Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I ♥ Langkawi

Hey hey!

Guess where I am now? Currently at KLIA waiting for my next flight back home. So exhausted at the moment. =(

But, I had tremendous fun in Langkawi! Honestly, the place reminds us very much of Sarikei. The town is pretty small and not much developed. But somehow, the tourist attractions are amazing.

We went island hopping with other families including a Singaporean couple whom we met at the budget hotel we stayed. They are very nice people and we ended up going to the cable car together!

Talking about cable cars, the one we went to was terrifying! We went up to more than 700m above sea level. And, the cable car has the steepest inclination of 42°. You tell me, scary of not?!

No photos yet as I haven’t uploaded any photos into my laptop.

I owe you all a few posts on my Singapore and Langkawi trips. So, stay tune!

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