Thursday, December 31, 2009

I ♥ Langkawi

After meeting the Merlion, we continued our vacation to Langkawi!


Bye bye, Singapore!

Trust me, it’s not a good idea to do that. Firstly, the flights there really drained our energy. By the time we arrived, we were so exhausted!

Secondly, it’s a huge change. Travelling from such a developed country to a very small town really made a big difference. Couldn’t adapt to it for the first few hours but, soon, we realised Langkawi could offer us something that Singapore couldn’t.


"But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as EAGLES they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint" Isaiah 40:31

The beautiful islands and beaches!


The speed boat we used to travel!

We were in Langkawi for just 2 days & 2 nights coz’ we only arrived there at night. So, there weren’t enough time to do a lot of things!

We were thinking of renting a car. So, on the next day, Daddy called to ask about it. While waiting at the lobby, we met a couple there. They were very nice to us that they recommended the island hopping tour they were joining.Since the deal was quite good, we decided to ditch the car rental idea and went island hopping!


At the jetty =)

It was quite an impulsive decision but, we totally loved it! The sea was great and I loved the whole tour.

We went to 2 islands and a fish farm. First island was just a place to swim but, all of us didn’t want to waste our time there since nobody planned to get wet, so we skipped it.

Then, we went to watch eagles feeding. The eagles were small but, it was very interesting to watch. They fed them chicken skins because chicken skins could float on the water.


Pic blurr because of shaky boat and poor skills (duh!)…

Later, we went to the fish farm. It’s like a small hut in the middle of the sea. They got a very big, yellow shark there. Others were big fishes but, I think they were baby sharks.


Family pic!

A while after, we proceeded to the famous island, Dayang Bunting Island. There, located the biggest lake in Langkawi, the Lake of the Pregnant Lady. It’s a fresh water lake so, it was quite amazing to have a fresh water lake on an island in the sea.


Fatty lady in the pic! Haha=)     

We went for a boat paddle. We got the automated boat coz’ we were too tired to paddle. Lol!


Lynna and me on paddle boat=)

While we were busy paddling, Mummy, who were sitting at the hut, saw a Singaporean actor! So lucky. And she claimed that she got to talk to him. Too bad she didn’t get to take a picture with him. No camera with her that time! =(

After about 1 hour there, we left. It was a quite trip back to the jetty because everyone was tired but, we enjoyed it very much! Amazing experience to see God’s awesome creations.

No doubt, I ♥ Langkawi!


P/s: Stay tune for more on my last Langkawi post!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Donations, please!

This is so embarrassing!

I know a lot of you have already noticed me wearing the same tee over and over again. =(


Karaoke in Nov.

The green tee that I had been wearing to watch tennis, sing karaoke and even to Singapore trip!


Singapore trip in Dec.

It’s not like I only have one tee to wear but, I’m lacked of nice tees! No money to get nice ones.

ATP Malaysian Open in beginning Nov.

Donations, please? =(












Just kidding larr… I just like to wear it because it’s comfortable for me to wear to various events and places. It’s all about comfort right? But, a wider range of nice tees will do better for me. So, time to save $$$!! Lol.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Taking a Break =)

Let’s take a break from all the posts about my vacation alright? Here we go!

I was telling everyone in the car while on our way back to Miri from Sarikei, how much I miss singing karaoke. I’m not a frequent karaoke singer but, the fact that Green Box and Red Box are super good makes me want to sing again.


I know I looked awfully pale here because, I didn’t sleep well the night before… =(

Right after my last paper, I brought Sherp, together with my friends, to Seremban. We went to the Green Box in Jusco and sang 4 hours non-stop. 15

After our karaoke sesson at Green Box.

Next day, Sherp, NingJie and I went to Red Box for 4 hours again!


Singing non-stop.

I’m a no singer but, seriously, I enjoy singing very much! It’s just that I can’t sing on the right key. Still learning.


Unlike Sherp and my friends, they are awesome singers!

Plus, I can’t sing Chinese songs because I can’t read Chinese words. But, I like Chinese songs. So, the solution for me is to just simply mumble the words with the right tune.

Despite all these hurdles, I find singing helps me to relax more.


Look at our smiles! We looked so relaxed…

How I wish there’s a Green Box here in Miri! It’s so much cheaper and the facilities are superb. Good thing about it is that there are no 不三不四 people lingering around the place. All clean and safe.

I think I should just learn how to sing well so I can sing better next time when I go karaoke with friends. By that time, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t be needing the cotton buds anymore. Lol!


