Wednesday, January 30, 2008


We, girls had a sleepover at Mandy's place last night. We went there to hang out with an YE from Taiwan, Anny.

She is a really cute and funny girl. We could actually communicate very well because we speak the same language. And.. I watch Taiwanese series, listen to Taiwanese singers' songs and follow-up with Taiwan's entertainment news. So, it wasn't very hard to find a topic to chat with her. Really felt relax chatting with her.

We spent the whole night watching the movie: Game Plan, watching
星光帮's bonus DVDs, 星光帮's finale, playing PS2, eating, watching TV, taking pictures and talking. It was really fun! We slept at around 5.00 am. Kind of late right? OK..OK.. It was very, very late. Haha.. But, we had lots of fun!

The 5 of us!

Btw, Mandy bought the camera that I really want. Haha.. She even got the O.d.m. watch. The camera is really good. Mandy was really kind enough to lend me her O.d.m. watch for a few hours. Haha..

Mandy's O.d.m. watch! Cute right?

P/s: Thanks Mandy for yesterday. It was really fun. ^_^

P/p/s: I will upload the pictures once I get them from Mandy. :)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Princess Thia?

Veep did a picture in her blog. So, I decided to give it a try. While I was trying to figure out what kind of blings should I put on my picture, I came up with this really random idea! How about this??

Princess Thia

Haha.. Don't I look like a princess? My goodness! This is really random.

P/s: I am not a princess wanna-be ok? Just having fun playing with the blings. ^_^

Monday, January 28, 2008


This is a very nice song/video: 因为我相信 . It's by 星光帮, a very talented group of singers. The have good vocals, good voices and good performances. Love the song especially the tune. Although I don't really know the lyrics, I do believe they have a true meaning inside the song. ^_^

Hope you guys enjoy the song/video!

Ashop Commerce

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The first step is to open up a new website. Secondly, get a hosted shopping cart. The shopping cart is just like the normal cart people use in a local supermarket except that this shopping cart can only be used online. So, people can just choose what they like and put into their shopping cart with just a few clicks online. Next is the payment and shipping. But that can come later.

Now, with the shopping cart software and the ecommerce software available, everything seems to be much easier than I had ever imagined. It is very easy and simple to start with as it is very user friendly. Something ideal for people who are interested in online business.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Apologies for this really short and random post. :)

I am getting my new laptop soon! Maybe in a few days time. A really, really BIG THANK YOU to Daddy! Hehe.. I've been waiting for this for a long time. I'm really excited and I hope it'll be good. You guys must be anxious of what kind of laptop I am getting right? Hmph.. I guess I'll just keep it as a secret first. Wait till I get it then, I'll snap some photos for you guys.

Btw, I have been following Miss Chinese International Pageant 2007 news for weeks. Well, I have been watching this pageant since 2002. Partially is to support our country, Malaysia. Haha.. So, the final was on last night but, Astro didn't show it live because there was Astro Wah Lai Toi Awards. So, the beauty pageant is going to be on Astro tonight at 8.32pm, Wah Lai Toi. I really want to know who won because I have been screening through all the messages on for weeks and I did some predictions on the Top 5. My predictions for the Top 5: Miss KL, Miss Paris, Miss Toronto, Miss Bangkok and Miss Sydney or Miss HK. Well, hopefully I get them right on spot. Haha..

One more thing.. I'm back on watching Amazing Race again! I used to love watching this show but I stopped for about a year ago. Then, I hopped back again recently! I am currently watching Amazing Race Asia 2. Really, really thrilling. Haha.. I really hope I get to join the race once I hit the age of 21. That's the age limit.

Well, I guess that's all for my random post. Haha.. I will post up more posts after this. So, stay tune.. ^_^

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Business Plan No. 1

I used to hear stories from my sisters about having an online business where we can sell clothes or accessories. The idea is wonderful. That is why we started a fashion blog. But I guess the next step is getting the whole project started, moving it further then where it should be.
If we are to do it online, one of the most basic things is to have a website for ourselves. The next thing to do is to get a hosted shopping cart. This is for people to choose what they like and put in their shopping cart. Next is the payment and shipping. But that can come later.

Now with the ecommerce software available, everything seems to be much easier than I ever imagined. I have checked it out, it is easy to start with as it is very user friendly. Something ideal for someone like me…

All I need to do is to get everyone ready and sign up for this! And we are off to rock this world with our fashion!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sushi Go Round!

