Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New glasses for me?

My pair of eyes have degrees since I was 13. Although they were just 75 degrees each, I insisted on a pair of glasses for myself. After getting a simple pair of glasses for myself, I had a hard time wearing them! It was so uncomfortable to wear and the worst thing was... Almost everybody thought that I look like a teacher! Hmph! So, when I was in my 4th Form, I tried contacts but, stopped. After graduating from high school, my eyesight worsened. =( My astigmatism got worst so, I had to resort to wearing glasses again. I've gotten myself a new pair of glasses with bling-blings but, many teased me that I look like Lydia Sum! =(

So, if I get the chance to buy a new glasses again, I promised myself that I will find a nice and affordable pair of glasses which will not make me look like a teacher or even Lydia Sum. While browsing the net, I found myself falling in love with the Holiday frames. The frames are so cute and fashionable. Good enough to make me look like a college student. Besides, the frames they have are indeed suitable for different kinds of occasions. For example, when I feel like going vintage, I will go for this cute, round frame:

When I feel summer, I'll choose this:

If I want to go for a sporty look, I'll go for this instead:

Ahh! Too many frames for me to choose... Why don't you guys go and have a look and let me know which kind of frame would suit me?

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

KTT CF Christmas Celebration

Our KTT CF had our Christmas celebration a few weeks ago, on 17th Dec 2008. We had good fellowship and I really had fun singing Christmas carols. We got the whole lecture hall decorated with some Christmas ornaments and even prepared door gifts for the students.

Beautiful Christmas ornaments!

CL and I were the ushers so, we had to put on the Santa's hat and reindeer's ears. There were some who even brought their own Santa's hat! So cute...

CL, Me and Keshan :)

Christmas carols were performed by our own KTT CF choir team! I'm one of them k... We sang Feliz Navidad, First Noel (NOT Joel), O Come O Ye Faithful and some other really nice songs.

The gifted praise and worship team

KTT CF choir team!

After the Christmas carols, we watched a movie: Pay It Forward. It's a really nice movie even though I didn't really think it was relevant. After watching the movie, I was wondering whether such thing, pay it forward, will really work or not. Hmph...

We had Christmas gift exchange after the movie. I bought a handwash as a gift. Wonder why my friends think it's ridiculous. I think it's a really good gift compared to photo frames, chocolates and etc because you can actually use it for your own good! ;) Btw, I got Aunt Liz's gift which is a mini radio tuner. Super cute!

Some of the Christmas gifts to be exchanged... Mine is the big pink paper bag ^_^

KTT-ians mingling around eating snacks! (AhXia busy eating keropok... Haha!)

CF Christmas Celebration was really a good fellowship. However, it is important to remind ourselves the true meaning of Christmas: Jesus Christ. And also to deliver the Good News to others who have not heard of it. Christmas is the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ!

Lastly, I would like to wish all of you a belated Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year! May God bless all of you! :)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hammer giving talk about handling

Hi, Hammer the Spammer is here with loads of Christmas and New Year wishes to all you readers out there.
Since I, Hammer the Spammer, has been away for quite some time on this pink blog, I am back here once again to give you guys some words of wisdom in time gloomy time of global economy recession. I am sure you would have at least read about the current economy crisis going around the region. Headlines are everywhere talking about possible losses of mega corporations and big businesses.
I believe that in this time where everything just seems unstable, we must keep in mind about something. We should learn to manage our finances well. Do not simply spend. Overspending only means debts piling up waiting to literally ‘chop off’ your head.
Well, do not point fingers and yell, “No, it would never happen to me!”
The truth is, debt knows no skin colour or financial status. If it can happen to a businessman, it can also happen to an average Joe or an average Jane like you and I. Debts come in many forms. It may be just as simple as the debt you owe over your credit card bill. Do not underestimate debt. It causes you plenty of headache and trust me, you might even lose precious sleep when debts overwhelm you.
Always keep in mind – you do not need to spend the money you do not have to impress the people you do not like. Avoid Bankruptcy today.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Updates from Sarikei

Hey guys! Apologies for not updating my blog lately. I'm currently in Sarikei now. Having loads of fun and really love my nieces. They are really cute and adorable like princesses!

I got loads of pictures and are going to post them up soon. So, please stay tuned!

