Tuesday, November 28, 2006

In Hasami, Nagasaki

Hey guys! I`m now in Japan, Nagasaki, Hasami. I am staying with my host family. They are very nice and kind to me. I am using their PC. Being away from home alone really make me feel that I would nvr want to be away from home. I really miss my family, dogs and house.
It makes me feel so insecure and scared sometimes. But, I know that God will be with me. I feel so sinful for sometimes feeling scared because I know that God will protect me. But, I believe that God will protect me, accompany me and make me feel good and not scared.
Lord, forgive me! I believe in you! I have faith in you that you will help me no matter what.
Back to my report, my host`s family house is really nice! It`s like the traditional Japanese house where you have the small and steep stairs. I love using the toilet! It`s very comfortable and nice. I have a room there. The bed is very comfortable and soft. The food is very nice. I had Udon Mee and Miso soup! Oishi! I also had a lot of tea. The family`s dog is called taohu. Very fierce but, cute. He is like a small sausage dog who lives inside the house. The dog is soooo cute that whenever we have our meal, he will go near us and asked for food. He is just like Scooby as he loves to sleep upright. Very cute but, Scooby is the cutest! Haha2x. I think that‘s all. Better stop now! Bye! Will update later!

Thursday, November 09, 2006


You all must be wondering why am I 'ishk'ing right? I'm 'ishk'ing because of the lack of responsibilities of the ppl nowadays. What I am talking abt here is the responsibilities of a citizen and the responsibilities ppl are holding as an employee of a company.
Last Tuesday, ard 7.00pm, a sudden, a pipe near my house broke and the water was shooting up with high pressure as high as the light pole.

Wasn't that clear but, it was obvious that the water was shooting up!

Shocked but, I was eager to know how would happen when the 'DO' Company ppl come and fix the pipe. Excitedly, I quickly took a few pics of the water with our DigiCam. Daddy as well, started calling the 'DO' Company emergency number. However, in frustrations, he couldn't reach them. No one was answering the phone! Not only that, he called for almost the whole night and even called back to his offcie to getsomeone to call but still, no one picked up. Hello??? It was supposed to be an EMERGENCY NUMBER!!! It means that there must be at least some ppl there to stand by in case there is any EMERGENCY!!! Where got any company especially the 'DO' Company don't have ppl to stand by for EMERGENCY?? What if there is anything EMERGENCY, what are we going to do? Who are we going to find? How are we going to solve it? Don't tell me to look for the 'DON'T' Company. Btw, there is no such thing as the 'DON'T' Company. As it was getting late at night, I was getting really disappointed and angry because there was no one answering Daddy's call and no one trying to solve the problem. What even made me angry was when a 'JinaChk' car just drove pass my house without even stopping by and check what happened or at least help to call for help. But, NO! They didn't even do so. Frustrated and angry, I went to sleep hoping the 'DO' Company will send ppl here to fix the pipe.
Next morning, ...
The water is still shooting up!!! What the heck??!! Still shooting up meaning a lot of water has been wasted!

WHAT THE??!! The water is still shooting high up with high pressure. Nobody came and fix it. And, Mummy told me that Daddy tried to call but no one answered. Ishk... Do you know how much water is wasted just because of the 'DO' Company's irresponsible attitude and also the 'JinChak' too.
Imagine what would happen if there is a bigger problem with your irresponsible attitude. What will happen to our lil' city? What will happen to our country? What will happen to our world? Sorry, but that's what I think. Please larr... Think using your brain! If you want to have an EMERGENCY NUMBER, pls have ppl there to stand by otherwise, what is the use of having it? Wasting ppl's time and telephone bil.
Ishk... You all could feel how angry and disappointed I am because of this. So, next time, if any of you all get the chance to work in the 'DO' Company or be a 'JinChak', do your best to change the weaknesses and don't let any of these happen anymore. More problems will occur if it is not corrected. So, we must do our best to prevent this! Ganbatte!!!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Life changed...

Lately this few days, I had been typing, printing, cutting, laminating, hammering in school the whole time!!! It means, I had been skipping almost all my class recently. Not only that, I even had to stay back for backdrop and stay up late at night to finish up some prefects' stuff and some homework. You guys all should know that being a Head Girl of a school is very difficult but somehow, I do find joy in being one.
Being the Head Girl of my school for abt 4 months really taught me a lot. I still remember the first time when I was announced as the Head Girl on the first day I became my sch's emcee. I was quite surprised indeed but not THAT SUPRISED when our PKHEM announced it. In my mind that time was what am I going to do next?? I still remember ppl shaking my hands congratulating me. I had some sort of a brain freeze. Actually, I kind of knew what was going on because my sch's pricipal accidentally told me abt it. But, when he knew I didn't know, he quickly covered it up.
For the first week of my new indentity, I felt that my whole personality has changed from a jovial and crazy lil' girl to a lonely but, trying to keep her old self back. Everything changed! Not only in sch but at home too! My mum became so strict at me. Whatever I do like, I want to go out, she would say no. What she explained to me was since I am the Head Girl, I must also keep balance of my studies too. I must study hard and get good result to prove to ppl that I can balance both my acdemics and also my co-curricular acts. I was really stressed up and wanting to give up.
Nextly, my sch life also changed. My friendship with my best friends got further and further. I was feeling so lonely and sad. Besides, the teachers are getting quite fed up with me because I had to skip their classes. Sometimes, my closest friend even confess to me that I have changed. I became more bossy. I was so hurt hearing what she said. I was so sad and mad of myself. I didn't want myself to changed. I tried to apologised to her and told her to remind me that if I had ever changed again.
Even my blogging life also changed. I used to online almost everyday or at least once a week. But, ever since that, I could hardly have time to go online. I could hardly find the time to blog. I felt so left out and so lonely.
I had a lot of fun too after since that. I learnt to know more friends and got to get to know them more. Especially Effa, Norazalia, Syaza, Sukinah, Jack, Arman and more!!! I nvr figured that I could know so many cool and great friends. They are so honest and cool to hang out with. Besides, I also had fun doing backdrops, doing duty and so on.
I also learnt to interact more with the teachers. Though I could understand how a teacher would feel because Mummy is a teacher and I used to grow up in a staff room, I could actually know what the teacher wants, thinks and feels.
I also learnt to organised things well and do things more in a serious manner. I learnt to try to get things done on time and get things managed well. It's a priceless lesson.
Well, things aren't as bad as I thought it would be. I knowGod has a great plan ahead for me. He will always be there for me, guide me and protect me. I know that with Him, all things are POSSIBLE!!!

'I can do all things in Him, who strengthen me' Phillipians 4:13