Inspired by the game of Sushi Go Round, The Guinness World of Records show, Sherp and Uei Ying, I had decided to try and make some sushi. It was not my first time though but, it was indeed better than the first time I made sushi.

Sushi, sushi!

I only had the seaweed , the mat and the rice so, I made up my mind to use sausages only for the fillings. I didn't want to prepare so many things as I don't have any experience. So, I put the rice on the seaweed and spread it evenly. Then, I placed the sausages on it and started to roll it up. It looked quite neat compared to my first ones. Hehe.. I made three rolls and cut it up.

It looks like a face! Hehe..

They do look delicious right?? Hehe..
It tasted quite OK that I couldn't stop eating! Haha.. So, I ate the sushi for lunch. I guess it was really tasty because even my maid said that it was 'enak'. Hehe..
I guess I shall try making sushi again using more ingredients. So, wish me all the best!

P/s: Don't worry, I will share the sushi with you guys after some practices.. That's if you guys are daring enough to eat them! Haha..

Monday, January 21, 2008

Friends Gathering!

Last Saturday was like a Friends Forever Day. I joined my ex-school's tennis club in the morning. Well, I really miss playing tennis! Haha..

Tennis racquets..

Then, in the afternoon, I received a rather shocking message from my unexpected friend, Joaquina! She was asking me whether I want to meet up or not. So, I rang her up and talked to her. We decided to meet up at Parkson and go for a movie. When we reached the place, we realised that we got the movie time wrong! Joaquina thought it was 1.45pm but it was actually showing at 1.15pm. So, Janice, Joa and I just hanged out around Parkson, chatting. We went to Coffee Bean to have some drinks. I had Ice-blended Green Tea. We were enjoying ourselves with stories and gossips until Joa saw one of her teachers in NS! Haha.. She didn't want to meet them so, we ran out using the back doors and headed to KFC. Unfortunately, Joa saw another of her teacher at KFC! So, she sat behind the pole, hiding away from the teacher. Then, we quickly went back to Coffee Bean again and spent our time talking.

Jan's drink and mine!

Joa eating her chicken..

At night, I went to Jan's house for a gathering with my friends. We had pot luck. I made fried some sausages. It was only a few of us first. So, we started to eat. I loved the food, especially Kenaina's chicken wings! Hehe.. Then, the others started to come and the table was crowded in the end! I loved the desserts. David brought blueberry cheesecake which was really, really rich and yummy! I only ate a small piece because I was quite full. David made vodka punch too. The vodka punch was really tasty. It kind of warmed my throat when I drank it. I also tried to take a small sip of vodka and it numbed my lips and tongue! Haha..

Eat, eat, eat!

Yummylicious cheesecake!

The vodka punch..

This is the vodka that David used to make the punch.. And also the one that numbed my lips and tongue!
After dinner, Joa, Mandy and I spent the time looking at Jan's sisters' wedding photos. Owh.. The photos were really nicely taken. Then, we had a chat while the others were playing cards. Then, we went into the movie room and chatted for a while. Kenaina and I couldn't stop laughing and giggling after talking about our debate and drama practice. After that, we decided to watch a movie. Again, we watched a horror movie! Well, I didn't really watch it because I spent most of the time under the blanket and playing my HP. Hehe..

Taking pics, playing guitar and chatting..

Us girls and Sam!

After the movie, at around 11.45pm, they went to eat again. I just sat around, talking and playing. Of course, not forgetting to take some pictures. ^_^ We went back around 12.45am.

Jan and I.. ^_^

Apek and Kok How..

Our Leo friend, Apek, gave Joa and I a lift back home. I reached home at around 1.00am. Wow! It's actually my first time reaching home so late! Haha..
It was a really great night. I will surely miss my friends after this.. Hmph.. :)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Caring Is Loving

The world is lack of love. Kids grow up thinking that love comes only from tv or friends. But it’s not true. there should and must be love in the family. Without growing up with love, people cannot love. Kids that grows up in loveless family will never learn and care for other people. And the community will sooner or later be lack of love. Even now, people are very much to themselves and you can notice that love is running out.

Especially for the elderly generation. It might not be their fault but as they grow older, they need more care and attention then we think they do. Sometimes we just cant give it all to them. That is why there is such a place as
nursing home. It is not just to put them there…it’s a place where we as younger generation come to learn about the real way of caring for others. If you don’t know where to start, this IS the place to start. There are guides, tips from experts and daily updates about the right way of caring.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Anthony Chang's Meet-The-Fans Session

I have been actively catching up with lots of concerts and meet-the-fans sessions recently. It all started since I was in Primary 6 when I first went to SHE's concert. Then, followed up by 'The Legendary Siblings 2' meet-the-fans session, Astro concert, LYZ and ZDL mini concerts. So, I'm kind of addicted to these kind of functions.
One of the concerts that I had been to..