Lastly, I know I'm very late but, just want to wish all of you a Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year! May God bless all of you!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Are You Coming Back For Christmas?

Yes!!! I'm so happy and excited that I'll be coming home for Christmas and New Year. BIG THANK YOU to Daddy for arranging my flights. :)

Btw, there are loads of things for my to post about; CF Christmas and etc.. Unfortunately, all of these will have to wait as I can only do that after I get back to Miri. I had been disconnected from my college's WiFi. :( So, I will have to subscribe again if I want the connection back. I guess I'll just have to do so next year coz' it's so alang-alang to do it now.

Alright! I better stop now! Stay tuned for my posts:)

Lastly, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Finals Results...

Hey guys! I just got my finals results. I improved overall but, still not satisfied enough. I know I have to thankful but, I really want to do better. I scored 80++ for all my subjects which is an improvement to me as I scored 60+ and 50+ for some of the subjects for my last mid semester. However, I only get 4Bs as grade A is considered as 90 and above. I don't understand why they want to set the standard so high here but, I just hope I can score the best I can.

Btw, I'm in the library now. I'm doing my Physics homework which is making me faint! I can't seem to get the electric field stuff right. =( Help~

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hammer's recommendation

Hi, it's Hammer the Spammer again, speaking from a 7-storey tall highland.

Today's topic is about the social network portals in this world wide web, the place we call the internet. Yes, Friendster has come and, sadly, abandoned. Now, everyone is into Facebook. Not to mention, MySpace, Multiply and other various social networks. While those social networks are mostly based on friendships, family ties and relationships, this acobay network portal is something revolutionary. Yes, it is about connecting different people from all around the world. But how can you 'connect' and just click just so randomly with strangers? The secret is, you can do so by searching for people who own the same or similar items with you, or those who have travelled to the same place as you.


It is easy to register an account on Acobay. You do not even need an email to start with. After filling simple forms, you get to add items or places you have been to. You can join in discussions. Look Lynthia's item - she has added this Animal Crossing game I own. If another user happen to own this Animal Crossing game as well, we get to talk about the strategies and various tips to go about this game. Is this not a great idea to expand your horizon?

Speaking of Animal Crossing, Tom Nook must be real mad at Lynthia for not paying the loan on the home renovations.........

Basic Skills

Enough of Hammer the spammer! Worried not my precious readers, for your precious blogger, Lingdi, is back!

Btw, speaking of basic skills, do you have basic skills? Haha! What I'm saying is the basic skills of changing a flat tyre. Well, not everybody does but, believe or not, I do know how to change a flat tyre!

Last few days, I went out to have brunch with Louis, Zhi Chiat, Qi Ying and Mandy. When we were leaving, we realised that Qi Ying had a flat tyre! While they were starting to panic, I remained calm and confidently confessed to them that I know how to save the day! Unfortunately, they didn't believe me. So, I got the boys to do the work. Well, my skills weren't that complete afterall after realising that we shouldn't lift the car up before unscrewing the screws! But, slowly, we gained the momentum and get the tyre changed. Such an interesting experience. We didn't even get anyone to help out too. I'm so proud of my lil' brothers!

Zhi Chiat unscrewing the screws :)

In the end, Kok How, who were supposed to come to help, didn't come because we finished earlier than we expected. After changing the tyre, Qi Ying drove to the petrol kiosk to pump some air into the tyres.

The internet and advertising world

Who would have guessed the power and influence of the internet in today's world? Some two decades ago, most normal Tom, Dick or Harry would not even have the slightest idea that one day, there is this tool that is indescribable.. it is called the 'internet'. It links people from all around the world. You can even go on it without any wires. Now, better still, the mobile phones are picking this technology up as well. The speed gets faster each day. The possibilities goes beyond most peoples' imaginations.

That is why it is a good prospect to look into the advertising world with the internet being part of its stem. A wise and smart business owner should realise the potential of this world wide web of internet and make full use of this in his or her business. Well, even if you do not own a business, there is so much potential in working for an Online Advertising Agency as well. If you are one who has just graduated fresh from the university and cringing away because you think you may not get a job, thanks to the current economy recession, think again. There are endless opportunities if you were to start your own online advertising agency or work for one.

