Saturday, October 10, 2009

Last Semester Here…

Time passed so fast that I didn’t realise that it’s my final semester here in college! And in just 2 weeks time, I will be sitting for my A2 examination. There’s so much to study and revise but, so little time!

My Physics syllabus is not done yet and the extra classes are making me so distracted that I can’t concentrate on my revision. Please, please pray for me. I really want to do well in this examination.

I got to stop going online this frequently and start to focus on my revisions. I’m sorry but, I’ll have to go missing soon! I’ll be MIA for about 1 month until November.

If possible, I’ll try get Hammer the Spammer to update this blog for me. Or maybe Wacker the Hacker? Lol!

Please, do remember me in your prayers. I really don’t want to regret this nor the UPSR event to happen again. Please pray for me for guidance, understanding, discipline and concentration as I sit for examination.

“I can do all things in Him who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

P/s: Seems like the girls here in college are all on diet. Why? Graduation is in just a month time and everyone wants to look good and fit into pretty dresses! That includes me. That’s why I’d been doing aerobics and a lil’ toning exercises with Jun Mei. Maybe will start joging (after so many months!) next week. =)

Saturday, October 03, 2009

ATP World Tour – Proton Malaysian Open

This is something that I’m really happy and excited about: Malaysian Open! Again, a BIG THANK YOU to HCFoo for the free tickets.

Since I got 2 free tickets for the quarterfinals, I asked Chai Lian to come along with me. I actually asked Christine but, she couldn’t make it. =( So, both Chai Lian and I left college around 3pm to the KTM station. Then, we changed to LRT at Bdr Tasik Selatan to Bukit Jalil station. It’s actually the same old way I used to Er Jie’s place last time. I miss going to her Vista Komanwel!

Me with the singles’ main draw board!

We reached the stadium around 4pm++ and was in time to meet up with HCFoo to collect the tickets. At that time, the match between Davydenko and Monfils had just ended and there was an autograph session going on. So, we quickly went to the Wilson booth to purchase some souvenirs and queue up. But, we didn’t make it. =(

Chai Lian and me before the match =)

But, we managed to find the VIP and Players’ lounge and we decided to just wait there for any players to come out. It was so silly but, since we had nothing to do, we just waited there and chit-chatted with the security person. After waiting for sometime, we decided to just leave for the match between Gonzalez and Youzhny.

Me with Gonzalez behind!

The match was nice but, I think it' was a little bit boring. Gonzalez played well but, there weren’t many rallies between both of them and also not many strong shots. But, maybe because we knew Gonzalez would win, that’s why.

One of his cool acts…

I almost half the match to come out to wait for autographs. Thanks to the wrong information given by the security person, there was no autograph sessions at all. I was kind of disappointed but, I soon realised my main purpose there was to watch good tennis. So, it’s didn’t really matter after all.

2 happy girls watching tennis!

At 8pm, we went to watch Verdasco’s match against Gasquet! I like both of them but, I was rooting for Verdasco. The match was very exciting and fun! Verdasco was behind 0-3 for the first set and we were all so nervous. Then, he broke Gasquet’s serve and slowly won the first set. The last game of the set was very interesting coz’ he kept getting advantage and deuce repetitiously.

Verdasco & Gasquet!

  My favourite pic of the day! With Verdasco behind…

Verdasco serving…

We had to leave early because I promised Mummy that I will go back early. So, we left when they were in the middle of the second set. Before walking out to the taxi, we quickly snapped some photos with the posters. I want the posters!!!

Me want Verdasco’s gigantic poster! Me want…

No doubt this is one of the highlights of this year. It’s kind of addictive coz’ once you had watched it live, you would want to watch again just like me. After Showdown of Champions KL last year, I loved it so much that I wanted to watch tennis live again. So, what’s next? I heard there’s going to be a WTA next year. Here I come!

Lifetime Opportunity

I had been very lucky lately. Actually, I won’t say lucky but, blessed. I seldom win contests especially the online contests where the most creative answers will win. Sometimes, I wouldn’t even bother to join because I know I won’t win at all.

But, there was once when I was reading some blogs and I came across Timothy Tiah’s blog. The post was about David Tao coming to Malaysia for the T Music Festival and he has some tickets to giveaway. He would give those tickets to 10 people who has the best idea of what they will do when they meet their favourite artists. So, I decided to give it a try.

My answer is very, very long so, I’ll just summarise it here. I listed some of the things that I would do if I meet the artists like asking David Tao to teach me guitar, ask the artists to post on my blog and sing a birthday song for me since my birthday was around that time. And for the first time, I won! I was so hyper-excited about it. But, I had to give up the tickets. Well, not really coz’ I sold it to my friends at a very cheap price. I just had to earn some pocket money for my holidays. I kind of regretted for not going because the seats were good and it’s a very big concert!


Me, after collecting the tickets from NuffNang office =)

But, God is so good to me that He planned another awesome thing for me! Something even better than the concert. Something that I really wanted to go to. It’s the ATP Malaysian Open!!! This time, I got the tickets free courtesy of Big THANK YOU to HCFoo!

It’s just so amazing because I was the last person to make the cut so, this means that the next person, who is Ah Wei, didn’t get the chance to go watch live. I know this may not appeal much to most people but, this was something that I wanted to go to for a long time. I even wanted to buy the tickets long ago but, Mummy didn’t allow me. But, somehow, I managed to get the tickets for free!

Me (wearing the ATP Msian Open Wilson cap) with Verdasco behind! I’m so happy~ Btw, I didn’t realise I wore the same tee in both pics! Opps.. Hehe!

Truly, it’s a lifetime opportunity because I won’t be in the country for next year’s Malaysian Open. Although I had to give up the chance to watch T Music Festival, I think going to ATP Malaysian Open was much worth it to me because I really like tennis. Who knows, if I had went to the concert, Mummy wouldn’t even allow me to go for this right?

Coming up soon, I will post about the ATP Malaysian Open! Btw, I just came back few hours ago and I had loads of fun. So, stay tune!  

Friday, October 02, 2009


Please don’t mind my spelling. I’m just imitating DaJie’s spelling for the word ‘weird’. Haha!

Speaking of weird, my housemates think that I’m weird. Sometimes, especially when I’m hyperactive. But, if I’m weird, then they should really see my sisters!

Seriously, we can be very, very weird all the time. One moment scolding each other and suddenly, we ended up laughing like crazy. Of course this doesn’t happen all the time. We’re weird in various ways. And because we are weird, that’s how we are very close to each other.

This is making me miss home… I miss DaJie’s wierd theories, I miss ErJie who is now in London and I miss Lynna’s weird temper. And most importantly, I miss Daddy and Mummy!


And not forgetting, these two…


Thursday, October 01, 2009


Don’t get me wrong! I’m just trying to portray an exhausted feeling. Yes! I’m kind of exhausted of this hectic student’s life. It’s not that I don’t like studying but, sometimes, I feel tired and I just want a break. 1 month ++ to go, Lynthia. 1 month ++! 

So many things yet so little time left. Still got a lot of things for me to swallow before exams. No matter how difficult it is, I must have faith. Just like what DaJie told me: Commit your studying time to God and trust in His guidance.



I can do all things in Him who strengthens me

Philippians 4:13