I read the newspapers a few days ago and spotted a news about Anthony Chang, ATQ 2006 winner. They said he is promoting his new EP: Music Wonderland in East M'sia. So, I quickly searched the Chinese newspapers to check on his news. But, as you all know, I don't read Chinese! My sister didn't want to help me out. So, I texted Emandy and Ning Jie to get some info. Thank God that Ning Jie's friend had some info about it. Then, Mummy also got me some info after she drove past Bintang Plaza.

The stage.. It was still early when I arrived.

So, I went to Bintang Plaza with Lynna just now at 6.10pm. It was suppose to start at 7.00pm so, we wanted to get there earlier. Obviously, the place was not crowded. So, we walked around the place. I also bought his EP there because I couldn't find it in the CD stores before.

The EP that I bought! ^_^

The EPs they were selling.. (Apologies for bad picture quality)

The whole thing started at 8.00pm! Well, it was kind of worth waiting. I played some quiz game there and got his poster. Hehe.. The questions were very easy. The emcee asked how did Ant get into this career. I obviously knew the answer which was when he won ATQ 2006.

We waited till it was dark! Haha..

Ant presented some songs: Jue Jiang Ai Zhe Ni, Anthony, and one more fast-paced song (I know that song but, I don't know how to read the name which is in Chinese!). Haha.. I also went up to play a game with him. Well, actually it was not really a game. We had to sing his song! Just like what happened during LYZ's concert. Thank God I know his songs. I searched for the pinyin lyrics a few days ago so, I knew the lyrics. I sang the sweet Jue Jiang Ai Zhe Ni. I was quite nervous but, was conscious enough to invite him to sing with me. Haha.. Then, I got a radioactive goodies bag. Really happy but, I was even happier to meet him. Btw, I also tried to invite him over to eat 'kueh chap' but he didn't believe that I can actually cook! Hehe..

Ant singing one of his songs.

My radioactive goodies bag!

We went up to get his autograph after the whole thing. I requested him to write Lynna and my names. Really felt bad for taking up his time. I gave him a small card which I made that contains my favourite bible verse. I really hope he liked it.

It was so sweet of him to write the messages: Thank you for your support and God bless! (Btw, he is left-handed!)

A quick snap with Ant! ^_^

The whole thing was really fun! I did enjoy his songs. I love his voice. Indeed one of the best I had ever heard. Good vocal, good songs, and even good dance moves! I really hope all the best for him in his career.

This is the song I sang with him :)

Thank God for this wonderful evening. ^_^

I Signed Up For PPP

I have signed up for PayPerPost, a new way of blogging while earning programme. At first when my sisters introduced it to me, I was skeptical about it but after reading through the facts and seeing it work, I believe it has a great future for me. PPP is a company that gives you the golden opportunity to write the things you love and the best part is that you can earn money from blogging the things you love! It’s as easy as that. As you begin to write, you can earn money. Isn’t that great? It’s like killing two birds with one stone.

Earning money though blogging can train me to be more independent as I don’t need to depend on my parents for financial needs. I can use the money earned to pay for the things I need.

Besides, I wish to improve my writing and also learn more about blogging and I believe PPP is the place to start off with! PPP can not only help in your writing skills, it can also assist you to make your blog a better place!

I have just signed up where I can
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Join in together with me and let us make blogging more fun and exciting!

My Favourite Bible Verse

I have a favourite Bible verse. When I first saw this verse on my fridge, I was really touched. I really believed so that nothing is impossible in God. We can do all things in Him who strengthened us! No matter how hard life is, no matter how close we are to failures, nothing is impossible for us to overcome them. I really survived a lot of hardships by holding on to this verse. Whenever I was having exams, I really prayed to God and believed that I can do all things in Him who strengthened me. I believed it and I still believe so. And it is real! God is a miraculous God.
I just made a graphic. It's quite simple but hope you guys like it!

P/s: I really hope I have the discipline, faith and strength to read God's words. Please pray for me. ^_^

Friday, January 18, 2008

Second Time...