I’m gonna sing better the next time you see me! Muahahahaa…

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Meeting the Merlion III

It has been ages since the last time I stepped into a zoo. And the last time I did was at the National Zoo Malaysia (Very near to room mate’s house) when I was 10. And all I could remember about it was the stinky smell of the animals. =(

So, this time, at the age of 19, I gave it a try again at Singapore Zoo.


With family!

And honestly, even at this age of mine, I still find it enjoyable and fun to visit the zoo. And this time, there was no stinky smell!


Clean and comfortable =)

Ok, maybe I had a blocked nose that time but, the zoo is super clean. Awesome place for family outing.


Crazy hippo!

We didn’t spend the whole day there. We just walked around for about 2 hours there coz’ we skipped some animals like monkeys. I don’t like monkeys btw. =(


With Lynna and Mummy.

We focused more on cuter animals which reminds us of Shoo and HeiQ! For examples, polar bears, white tiger and maybe elephant(?). Haha!


So cute the white tiger!


The elephants there are super adorable too!

We also saw some interesting animals like wild boars. I think they are cute but, a little bit ugly. Sorry, I’m being a little paradox. Lol.


I think the horns-look-alike are their teeth… Kind of cute in certain ways. Lol!

We didn’t watch a lot of shows as we were quite early but, managed to catch the feeding time for the polar bears. I love them! The one we saw is called Inuka and he’s 19 too! Daddy really thinks he looks like Shoo that he now calls Shoo the same name. –_-||


Cute Inuka!

After almost completing the whole place, we decided to stop and leave. Sad part was that we couldn’t find where the lions are. =( But, it’s alright since we already have a lion at home. Hehe..

SONY DSCWith cousin, Lynn Hee =)      

I don’t mind going to a zoo or a safari(!) again next time. It’s really fun and I got to see so many cute animals real life rather than from the TV only.

Plus, I really like this zoo because it’s so beautiful, clean and has loads of cute animals. I just like how they organise all the animals. Lovely place and highly recommended to everyone of all ages. =)


Maybe I should just transport myself to the safari? Haha!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Meeting the Merlion II

Since most of the shops there open by 11am, we went to walk around the city since we woke up super early on the second day!



I woke up at 6am. Sounds like jetlag to me. Ok, I’m kidding. But, somehow, I did wake up at 6am and after breakfast, we went out to walk.

First place, the ‘Durian’ building. It’s actually Esplanade but, the building looks like durian so, I guess that’s why people call it so. As usual, we used the underpass to get there. Not far at all.


On our way to Esplanade.


With Mummy outside building!

Then, we walked further to the bridge and there, we could see the Singapore Flyer! I really wanted to go but, no one was interested. =(


I love the view here! The white balloons floating on the water are all Christmas wishes written by people =)

Near to it is the Las Vegas Sands. I heard about it before and now, I got to see it. I think the structures are very interesting.


Cool eh?

The whole place was full of tourists from different places. So, it was quite difficult to take photos since everyone was taking them at the same time.


So many people walking along the bridge! Mummy and Daddy pointing at the Merlion, I think.

And further up is the Merlion! The weather was super hot that I got a little annoyed. Wished it’s winter. =(

SONY DSCHot and sunny weather made me couldn’t open my eyes bigger =(     

After a while, we walked back to SRC through a different route which I thought was nearer. Got to see other interesting buildings as well.

And, at 11am, it’s back to shopping again! =)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

To everyone,

Merry Christmas!


May God bless all of you on

  this very special day, the birth

of our Lord, Jesus Christ!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Meeting the Merlion I

Can’t think of a good title to go with my Singapore post so, I wrote there “Meeting the Merlion”. Unique eh?


At Changi Airport =)

I’ll be away again for Christmas so, got to update this blog ASAP.

I was in Singapore for 4 days & 3 nights. It was quite a random trip for me as I didn’t plan much. So, I just shopped most of the time.


Now I realise how small my eyes are! Tsk tsk tsk…

We stayed at Singapore Recreation Club, just across the street from City Hall. So, what we did was walk across the street and use the underpass to go to other shopping places.

Well, that’s not all. We went to other places as well. But, since Daddy wasn’t feeling well, we didn’t travel much.


At a place near to where we stayed…

Verdict? We ♥ Singapore! A pure super place. Super clean, super efficient, super fun, super cool and many more supers. Definitely a good place to go shopping if you are super rich. But, for people like me, who can’t spend as much as she wants, it’s still affordable with all the sales and discounts. Just that you have to hunt more. =)


Me love this place!

