for her and hope that she will do well! I believe that God will help her through. :)
加油, Ah Ning! I know you can do it! No matter what, do your best.

Ning and me :)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


This song, 我们会再见 is sang by the Astro Talent Quest 2007 five finalist. It is a really nice and sweet song.

I wish all the best to them. :)

Christmas Party

Well, we had a Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve that night. Had a steamboat style dinner. I haven't eaten steamboat for a long time! It was really cute that all of us had to squeeze to sit together on the two tables so that we could get what we wanted from the steamboat. :)

The food! Yum~

Eat, eat, eat!

After dinner, us kids had a small exchange gifts. I got Abel's gift which was a sparkling grape juice. I didn't really get the gift because I shared all with everybody. Haha.. I didn't mind either. But, at least I got something really cute which was the gift wrapper specially made by Abel herself. It was really cute and I liked it. Mimi got my gift which was a small bear keychain. Hope that she liked it. :)

The gifts under our Christmas tree!

After exchanging the gifts, we all sat down and watched Hairspray. ErJie kept saying the movie was very nice so, we decided to watch it. The movie was quite good. Very musical and retro. ^_^ Well, I guess I still prefer Enchanted. Haha...

All of us cousins sitting down... ^_^

Sunday, December 23, 2007

我不配 by 周杰倫

This song is recommended by Sherp to me when I was in London. This song is really, really nice and touching. Plus, the music video is really very good. Love the plot. :)

十分笑容 Trailer

I can't wait to watch this drama. Can't wait to see LYZ's performance! I know I am going to love it and I really hope that I wouldn't miss any of its episodes. Btw, I really love LYZ's song called: 十分颜色. It is really unique and sweet. I like most of LYZ's songs btw. :) I cannot help humming the tune all the time now! Really hope I can get the song soon.

Hope you guys enjoy the trailer!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Tagged by Kristine!

Rules: Do this tag and answer all the questions into your own blog. Delete one question from the questions listed and add one of your own questions. Make sure it's 20 questions. Tag 8 persons.
Tagged by Kristine!

1. What was your dream when you were a small kid?
- Urm.. Didn't really have a specific one. But I am sure one of them is to be rich!

2. What is your happiest thing in your whole life?
- Everything that I have in my life: my God, my family,...

3. What do you wish to have now?
- A little bit of pressure to keep things going on.

4. How should the world be seen?
- As a place full of different kinds of characters, attitudes, and things.

5. What have you realised recently?
- That I am actually 17! An age I had never thought about...

6. What is the bad habit that you cannot accept the most?
- A lot but most of all, smoking.

7. When you have something which you are unhappy about, what will you do?
- Mmm.. I might have a long thought about it. Plus, a short prayer to relieve my anger.

8. Are you afraid of losing?
- The people and things I love a lot.

9. Do you think that you feel helpless, or uselesss, sometimes?
- Of course.

10. When you meet someone that you like, will you confess or hide your feelings?
- Duh! Of course I am going to hide them!

11. List out 3 kind of people you hate the most.
- 1. Selfish.
- 2. Show off and loves to 'polish shoes'.
- 3. Dishonest.

12. What is loneliness?
- A type of feeling or situation where you feel that there is something or someone missing.

13. Are you satisfied with your life now? Do you think any changes should be made?
- Mm.. One can never be satisfied with his or her life. Changes? I guess it would be my attitude. I am trying to...

14. When was the most recent time you felt touched?
- Mm.. Mm.. Sometimes...

15. Where is the place that you visited and you felt the most beautiful?
- Paris!

16. Use a song to describe how you've felt recently.
- I don't usually use songs to descirbe my feelings.

17. If you had one wish that'll come true, what is it?
- I have a lot of wishes!

18. Do you have anything to worry or to be scared about recently?
- My further education and my SPM results.

19. What am I looking for in my life?
- My goals.

20. What do you think about polka dotted underwear?
- That's weird. Never thought about it. :)

Tag 8 people? (Okaylah, I tag people I never tag before!)
1. DaJie
2. ErJie
3. Sherp
4. Amanda Goh
5. Berberboo
6. Michelle Kuek
7. Joaquina Lim
8. Sylvia Chia

Friday, December 21, 2007

MAC 2007

I promised to post a blog about my school's prize giving ceremony before. So I guess it is time for me to do it or else... I would forget about it. :)
One week before SPM, my school had it's Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang. After spending five years in school, I finally had the chance to participate in it. Yes, I got a few awards: Anugerah Pengetua, Anugerah Bintang, Curtin Award, Anugerah Pencapaian Akademik Cemerlang, 2 Sumbangan Cemerlang and the others.

Receiving my 'Star Award' :)

My 'Curtin Award'.. Too bad I am not going there.. Hehe..

