Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ipod Nano 2GB for SALE - 2nd Hand

My friend, Arman has an Ipod Nano 2 GB. He wants to sell it to anyone who are interested in it. The price he is offering is ranging from RM250 - RM300.
If anyone is interested, please do feel free to...

Contact him at: 014-6966450


Email him at:

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Yes, yes. SPM is finally over! Biology was my last paper. After exam, some of us went to the town and had really nice and typical 'ais kacang' and 'rojak'. Actually, I had already planned to go to have 'ais kacang' after exam. Don't know why but that was what I feel like doing. So, Ning Jie agreed to bring me to eat right after my exam. It was actually only Ning Jie, Joa and me. Then, LMC wanted to join in. So, Ellis-Jie and Kok How also hopped in. We had a lot of fun eating and talking. While having fun, I suddenly felt sad. I realised that we won't be meeting each other frequently again. Plus, we won't be able to study together and craze around. I will really miss that. I will sure miss my one big group of great friends!

Best friends~

My beloved classmates - I will miss you guys very much!

I love you guys!

Oh no.. I feel like crying! Mmm....

Friday, November 02, 2007

My last post before SPM

This might be my last post before SPM. So right now, I will be doing my revisions on all the subjects I am taking. I really need your prayers. I really want and need this. To be honest, my parents do have high hopes and me and I really don't want to make them sad. Plus, I really hope I could get the best result as this is one of my goals in life. Ganbate!

Tomorrow will be my school's Prize Giving Ceremony. :) I know I'm getting some prizes but I am not going to say it now. I'm quite nervous about it. I will post about it after SPM. Just give me 3 and a half week time... Hehe...

I promise that I will post more after my SPM. I plan to focus more on my blog after SPM and also to learn how to earn money through blogging. So, by that time, I would need Er Jie's help.

I pray and wish for straight A1...

P/s: Da Jie, I got rid of my Ipod since it is wasting your bytes.