Yes... It's my second time working as a part timer. This time I worked for 2 days! Really enjoyed it because I did it with a bunch of friends there. Plus, the work was really simple and we got lots of benefits there like free buffet breakfast and lunch! Although I did feel tired and exhausted, I guess it was worth a great experience. So, here are some of the pictures I had taken during my work. I only took them while I wasn't working so don't misunderstand me. Hehe...
My friends and I ^_^

The participants listening to a talk by a very famous man named Jackson Ting

Participants again... This time, they are listening to an Indian man who speaks fluently in Mandarin!

Apologies! I thought I took a lot of pictures but it seems like I only took three! I'll get the others from Qi Ying when I see her.

P/s: So, what do you guys think about me having short hair? (Sorry for the quality of the pictures... I'm only using my HP)

Yes.. All the way short!

I look weird at posing this kind of pose! Haha...

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Gaming For Me

Card games aren’t really my specialty. Even though I would love to learn more about card games, I never really got the opportunity. It is either that there wasn’t time or that no one is available to give me a hand. I’ve seen people playing card games like blackjack, or pokers and at first; I didn’t understand how it goes. Everything seems to be the same. But later on, when a friend introduced the best online casino, it made everything clear! When there is no one to play with me at home, I can always go online and sharpen my skills in blackjack. There are so many people I can play with – from all over the world. This is a great chance for me to increase my strategy and skill in card games. So, when there are people who want to challenge me, I would be ready!

Now with this new online game, which is easy to play, and there are even bonus points up for grabs! I can turn the bonus points into additional chips or even special prizes. Isn’t that fabulous?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I have been told since I was young to be careful with whatever I see, hear or read. Now with the internet, anything is possible. And I cannot deny that I do receive mails about loans, credits, and resources. At first glance they might seem to be really easy and without any ‘bad motives’ but I have learnt that there are such a thing as bad credit loans in this world. But how do you make sure that you are not cheated by the bad companies?

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Tagged by DaJie

DaJie just tagged me with this really interesting tag. So, here is mine:

Y: Loved by everyone
N: Sexy
T: Great kisser
H:Freakin’ beautiful eyes
I: Loves to laugh
A: Gorgeous
W: Very broad minded
O: Has one of the best personalities ever
N: Sexy
G: Never let people tell you what to do

A: Gorgeous
B: Loves people
C: Really easy to fall in love with
D: Is great in bed
E: deeply in love with his/her gf/bf
F: People wild and crazy adore you
G: Never let people tell you what to do
H:Freakin’ beautiful eyes
I: Loves to laugh
J: Makes people laugh
K: Really silly
M: Makes dating fun
N: Sexy
O: Has one of the best personalities ever
P: Popular with all types of people
Q: A hypocrite
R: Good bf/gf
S: Lives life for fun
T: Great kisser
U: Gets blamed for everything
V: Not judgmental
W: Very broad minded
X: Never let people tell you what to do
Y: Loved by everyone
Z: Lives life for fun

Well, it's kind of interesting. I'm quite surprised to know that I am sexy(?) and a great kisser(?)! Haha.. Btw, there is one which I thought is quite true which is I love to laugh. Of course I love to laugh! I can laugh non-stop. I can even laugh all in a sudden without reasons. My friends do think I am quite a freak because I can't stop laughing sometimes. Haha..

OK, I am going to tag a few people here because I want to know how their reactions are towards the meaning of their names:
Ah Ning

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Busy Weekend!

Forgive me for not blogging lately. I had quite a busy weekend. Well... Not that busy but, busier than the type of weekends I used to have after graduating from secondary school.
Guess what?! I got a part time job as a helper for a Mandarin conference on insurance for two days! Quite a good deal right? It was! What we had to do was only to assist the participants from the conference to the restaurants and vice versa by holding a coloured flag up. Plus, breakfast, lunch and even tea break were provided! We also got to spend time resting, talking and shopping while the participants were listening to the talks. Indeed a great job. And most importantly, we got paid for doing all that!
Well, although it was a good job, I still envy Sherp who has a wonderful, nice freelance job. Haiks.. How I wish I have a great boss like hers.. Haha..
Apologies.. Pictures of my job will be up soon!

Payday Loans

my big sister told me something which made me prepare myself before i step out to work. In this society, inflation is rising and the pay is not adequate to support a luxurious life if we are just getting paid monthly. What if there is an unexpected situation arising that causes the urgent need of cash? Or if there is an unexpected bill that need to be settled as soon as possible? Not only that, there are other monthly utilities bills, insurances and savings that need to be accounted for! Imagine the hectic of needing to loan from banks..all the procedures that need to be done and approval might take days and even weeks. Before you know it, you might have already starved to death.

