Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Party

Well, we had a Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve that night. Had a steamboat style dinner. I haven't eaten steamboat for a long time! It was really cute that all of us had to squeeze to sit together on the two tables so that we could get what we wanted from the steamboat. :)

The food! Yum~

Eat, eat, eat!

After dinner, us kids had a small exchange gifts. I got Abel's gift which was a sparkling grape juice. I didn't really get the gift because I shared all with everybody. Haha.. I didn't mind either. But, at least I got something really cute which was the gift wrapper specially made by Abel herself. It was really cute and I liked it. Mimi got my gift which was a small bear keychain. Hope that she liked it. :)

The gifts under our Christmas tree!

After exchanging the gifts, we all sat down and watched Hairspray. ErJie kept saying the movie was very nice so, we decided to watch it. The movie was quite good. Very musical and retro. ^_^ Well, I guess I still prefer Enchanted. Haha...

All of us cousins sitting down... ^_^


ღAmandaa said...

someone slept though.. HHHAHAHAH

LingDi said...

Haha.. Are you saying about Ah Wei? Haha.. Opps! Accidentally said who it was! Oh yeah... Got a picture of him too! Haha..

Sherp said...

:O i wana see!

LingDi said...

Ah Ning has the pictureS of him sleeping! Haha.. So funny! ^_^