For one obvious reason, most companies are looking to the internet to advertise their services and products. People realise the power and influence that internet brings. They want their products being known to a large group of consumers. They would not be too foolish to just target to a small population by printing brochures and distributing them in one community only. With the internet, the target audience increases by many folds. After all, most people go online to surf. That is why advertising as a tool on the internet has become such a huge market.

So if you are still cringing away thinking what a sad life you have got because you may not get a job, think again. Get into the online advertising industry and find yourself a decent yet colourful and adventurous job today.

Obviously, this is yet another exclusive piece brought to you by Hammer the Spammer.

Hammer writes some more

I think I probably would have shoo-ed away many of Lind Di's small circle but precious readers. Hammer is here again to write more posts for the girl who is so lazy to update her blog.
Well, today's topic has to be about the Christmas season. Christmas is around the corner again. But how many of us really understands the meaning of Christmas? Most people think it is about Santa Claus, the Satarinas, Rudolph the rednose reindeers and what-nots. 

But no, people. NO! Christmas is not even about shopping for presents for you family and friends. It is also not about snowmans. Well, definitely not about turkeys and fine wines. 

It is about the birth of someone who is so significant.

Go guess.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Hi, it's Hammer the Spammer again.

After talking about prevalence of obesity and the importance of health in adolescents, I would like to focus on varsity life in this post. Most of the readers here I believe are pre-university or some are even already studying in colleges and universities now. Let's not dwell on studies proper.

I want to bring across the topic of accommodation. I believe that a good accommodation is one of the factors that contribute to a student's well being. Stay in a dirty place and you end up agitated or easily depressed. It is therefore very important to do a well search and probe into the market to get a good private accommodation deal. There are various landlords and agents you can look into before deciding which house or flat to take on. Of course, house mates play a huge role. Get the wrong ones and you become the free labour for housework. Get dishonest house mates and soon you would go bankrupt because one may be finishing your sausages supply in the fridge, another may just keep the change he finds on the living room table in his pocket and that sort of horrid tales.

Well, I know quite a few friends who are studying in University of Leeds. I deem the place pretty good. If you are in Leeds and are looking for student flats in leeds, perhaps you can find Pickard Properties, the one being voted as No. 1 in Leeds.

Hammer the Spammer

Hammer the Spammer is here to stalk Lynthia's blog.

The topic of the day has to do with health and weight management.

With the increasing problems in nutrition, more and more urban and more 'developed' regions are battling with over nutrition, and no longer malnutrition as before. Over nutrition is now the number one problem in many developed and developing countries. It is estimated that about 20% of school-goers are obese.

While one may argue that people come in different sizes and shapes, being overweight is often seen as 'greedy person' or being labeled as 'lazy'. Is it really true that one must accept that very fact that he or she is fat?

No, it is wrong!

For one, I (the Hammer, not Lynthia, obviously) think that excuses should not be made for one being overweight. At a young and tender age, one should be in almost complete control of his or her own weight. Of course, there are certain exceptions if it has to do with hormone problems. Yes, genetics play a role in obesity, I do not deny. However, you should all the more work even harder to lose the weight.

Look back to half a decade ago, or perhaps just a quarter of century ago. I do not remember during our parents' days, anyone has this obesity or overweight problem. Yet most of our parents, as they age, they tend to gain weight. If I were 60 kg today at 20 years old, I cannot imagine how heavy I would be in 20 years' time!

I. Hammer then Spammer blogging here is fully aware of the health complications of overweight children. Diabetes, for one thing!! It is no longer an 'old person's disease'. Nowadays, more and more adoslescents are getting it, thanks to over nutrition.

Over nutrition? 

Go exercise!

Run while your knees can bear the weight. Go swimming, pick up a sport.

The most important thing is - be determined!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Affordable yet quality eyeglasses

A creature stalked into Lynthia and started pouring out her inner depths of thoughts.

Not many people know that I actually have short-sightedness. I have been prescribed eyeglasses quite some time ago, but because I usually do not like myself in glasses, I end up not using them. I squint and trouble my eyes. It is only recently that I realised, "enough is enough!" I need to wear them and wear them well.

Well, you can assume that I never really had very good experiences when it comes to purchasing eyeglasses. I really love those funky, trendy ones but then they can be so expensive that they burn my small little pocket. A college student like me surviving on very minimal allowances yet I still want to go about with various trendy eyewears, am I asking for too much?