Stay tune for more posts on me meeting the Merlion! Will update on my visits to other places. =)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I ♥ Langkawi

Hey hey!

Guess where I am now? Currently at KLIA waiting for my next flight back home. So exhausted at the moment. =(

But, I had tremendous fun in Langkawi! Honestly, the place reminds us very much of Sarikei. The town is pretty small and not much developed. But somehow, the tourist attractions are amazing.

We went island hopping with other families including a Singaporean couple whom we met at the budget hotel we stayed. They are very nice people and we ended up going to the cable car together!

Talking about cable cars, the one we went to was terrifying! We went up to more than 700m above sea level. And, the cable car has the steepest inclination of 42°. You tell me, scary of not?!

No photos yet as I haven’t uploaded any photos into my laptop.

I owe you all a few posts on my Singapore and Langkawi trips. So, stay tune!

Monday, December 21, 2009


I have been living here in Miri for more than a decade. But, when asked, “Where is the best kueh chap here?” or “What’s the most popular food here in Miri?”, I will completely go nuts.

Tanjung Lobang

Anyone knows whether the sotong bakar at Taman Selera are good or where else?

Forgive me, but I feel like a noob as a Mirian. I realised I don’t know much thing about this awesome place. Maybe because I had been shut off from the world for the past 10 years due to the hectic life of a student.


Arcade, anyone?

Seriously, I didn’t go out often and always stayed at home studying. The times when I go out were all to tuitions.


My beloved high school!

Ok, Ok. Maybe not that sad. I did go out once in a while to shopping malls. And now, I go out more with friends. But, still, I don’t know much. Plus, the places that I go out to eat are always the same and I’m not even sure whether it’s nice or not. I don’t really have good taste buds.


Anyone knows where’s the best laksa in Miri?

I’m hosting a big group of friends from West Malaysia. I’m supposed to plan everything which include bringing them to the best food, interesting places and other important stuffs. OMG. What to do?


Should I bring them to eat crabs? To where then?


Dim Sum at 2020?

Suggestions please, people! I need ideas on where should I bring my friends to and what kind of food should I bring them to eat. I hope I can be a good host and definitely, I hope they’re going to enjoy Miri!


Got to bring them to Esplanade too!

P/s: Please email me here or leave a comment for ideas and suggestions. TQ!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Perfect Plot

Just finished the The Time Traveler’s Wife. Quite an interesting plot and I kind of like how the author design the whole story.

Sometimes, I really wonder how a person could write such a long story without getting lost in the story. I wonder how a person could write such a balanced story without creating one part of the story too specific and another part too brief.

Well, of course these don’t apply to the author herself but, other book authors as well.

So, which book do you think has the perfect plot?

Honestly, I would say the Bible.

The Book, God’s Words, written by so many authors. Although so, it still has the perfect plot. Nothing went out of topic. Despite the length of time taken (over centuries, correct me if I’m wrong) to complete, everything goes perfectly in order.

Such an awesome book.

Though I haven’t read the whole Bible, I want to. Please pray for the discipline that I need and guidance as I read. Pastor Kenneth is right. If we could finish books of hundreds of pages, why not the Bible?

"All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work." 2 Timothy 3:16-17

Friday, December 18, 2009

Year End Holiday!

Guess where I’m going this time?


I had never really been to Singapore for a holiday before. First time was when I was a little baby, so not a single memory about it. Second time was when I fly to Japan. I had to transit at the airport for a few hours when I fly there and stayed a night when I fly back.


So, this time, I get to have longer time there and also, I’m going with my family. I hope we’ll gonna enjoy this! I can’t wait to meet my aunties too. =)

Besides, I’m going to…


I haven’t been there for a long time. The last time I went was when I was 5 or 6 years old. So long time ago. So, hopefully, I get to see how much it has changed since then.

I can’t promise that I’ll update this blog often while I’m away but, I’ll try my best alright? So, please stay tune!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Long time ago…

Kristine just tagged me 2 photos of me and some old friends on facebook. Guess how long back then?


Michelle, Kim, Me and a friend (I forgot who.. Sorry!) =)

5 years ago!

We’re Form 2 when Michelle and I attended the 'No Apologies’ workshop organised by my church. Back then, Michelle was a free thinker but, look at her now! She’s not only my bestie but also my sister-in-Christ!


We’re supposed to use this picture as our Moral project!

Talking about ‘No Apologies’, I still have the pledge card with me in my purse. Anyone still keeping it?

How I miss those old days!