Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hammer the Spammer

Hammer the Spammer is here to stalk Lynthia's blog.

The topic of the day has to do with health and weight management.

With the increasing problems in nutrition, more and more urban and more 'developed' regions are battling with over nutrition, and no longer malnutrition as before. Over nutrition is now the number one problem in many developed and developing countries. It is estimated that about 20% of school-goers are obese.

While one may argue that people come in different sizes and shapes, being overweight is often seen as 'greedy person' or being labeled as 'lazy'. Is it really true that one must accept that very fact that he or she is fat?

No, it is wrong!

For one, I (the Hammer, not Lynthia, obviously) think that excuses should not be made for one being overweight. At a young and tender age, one should be in almost complete control of his or her own weight. Of course, there are certain exceptions if it has to do with hormone problems. Yes, genetics play a role in obesity, I do not deny. However, you should all the more work even harder to lose the weight.

Look back to half a decade ago, or perhaps just a quarter of century ago. I do not remember during our parents' days, anyone has this obesity or overweight problem. Yet most of our parents, as they age, they tend to gain weight. If I were 60 kg today at 20 years old, I cannot imagine how heavy I would be in 20 years' time!

I. Hammer then Spammer blogging here is fully aware of the health complications of overweight children. Diabetes, for one thing!! It is no longer an 'old person's disease'. Nowadays, more and more adoslescents are getting it, thanks to over nutrition.

Over nutrition? 

Go exercise!

Run while your knees can bear the weight. Go swimming, pick up a sport.

The most important thing is - be determined!

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