You can say some blessings come in different packages. I found out that indeed, I can own pairs of trendy and fashionable eyeglasses from This online optical shop definitely revolutionise the entire eyeglasses industry. It has great offers on quality and fashionable eyeglasses that cater for a wide range of tastes and fashion sense. Tell me, a pair of quality eyeglasses for USD$15, where else can you find such amazing deals?

Gone are the days when I would be purchasing prescription eyeglasses once in every 3 years. With the same amount, I probably can buy 10 pairs on shot. Just imagine turning up with different frames each day. I definitely sizzle up my life, not to mention, creating a fashion statement with every brand new day. is worth looking into. They do not impose hidden charges - shipping is free worldwide if you buy two or more pairs. Hey, sounds just so cool. I think I am up to protecting my eyes once more. This time, I shall make sure I get those frames which would actually fit the shape of my head.

'Til then, be funky, people!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is just around the corner and to get myself into the Christmas mood more, I downloaded a new theme for my Mozilla Firefox: Tinseltown! I must really admit that it looks real nice...

Monday, December 08, 2008

Out with Friends

Last Friday, I went swimming with Joa, Chelle and Mandy at GCM while Jan and Sam went to play tennis. Vivian came to chit chat too! Since we're going swiming, I brought the Olympus MJU850SW there to snap some under water pictures. Btw, we didn't really swim much because we kept taking pictures, talking and playing around. It was really fun chatting with my friends just like old times...

Alright! Here are some pictures we took:

Chelle, Joa, Me and Mandy :)

Me with the Lims!

Chelle, Me and Joa

Viv, Jan, Me, Joa, Mandy and Chelle in the shower place...

After swimming, we went to Exquisine for dinner. Also went to eat fried ice-cream at a nearby cafe.

The girls!

Sam acting cool~

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Hottest Guy in KTT

Here you go! The hottest guy in KTT in my apartment!

Hahahaha!!! Cool eh?

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Showdown of Champions KL

2 weeks ago, 2 of my sisters and I went to watch Federer at the Showdown of Champions! It was an awesome experience. I couldn't believe that one day I will have to chance to watch Federer play live.

The night before the showdown, we heard that Federer was going to have an autogprah session with fans. So, we decided to go for that too! We prepared the things to bring: cards, tennis ball, cap etc.
On the big day itself, we woke up early in the morning and took a cab down to KLCC. After we arrived, we quickly went to find the venue and queue up. After almost 2 hours of waiting, we finally meet Federer! It didn't take a very long time for us to get his autograph. It was super-exciting!

Lynna and I waiting for Fed!


He signed my Wimbledon tennis ball, Swiss flag!!! Got a small poster too:)

After the session, we went to have lunch and went back to ErJie's apartment. After taking a short nap, we got ready again and walked to Putra Stadium. We arrived there quite early too so, we had to wait again. After almost 1 hour+ of waiting, they finally opened the gates and we quickly rushed in to find our seats. Our seats were quite front so, it's just nice for us to sit there. Btw, the players were warming up already when we came in.

McEnroe and Borg getting ready to warm up

Federer warming up too!

Me and Blake! You can also notice that the focus is on him, not me :)

The show started at around 7pm++. There were 3 matches: 2 singles and 1 doubles. John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg played first followed by Federer and James Blake. After the singles, the USA team (Blake and McEnroe) played agaisnt the European team (Federer and Borg). It was wonderful and awesome to watch them play live. Incredible experience!

Love this pic! (Suraya loves looking at his butt..)

One of my favorite pictures! It's a lil' blur but I still like it..

One of the very dramatic moments.. Haha!

4 of them after the doubles

Really thank God for this wonderful epxerience. Btw, did I mention I was on national TV as well? Haha! My parents, cousins and friends saw us on TV. *Embarrassed* And now almost everyone knows I did not open my mouth to sing 'Negaraku'. Bluek :)

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2. Don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair... just take a picture.
3. Post that picture with NO editing.
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I tag Sherp, Ah Ning, Lynna, Lynnx01 and Joaquina!


I just randomly found this picture in one of my files.

I remember entertaining my friend who was stressed up because of exams. I photoshop-ed one of her pictures and yes, she was really satisfied.


I really envy my best friend, Chelle, who recently told me that she's going to Macau with her family for holidays! :( I want to go too...