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Friday, January 11, 2008


It's not recently but quite a long time ago when I started to catch this really interesting show: 'Motorsikal'.

I had no idea what show it was until I watched the first episode. It's kind of like a traveling show around Malaysia using only a 'motorsikal'. The host is indeed very good, funny and most importantly natural. He is quite cute too. Hehe...

Not forgetting, I love the theme song of the show called: Dao Zhi Yi Yiu.

I enjoy watching the show all the time. It not only entertains me but fills me up with information about the places in Malaysia. Well, I kind of love watching this show now. But, it's going to end soon. Haik... Hopefully they will return again with the 2nd season of 'Motorsikal'.

My 'Budak' Friend

Well, my best friend requested me to write a post about her before she went for NS but, I didn't the time to do so until today. So, 'budak' Joaquina Emily Lim Siew Siew, this is for you.

She has a dream...

I met her since we were in primary school. Well, we didn't really go to the same school but the same tuition. She was very friendly to me at that time. She was too friendly to me till she tried to run me away from tuition by bringing me to my teacher's car porch to play! Haha... She did quite a lot of funny things. The most memorable one was her imitating the one of the scenes in The Parent Trap movie! What a girl!

Parent Trap! Haha...

We stopped going to the tuition at the same time after that first year. But, we met again in secondary school. We weren't that close yet. I was transfered to the other class so, we didn't study in the same class. However, we did went cycling around our residential area often. I also started to carpool with her. Then, in 2nd Form, she shifted to my class. Then, we started to grew closer as good friends. We did quite a lot of funny things together with our best friends: Mic and Jan. We often carpool to school during the exam time.

Joa and I at the hair saloon ^^

In our 3rd Form, we were even closer as best friends! Of course, we often carpool. She also loved to tickle my leg while at the Science lab! Naughty girl... However, our friendship was a bit rocky due to some misunderstandings among four of us. But, we finally got over it because we knew that our friendship shouldn't be affected by the unnecessary problems. We got over PMR and got good, satisfying results! Thank the Lord for that.

Us 4 best friends!

In our 4th Form, we did more and more carpooling to tuitions and also back from school during the exam time. We enjoyed eating 'rojak' and 'ais kacang' near our Physics tuition. In Leo, we were elected as the secretaries. She was my honoured vice secretary. We did some emceeing together. Also, we did our hair together for special functions. Really enjoyed the times we did the girlie stuffs. Haha... Btw, I could still remember that time when Mic and I dared her to eat a small piece of vege because we knew she hates vege.

She really ate that piece of vege!

On our last year in secondary school, life were the same except we were even closer as best friends. We also often went to eat 'rojak' at the stall located near to our Physics tuition. We had great times gossiping. We also worked together during the Leo Forum 07'. We stayed at Imperial Hotel together with our other friends and burned midnight oil to work! We also went to do our hair for the banquet night. In school, she was very crazy. She always enjoyed hitting our butts and laughed her head off. Oh boy... I do really miss my school life.

Joa and I again!

Having fun in tuition! Poor Audrey stuck in the middle of us! (I know.. we looked awful!)

She is a really great friend! Not only she is funny, she loves to speak Malay to me(?)! Yes.. We often speak in Malay through a phone conversation! Funny right? Haha... We also often sing songs together. I could still remember the tongue twister she taught me:

kuku kaki kakakku,
kok kaku kaku kek,
kok kaku kaku kuku kaki kakakku

I will never forget about her as my 'budak' best friend because she had filled my life with lots of weird but interesting elements. All the best in your life girl! God bless...

P/s: Joa, now you owe me a post about me! ^_^

My Smorty

I have just tried this new blogging while earning programme. it is called Smorty. At first when my sisters introduced it to me, I was sceptical about it but after reading through the facts and seeing it work, I believe it has a great future for me. Smorty is a company that gives you the opportunity to write the things you want and the best part, you can earn money from blogging! It’s as easy as that. As you begin to write, you can too earn money. Isn’t that great? It’s like killing two birds with one stone.

I want to improve my writing and also learn more about blogging and I believe smorty is the place to start off with!

