Sunday, September 28, 2008

KTT Mooncake Festival

It's been a long time since the last time I walked around the residential area carrying a lantern. I really miss those good old time. So, during the Mooncake Festival, the KTT's student council organised an Mooncake activity.

We carried lanterns uphill. It was quite boring when we walked up the hill because it was such a long way and we didn't really do anything. But, when we reached the top, people started to take loads of pictures. Some even played with the mini fireworks. While taking pictures with Felicia, I accidentally burned my lantern! :( But, I didn't really mind because it was quite 'ma fan' to carry the lantern around sometimes. Btw, we even had yummylicious mooncakes!

My lantern!

Mini fireworks...

Some of us crazing around...

ALL 9!!!

Joanna and me :)

Us girls at the gate after reaching college

After taking loads of pictures, we started to walk down the hill. While walking down, the girls started to sing songs which I really enjoyed. Honestly, I really had a great Mooncake Festival this year. Really looking forward for next year!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Blogging at KTT Library!

Hey guys! I'm currently blogging at my college's library. Well, it is a special thing for me to do as I seldom step my foot into the library to study or to go online. The only reason for me to go to library was to buy van tickets but, now I'm trying to make full use of the facillities here. I'm actually supposed to do revisions but, here I am, blogging! ;)

Studies here are quite OK. I'm just really praying for more experienced lecturers here

Btw, we're having a special dedication service for CF tonight. There'll be a lot of interesting programmes: games, sketch and sharing. I really everything will go well tonight. May God bless our special CF service tonight.

Alright! I better get studying now!

P/s: I'm coming home for Raya holidays!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Turning 18

I'm officially 18! Well, not that I'm super excited about it but, it's really a very special age to me. It's a very significant age. It's the age where everybody starts to mature and learns to make important decisions in life. This means it's time for me to grow up!

This is my very first time celebrating my birthday away from home. I did feel a little bit homesick, not being able to celebrate my birthday with my family back home. But, it was quite fun celebrating my 18th birthday here. My college friends brought me out to eat at KFC, Giant on 2nd Sept and surprised me with a birthday cake. It was really sweet of them to do that. Well, I kind of ruined their surprises for me coz' when Jun Mei and Suraya wanted to enter KFC with the cake, I turned around and saw them. But, I was really touched. At 12 midnight, 3rd Sept, they sent me birthday messages and gave me a really cute bag. My class, ALL9, gave me a card which I really love! Kok made it and she is incredible in making cards. My friends sang me a birthday song during CF at night too. Not forgetting, Mandy, who specially sent a birthday parcel all over from Oz.

Me with Yasmin, Suraya and Jun Mei! (Joanna, the photographer)

Me with my birthday cake ;)

It was indeed one of the great birthdays I had. A really BIG THANK YOU to everybody for the birthday wishes and presents. May God bless all of you!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Long, Nice Weekend

I just had a long, nice weekend here alone in KTT. It was a Merdeka Sunday, so Monday was off as a public holiday. So, on Friday, I went to J.W. Marriott, Putrajaya for a dinner organised by the SUPP for all the Sarawakian scholars. The dinner was terrfic! We had sharkfin soup, cold&hot dish, promfret and all other nice, luxurious food. Besides the food, I met my StCo friends: Ming Chai, Jonathan, Madonna and Qi Ying. I really had fun talking with them. Besides, I got to know Ming Chai's friends in KBU who one of them happened to be my ex-primary school classmate in Kuching! The world is indeed small.

On Saturday, I went out with my KTT friends to the nearest Giant to buy some groceries. After that, I met up with Madonna and Athirah. It has been a long time since I meet Athirah. So, I joined them for lunch at McD. Her parents sent me back to college after that. As for dinner, I went to Sue Ting's place. She cooked pasta and it tasted really good!

On the next day, I went to Midvalley to meet up with Michelle, Ming Chai, Kok How and Ieqa. I met up with Ieqa at Nilai before we head to Midvalley. Thank God the train wasn't that packed. We didn't really do much in Midvalley. We just walked around and I bought a new bed sheet. Ming Chai and Kok How bought 3 slices of Secret Recipes cakes for me as an early Birthday gift. How sweet of them! We had lunch at a sushi restaurant at Gardens. After lunch, we walked a little bit more before heading back to Nilai.

So, today (Monday), is more of a quiet and peaceful day for me. I woke up early and re-arranged my wardrobe. Then, did some revision on Chemistry before preparing lunch with Agnes. We had homemade sandwiches which were really tasty.

These are practically what I did during this long weekend. It's quite enjoying though. Btw, can't wait for the day I turn 18! (I'm more excited for that day rather than me turning 18:) Haha!)

So, that's all for my post. Take care everyone! God bless...