Friday, January 11, 2008


It's not recently but quite a long time ago when I started to catch this really interesting show: 'Motorsikal'.

I had no idea what show it was until I watched the first episode. It's kind of like a traveling show around Malaysia using only a 'motorsikal'. The host is indeed very good, funny and most importantly natural. He is quite cute too. Hehe...

Not forgetting, I love the theme song of the show called: Dao Zhi Yi Yiu.

I enjoy watching the show all the time. It not only entertains me but fills me up with information about the places in Malaysia. Well, I kind of love watching this show now. But, it's going to end soon. Haik... Hopefully they will return again with the 2nd season of 'Motorsikal'.


ღAmandaa said...

i dont really like this show but i did gain some knowledge from it. hahahah

LingDi said...

Haha.. Yeah.. I get it. Sometimes, I can hardly like a show like this but, this show is really nice and funny to watch. Btw, I love the motorbike. Looks really nice.. Haha..

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

Sounds like a really interesting show! I love both travelling and anything on two wheels. Sigh, wish I could see it.

Lynnwei said...

where got cute!!!! hahaha

LingDi said...

Furkids in hong kong,
The show is really interesting. Plus, the motorbike is real beauty. Haha..

He is kinda cute. Hmph..