I have just signed up where I
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Join in together with me and lets make blogging more fun and exciting!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

UK Craze - Part 5

Day 16 - 15 Dec
Reached Edinburgh at around 8.30am. Wow.. What a long, long journey. We met up with Osbert, Uei Ying's friend there. We kept our luggages at the locker there then, went to walk around the city. We just did some sight-seeing. I saw a lot of kilts! Was wondering whether I should get on for Ah Wei or not but, they were very expensive! It was around 20 to 30. Luckily didn't get him one coz' he said "NO!" to me when I asked him. Haha.. We went to see Edinburgh Castle but didn't go in. Just took a few pictures there and had a small lunch there. We also walked past the Optical Museum. We had lots of fun playing with the mirrors outside the place! Then, went to a Chinese restaurant and had lunch there. We ordered the lunch sets. I was quite confused as it wasn't really a pure Chinese restaurant. It was kind of like a westernised Chinese restaurant. The food was OK. After lunch, the five of us: Sherp, Ivy, Lynna, Me, Uei Ying and Osbert went to The Edinburgh Dungeon! We actually wanted to go for the London's one but, couldn't make it. So, didn't want to miss the chance. We were so excited that we were singing all the way there. Pity Osbert that he had to walk with a bunch of crazy girls! Haha.. The Edinburgh Dungeon wasn't very scary. It was more like an exhibition with live actors. Interesting.. I was hoping for people to scare us but, they didn't do so. We spent about 1 hour there. After that, we walked back to the bus station to meet with the adults. Since we heard it was just 15 minutes walk to our apartment, we decided to walk there. But, 15 minutes turned to 50 minutes! We had to walk from the city centre to another side of the city! So tiring but, did enjoy the walk. After dinner, we watched UK X-Factor. I predicted that Leon will win. The rest were hesitating. And... He WON!!! I knew it! Rhydian was really good but, Leon can sing more type of songs compared to Rhydian and of course he can sell more too! Hip hip horray!

In front of the Royal Bank of Scotland

In excitement!

In front of Edinbrugh Castle ^^

A family shoot with Osby ^_^

Sherp and I!

Us at Edinburgh Dungeon!

Day 17 - 16 Dec
Took some pictures at the backyard then, walked to the bus station again. We took off from Edinburgh at around 11.30am. The journey on bus was really uncomfortable. Don't really like bumpy rides. Did sleep for a while. We reached Victoria Station at around 8.00pm. Used the tube back to Ealing Broadway. Was quite exhausted but were relieved that we had finally reached home.

Having breakfast!

At the backyard! ^_^

Waiting for the tube to go to Ealing

Day 18 - 17 Dec
Shopping Day!!! As it was our last day there, I decided to shop as much as I could. Woke up quite late but was in time to go out to shop. We went to Ealing Broadway. Went to Claire, JJB Sports and some more. JJB Sports was having a sale. I didn't plan to go there but, Lynna insisted to. When I went into the shop, I saw lots of branded sports clothes like Nike, Adidas.. The price was quite reasonable so, bought some. I also checked on the original price for the clothes I bought and it wasn't cheap. So, quite satisfied. Then, went back to have lunch and went out again. In the evening, we went out to watch 'Enchanted' with Sherp's friend at Ealing Broadway Empire. The quality was definitely good. Love the movie. It was really funny and I enjoyed the plot. We had dinner after that at home. Drank some wine and apple soda too.

At Ealing Broadway :)


Day 19 - 18 Dec
Woke up very early today. We went to Heathrow accompanied by Yiyi, Uei Ying, Ivy and Osbert. Sherp couldn't make because she had to go to school. Teo Teo had to go to work too. So, after bidding good bye, we proceeded to the departure lounge. We had to transit at Dubai again. This time, had some time to walk around. We wanted to buy a model of a camel but didn't because they only accept USD. We boarded the plane again at around... Not really sure about the time but it was at around 10pm (Dubai time).

Lynna and I at Heathrow Airport before departing.

At Dubai Airport!
Day 20 - 19 Dec
Reached Brunei earlier than expected at 10.15am. Big uncle took us to Escapade to have a Jap lunch. Nice, nice place. A big Thank You to koko for treating us. Reached Miri at around 3pm or 4pm. Miss Scooby and Hei Gou a lot! :)

Eating lunch at Excapade.. Yum Yum!
Well, that's all for my UK Craze. Miss UK now... It's really a very nice and good place to travel to. Love the sceneries, shopping places and top attractions. Love traveling using the tube too! It is so easy to use the tube. A big. big, big Thank You to my parents for giving me this wonderful opportunity to go there. Love you guys! Thank the Lord for everything!
Lastly, my advice to those who plans to go there, TRY NOT TO CONVERT THE PRICES THERE! Just enjoy yourself and shop if you want to. ^_^