Saturday, January 19, 2008

Anthony Chang's Meet-The-Fans Session

I have been actively catching up with lots of concerts and meet-the-fans sessions recently. It all started since I was in Primary 6 when I first went to SHE's concert. Then, followed up by 'The Legendary Siblings 2' meet-the-fans session, Astro concert, LYZ and ZDL mini concerts. So, I'm kind of addicted to these kind of functions.
One of the concerts that I had been to..

I read the newspapers a few days ago and spotted a news about Anthony Chang, ATQ 2006 winner. They said he is promoting his new EP: Music Wonderland in East M'sia. So, I quickly searched the Chinese newspapers to check on his news. But, as you all know, I don't read Chinese! My sister didn't want to help me out. So, I texted Emandy and Ning Jie to get some info. Thank God that Ning Jie's friend had some info about it. Then, Mummy also got me some info after she drove past Bintang Plaza.

The stage.. It was still early when I arrived.

So, I went to Bintang Plaza with Lynna just now at 6.10pm. It was suppose to start at 7.00pm so, we wanted to get there earlier. Obviously, the place was not crowded. So, we walked around the place. I also bought his EP there because I couldn't find it in the CD stores before.

The EP that I bought! ^_^

The EPs they were selling.. (Apologies for bad picture quality)

The whole thing started at 8.00pm! Well, it was kind of worth waiting. I played some quiz game there and got his poster. Hehe.. The questions were very easy. The emcee asked how did Ant get into this career. I obviously knew the answer which was when he won ATQ 2006.

We waited till it was dark! Haha..

Ant presented some songs: Jue Jiang Ai Zhe Ni, Anthony, and one more fast-paced song (I know that song but, I don't know how to read the name which is in Chinese!). Haha.. I also went up to play a game with him. Well, actually it was not really a game. We had to sing his song! Just like what happened during LYZ's concert. Thank God I know his songs. I searched for the pinyin lyrics a few days ago so, I knew the lyrics. I sang the sweet Jue Jiang Ai Zhe Ni. I was quite nervous but, was conscious enough to invite him to sing with me. Haha.. Then, I got a radioactive goodies bag. Really happy but, I was even happier to meet him. Btw, I also tried to invite him over to eat 'kueh chap' but he didn't believe that I can actually cook! Hehe..

Ant singing one of his songs.

My radioactive goodies bag!

We went up to get his autograph after the whole thing. I requested him to write Lynna and my names. Really felt bad for taking up his time. I gave him a small card which I made that contains my favourite bible verse. I really hope he liked it.

It was so sweet of him to write the messages: Thank you for your support and God bless! (Btw, he is left-handed!)

A quick snap with Ant! ^_^

The whole thing was really fun! I did enjoy his songs. I love his voice. Indeed one of the best I had ever heard. Good vocal, good songs, and even good dance moves! I really hope all the best for him in his career.

This is the song I sang with him :)

Thank God for this wonderful evening. ^_^


Mandy said...

hey, girl =) seems u really did have fun!! cool man~ can take pic with him-.- last time whan Rynn and Nic came we werent allowed to do so =( and you went up stage again !! u'll sure be popular among mirians when it comes to concerts and stuffs =p lol...
take care girl =) see you again sumwhere sumtime!

LingDi said...

Haha.. I did. If you went, it would have been even more fun! The ppl there didn't really know his songs. But, luckily I know. Hehe..

Lynnwei said...

wah..u actually sang on stage!?!? walao..i would never dare to do that!!! cool!!!!

somemore u won radioactive! super!!! superb!!

Lynnwei said...

hahah..i think his handwriting a bit...'weak'...aha..mayb he writes better in chinese!

keuh chap!?!? ahahahaha

LingDi said...

I did the same during LYZ's concert. So, I kind of get use to the situation. Diff ppl write diff ways. I guess he writes more Eng than Chinese.

lynnx01 said...

Isn't that a sunday school album? I thought I saw that cd in a chinese christian bookshop ler

Joan said...

all i can say is

Pyroboy1911 said...

so u like this kind of function, eh? haha..

i dun reli like it though, coz it's crowded, and i dun like crowded place. no idea why i ended up at the WWL promo....hhmm...

LingDi said...

I have no idea about that...


Yeah.. I do like these kind of functions. But, I dislike too crowded places. I prefer small, mini concerts than the big concerts because I don't think I can actually enjoy it to the fullest.