Receiving the 'Principal Award' ^_^

Well, I was really surprised that I was awarded the Principal's Award (PA). I thought it would be given to my very smart friend. But, I had to admit, I really wanted this award ever since my sister was awarded with the same award five years ago. I really wanted to be like her.

My certificates!

So, on that very special day, I had to go up the stage for about 8 times. Everytime I went up, I had to rush to the other side of the hall again to get ready. Really really busy. But, I did enjoy it. :) After the ceremony, my parents decided to give me some time to snap pictures with my friends. It didn't take me a long time to realise that we are going to separate, going on our own ways after SPM. Haiks.. Life goes on..

Me and the junior assist. HG!

Showing off our 'Star Awards' which we got for Leo :)

With my brother, Louis.. I look younger than him! Haha..

With Matteus!

With tenisu coachi, Ivan!

Bestie, Mimi Chellechelle!

With budak Joaquina! Ishk.. Wonder whose eyes were behind us.. Kacang hantu! Haha..

Well, it was indeed a great day not only for me but my parents.

My beloved parents and I.. Glad that they are happy!

I was really happy that day not because of the awards but because I had made my parents happy and proud and that was one of my greatest achievements in life.

Pictures from Nihon

Apologies! I know this is quite a delay but, I just want to put up some pictures that I took in Japan. Plus, I didn't post anything related to my experience in Japan after I was back from YE. So, hope you guys will enjoy them!

Mandy, Me, Fu Yuan and May

Me and my host mother at Saga's You Me Town

At the Lions' activity :)

Eating Jap crepe at Fukuoka

Me and Yoshie in kimonos

At one of the models in Hiroshima's Peace Memorial Museum.

At mt host grandma's house... It was snowing!

At the Lions' meeting :)

At Peace Memorial Park

On our way to Miyajima Island!

Snowy, snowy place! ^_^

Taking a spa :)

With my beloved YEs at Changi Airport.

Thursday, December 20, 2007


I have never been this excited about a series or drama for a long time! Now, there is a new Astro AEC series coming up call : 十分笑容 <<Sourire Pour Moi>>.

Guess what? LYZ is in it! Together with JoJo (E News Astro) and Crystal (ATQ 07') too. I am sooooo excited! I knew about this about a month ago from a chinese newspaper. Then, I saw the commercial last night. I can't wait to watch it! Yeah yeah.. This will be one of my favourite series!

I went on and search for it. Then, I found the info about it. Too bad all of them are in chinese! My sister didn't even want to translate them for me so, I went to seek for my translator and got this:
This is story - they which explores the friendship about group of more than 20 year-old 年青人 person's interpersonal relationship which suffer with the week, their struggling, their happiness, their pain; As well as arrives finally, how do they excavate oneself become a better person. The scene from this group of 年青人 the country club start which resembles as if in that heaven, their life on henceforth pesters in the same place. JOJO and her boyfriend DEREK to the country club vacation, are arrogant, spoils and mood JOJO always comes all to want all people and the matter obeys her wish. As for DEREK is a rich dandy, he is not oneself to JOJO, often does everything possible flatters her. RYNN also just in time arrives the country club to seek the inspiration to save and reto retrieve his enterprise the spark. In the country club, JOJO met front boyfriend RYNN, they meet by chance are not certainly happy moreover both sides both to feel not comfortablely. After all, they initially certainly unfriendly bidding good-bye. RYNN had known in here CRYSTAL, she is his happy fruit, her inborn open and bright disposition slowly opens his atrium. For all that, she also has own story, CRYSTAL contracts the bone cancer but gradually to change for the better since childhood. Besides hers doctor as well as she, nobody knows this matter. The CRYSTAL open and bright individuality starts to change Jojo, the Jojo academic society controls her temperament and changes nicer other people. Jojo also starts to see Rynn the change, simultaneously, has the favorable impression once more to him. The prosperity is not long in, while Crystal starts to discover oneself extremely cares about Rynn, doctor actually at this time tells her, her cancer recurs once again. In former days joyful she, changed loses, starts to lose the will which sought livehood. What situation does the story receive can develop? Actually can this group of young people how face soon the sentiment and the matter which occurs in this country club? The so-called smiling face, may be expresses by the different way or may symbolize the dissimilar meaning. Each smiling face has its meaning and the story. Concerning them, this smiling face shared their laughter, sorrowful, has been joyful and the hope. But most importantly, it has created between them section of precious loves.

Not very proper English but, it's better than getting my sister's unwilling help. Haha.. I guess I will use my translator more often now.
Oh.. Can't wait, can't wait!

