Thursday, December 24, 2009

Meeting the Merlion I

Can’t think of a good title to go with my Singapore post so, I wrote there “Meeting the Merlion”. Unique eh?


At Changi Airport =)

I’ll be away again for Christmas so, got to update this blog ASAP.

I was in Singapore for 4 days & 3 nights. It was quite a random trip for me as I didn’t plan much. So, I just shopped most of the time.


Now I realise how small my eyes are! Tsk tsk tsk…

We stayed at Singapore Recreation Club, just across the street from City Hall. So, what we did was walk across the street and use the underpass to go to other shopping places.

Well, that’s not all. We went to other places as well. But, since Daddy wasn’t feeling well, we didn’t travel much.


At a place near to where we stayed…

Verdict? We ♥ Singapore! A pure super place. Super clean, super efficient, super fun, super cool and many more supers. Definitely a good place to go shopping if you are super rich. But, for people like me, who can’t spend as much as she wants, it’s still affordable with all the sales and discounts. Just that you have to hunt more. =)


Me love this place!

Stay tune for more posts on me meeting the Merlion! Will update on my visits to other places. =)

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