Monday, December 08, 2008

Out with Friends

Last Friday, I went swimming with Joa, Chelle and Mandy at GCM while Jan and Sam went to play tennis. Vivian came to chit chat too! Since we're going swiming, I brought the Olympus MJU850SW there to snap some under water pictures. Btw, we didn't really swim much because we kept taking pictures, talking and playing around. It was really fun chatting with my friends just like old times...

Alright! Here are some pictures we took:

Chelle, Joa, Me and Mandy :)

Me with the Lims!

Chelle, Me and Joa

Viv, Jan, Me, Joa, Mandy and Chelle in the shower place...

After swimming, we went to Exquisine for dinner. Also went to eat fried ice-cream at a nearby cafe.

The girls!

Sam acting cool~


lynnx01 said...

Ish. tennis.

Sherp said...

eeeee!!! so coooool!
the photos underwater are really nice!!

jazz said...

So fun hoh swimming..
i knew i see your fren, sam in CMSA.

LingDi said...

Haha.. I didn't know it will turn out that nice actually.. The quality is better than the pictures we take outside water..

;) Quite fun le.. Haha! Now you recognize him? Btw, he say he still don know which one is you..