Monday, December 10, 2007

UK Craze - Part 3

Day 7 - 6 Dec
Went to the lots of places today. Firstly, we used the tube to go to Tottenham Court Road. Then walked to China Town to see the place. It was raining again! So, didn't really stay there long. After that, we went to Trafalgar Square to snap some pictures. The place was really nice! Love the water fountain and the statues. We also walked to the National Gallery Museum to stay away from the rain but didn't visit the museum. We are not artistic enough to enjoy the galleries. Haha.. We went to Leicester Square where most of the theaters and cinemas are located at. We also walked to London Trocerado to see the shops. Bought some things today again. ^_^ We even visited one of the cinemas there, The Empire Cinema, where most of the movie premiers are held at. We actually found out that the Bee Wild movie was premiering that very night! No wonder there were some people sitting down at there to wait for the premiere. Then, went to KFC for a bite before proceeding to the Comedy Theater to watch 'Boeing Boeing'. It was actually my very first time watching a movie at a real theater. In fact, it was a real stage show! It was quite similar to the drama competitions we have back in Miri. But, these people were much better because their actings were very accurate and real. It was a comedy movie so, we did enjoy it. It was funny too! After that, Uei Ying and I actually wanted to go back to Empire Cinema to watch the premier because we wanted to see the celebrities like Renee Zellweger. But, decided not to because there might be a lot of people. Mmm.. Maybe next time. We are planning to watch Enchanted and hopefully there will be celebrities coming on the premier day. :)

Me at the Gallery Museum

At Trafalgar Square :)

Us three at Empire Cinema! We missed the premier for Bee Movie! Owh..

See, see.. It's true! UK Premier Bee Movie!

Day 8 - 7 Dec
Went to Brent Cross Shopping Mall by bus. The mall was big but I think Mid Valley is bigger. There were sales in some shops. Mostly shoes shops. We went to Clarks, Barretts and more. Daddy bought a very nice pair of shoes. We also bought one for ErJie. Had lunch at Burger King. Wow.. Burger King's burgers are quite costly. Then, walked for a while before using the bus back to Ealing. We walked again around Ealing Broadway before proceeding home.

At Brent Cross Shopping Mall

Day 9 - 8 Dec
Went to Leeds Castle at Kent, England today. All of us went there by train and bus. We used the tube to Victoria Station first before using the Euro Line to Kent. It took us about 1 hour and half to reach the place. It was raining again! The weather was very cold, the coldest I had experienced since I had reached London. Since it was raining, we didn't visit most of the places there. We only walked around the main castle then, went to one of the places there for lunch. Our bus was scheduled to come at 2.55pm so, we spent our time 'loitering' around the shop and the main entrance. We wanted to visit the Maze but couldn't due to the rain. :( We reached home quite late at about 5 smth. It was dark already when we reached home.

In the bus to Kent

Posing with a tree at Leeds Castle

Jumping up high!

Inside the castle, at the wine barrows

Having lunch outside the cold rain! Wo zai lin yu zhong...

Day 10 - 9 Dec
We went to London Eye today. It was SPECTACULAR! Love the view and the wheel. It was raining again but, the rain stopped after a while. So, we decided to go on the flight. It cost us 15 pounds each to go on the flight. So expensive! But, what to do right? We came all the way to London so, we at least have try out the rides and other attractions. Otherwise, what is the meaning to be in London? We took lots and lots of pictures while in the capsule. Honestly, it wasn't very scary but really really nice! Then, we used the tube to Baker Street to go to Madame Tussauds aka The Wax Museum. I was really excited to go to the Wax Museum because I had heard a lot about it. The queue to the to the ticket counters was really long. I guessed we spent about 30 minutes waiting. Madame Tussauds was INCREDIBLE! Love the place. The wax celebrities are quite real but some are not. The place was quite crowded so, we actually had to wait for our turns. I missed Orlando Bloom! I can't recognised him. But, did took pictures with Keira K., Britney S., Christina A., Brangelina, Davictoria, J Lo, Kate Moss, Julia R., Jamie Oliver, Tom Cruise, Nicole K., Will Smith and more! We even went to the Life Chamber. It was really thrilling and scary. But, didn't really see those ghosts because I covered my eyes with my jacket. But, it was really fun screaming. Spent quite a long time there before going back home.

In the capsule with the House of Parliment behind :)

With my family in the capsule

The girls at London Eye

With Leonardo Dicaprio :)

Tom Cruise and I!

Yes, we even met Jack Sparrow!

Me, giving a short, sweet talk with Blaire and Bush beside me.. ^_^

With the Queen... Why is Lynna so close with the red guy with a fury hat?

Me and... Forgot her name! Haha...

Us with Brad Pitt and Jamie Oliver! Don't really know who is the other guy.. Hehe..

P/s: Going to Paris tomorrow!