Btw, that's not really my point. Speaking of Macau, the place itself really reminds me of casinos! I heard there are loads of casinos there. It's like an Asian version of Las Vegas. It's the place where people love to go because of the casinos. But, worried not my casino-lovers as you can always drop by this really cool online casino.

Speaking of casinos, one of the most interesting games, for me, would be: blackjack. Not that I know a lot about it but, I do know has multi-hand blackjack, where players can play up to 4 hands in a single round. As many blackjack players know, multi-hand blackjack is a faster, more exciting and more challenging way to play this popular game. It's really a cool game but, I haven't really learned how to play it yet. I'm a very slow and blurr learner ok? Haha!

The best thing about it is that there are tips and strategies for those who want to learn. Find them all in the online magazine by

Friday, November 28, 2008

Hello Holidays!

Finals are just over! After weeks of studying, I finally get to relax and enjoy. Before the exams, we had a CF farewell party for the seniors. Really great to know them and I really wish the best for them.

Me studying late at night

One BIG family of CF!

I had my last papers on Thursday and right after that, my friends and I went out to Seremban. We went to watch Twilight which was super exciting and had a great dinner. It was really fun to hang out with my college friends. We were so busy shopping that we had to go back late at around 8.30pm! But, thank God we found some taxis that were willing to send us to the train station. After we got back, we had a slumber party and stayed up till 3am.

On the way to train station!

Yasmin, the Birthday Girl!

Ah Xia, Ziqah, Me and Suraya!

Us having breakfast at cafe on the next morning

Yesterday, Michelle and I were on the same flight! I haven't met her since a 1 month + ago. Really miss that girl. There was so much to catch up with that we kept talking the whole way. Not forgetting, she's a big fan of Harvest Moon. She was playing it on the laptop the whole flight! As for me, I just watched a few videos just to keep myself entertained. Btw, I'm currently playing Animal Crossing now. Love that game! ;)

We even bought each other an AirAsia X'mas keychain. The keychain is really nice and we really wanted it but, it's a lil' expensive. So, we decided to buy for each other so, it wouldn't sound as if we bought it for ourselves. Haha!

And now, I'm back home here enjoying myself! It really feels good to be home and I'm gonna enjoy it to the fullest!

P/s: Btw, I've been wondering what is 5.11 Tactical Jacket and now, I finally know what it is! ;)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Finals Coming Up Soon!

Finals coming up soon! Really sorry coz' I wouldn't be able to blog for these few days till next week. Please remember me in your prayers as I'm having my finals next week. It's going to be really stressful but, I have faith in Him.
Btw, just got back from ErJie's place. Went to watch the Showdown of Champions on Tuesday and it was awesome! Going to blog about it after my exams so, stay tune!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Miss No Good

I've been watching this really funny drama: Miss No Good by Rainie Yang and Wilber Pan.

When Lynna downloaded the first episode, I was thinking, "What a lame drama!". Then, after recommended by my sister's housemate, Sing Ean, I decided to give it a try. The lame drama actually turned out to be super nice and funny! I enjoyed a lot when I watched it. Rainie Yang did a very good job on her 'weird' role. Besides, it's Wilber Pan's first time acting and I must really admit that he had done a really good job! Although he had loads of NGs, I think he really performed well.

So, what are you all waiting for? Huhu!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

GaGa Garden

I saw the GaGa Garden (a newly opened restaurant at Bukit Jalil) flyer in ErJie's room and suggested to go and try out the food there. So, after jogging, we walked to the destination. It's located at the National Stadium (Bukit Jalil) Car Park F. GaGa Garden serves all kinds of food: Western, Asian and other cuisines like Portugese grill fish.

One of the decorations at GaGa Garden...

We went there quite early for dinner so, the place wasn't packed with hungry people yet. ErJie ordered her favourite TomYam while I went for its special Fish Chop. Besides, I also ordered my favourite onion rings!

My super fav onion rings!

My special fish chop :)

ErJie with her TomYam!

The food was not bad at all especially the onion rings! Yum~ Overall, the place is quite nice with all the lightings. And... They even have a big LCD screen to project some special shows like a football match.

I'm lovin' it...

Btw, they are serving lunch starting Nov 3 too. One of the food they will serve for lunch is steamed fish. That's exactly what the boss told us about. So, don't hesistate to give GaGa Garden a try!