Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Yes, yes. SPM is finally over! Biology was my last paper. After exam, some of us went to the town and had really nice and typical 'ais kacang' and 'rojak'. Actually, I had already planned to go to have 'ais kacang' after exam. Don't know why but that was what I feel like doing. So, Ning Jie agreed to bring me to eat right after my exam. It was actually only Ning Jie, Joa and me. Then, LMC wanted to join in. So, Ellis-Jie and Kok How also hopped in. We had a lot of fun eating and talking. While having fun, I suddenly felt sad. I realised that we won't be meeting each other frequently again. Plus, we won't be able to study together and craze around. I will really miss that. I will sure miss my one big group of great friends!

Best friends~

My beloved classmates - I will miss you guys very much!

I love you guys!

Oh no.. I feel like crying! Mmm....


l y n n w e i said...


now u're starting to miss school and friends?!?


dont be sad, k!

alrady pack?

lynnx01 said...


Sherp said...

:( i know how you feel haaaiih, it's really hard to separate from friends right? coz u all are so close, and everyone has to go separate ways and stuff.

don be sad! u can get thru this challenge in life!