Saturday, May 26, 2007

Semester 1, I declare you OVER!!!

At last, Semester 1 is over! Time is definitely flying. The memory of starting Form 5 in the beginning of the year is still so fresh in my mind. And now, it's already coming to the end of May. 11 months more to go for my final exam in secondary school, SPM. Sounds scary but, honestly, I'm kind of excited to sit for this exam. I just really want to get this done quickly!
So, the 2-weeks exam is really tiring and mentally exhausting. However, I managed to keep myself relaxed and calm during that time because I want to get myself used to the examination environment. SPM is going to be very very very long! 1 long, tiring and stressful month to study and work hard. So, it's better to keep myself relaxed and calm instead of being stressed up and worried. Thank the Lord for helping me all the time!

Randomly picked pictures:

Eating crepe at one of Fukuoka's shopping mall

With other YE's at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

With the white snakes near KintaiKyo

After spa! Felt so fresh and fun! Angela behind there enjoying the massage chair...

Friday, May 11, 2007


Exam is around the corner! Three more days to SEM1. Oh man... Not really prepared but, I did my revision on some subjects already. Really nervous but, trying to stay focus and relax. I don't want to be stressed up just like the previous one. I fell sick during the previous exam but, thank the Lord! Without Him, I would already fail! No matter what, have faith in God! Please pray for me too!
Well, I went to Sibu last week for the Inter-D Tennis Comp. It's my third time representing Miri to Sibu. Funny.. I nvr got to go to any divisions except Sibu when I got the chance to represent Miri. But, I do love the experience. Well, this time, I went there as one of the oldest players! Haha.. I was once the youngest players there before but now, the oldest! Haha... This really shows that it's been about 5 years I'm involved in tennis. Time flies! Btw, I love this trip. Although I didn't really do good this time, I enjoyed every minute of it especially the very last night. Hehe... Miri got second overall this time. Kch, as usual, first. However, I am proud to be a Kch ppl and proud to represent Miri. Weird eh?
On the last night, we all had fun playing cards! Had a lot of laughings! We played BS, HeartAttack and TODWT! We even played till 3.00 pm smth! So, as a result, we all were exhausted and sleepy in the bus on the way back! Haha...
But, really, I really love this trip! Really wish I could join again!

So, better go revise now! Exams! Please pray for me! I have faith in You, Lord!