Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hammer giving talk about handling

Hi, Hammer the Spammer is here with loads of Christmas and New Year wishes to all you readers out there.
Since I, Hammer the Spammer, has been away for quite some time on this pink blog, I am back here once again to give you guys some words of wisdom in time gloomy time of global economy recession. I am sure you would have at least read about the current economy crisis going around the region. Headlines are everywhere talking about possible losses of mega corporations and big businesses.
I believe that in this time where everything just seems unstable, we must keep in mind about something. We should learn to manage our finances well. Do not simply spend. Overspending only means debts piling up waiting to literally ‘chop off’ your head.
Well, do not point fingers and yell, “No, it would never happen to me!”
The truth is, debt knows no skin colour or financial status. If it can happen to a businessman, it can also happen to an average Joe or an average Jane like you and I. Debts come in many forms. It may be just as simple as the debt you owe over your credit card bill. Do not underestimate debt. It causes you plenty of headache and trust me, you might even lose precious sleep when debts overwhelm you.
Always keep in mind – you do not need to spend the money you do not have to impress the people you do not like. Avoid Bankruptcy today.


jazz said...

Haha, lesson learnt.

lynnx01 said...

Hahahahaha.. words of wisdom from Hammer.