Sunday, September 28, 2008

KTT Mooncake Festival

It's been a long time since the last time I walked around the residential area carrying a lantern. I really miss those good old time. So, during the Mooncake Festival, the KTT's student council organised an Mooncake activity.

We carried lanterns uphill. It was quite boring when we walked up the hill because it was such a long way and we didn't really do anything. But, when we reached the top, people started to take loads of pictures. Some even played with the mini fireworks. While taking pictures with Felicia, I accidentally burned my lantern! :( But, I didn't really mind because it was quite 'ma fan' to carry the lantern around sometimes. Btw, we even had yummylicious mooncakes!

My lantern!

Mini fireworks...

Some of us crazing around...

ALL 9!!!

Joanna and me :)

Us girls at the gate after reaching college

After taking loads of pictures, we started to walk down the hill. While walking down, the girls started to sing songs which I really enjoyed. Honestly, I really had a great Mooncake Festival this year. Really looking forward for next year!

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Sherp said...

so many lanterns!! yea, the good old times when we were younger we'd carry lantern to walk around eh? bt i dont remember if i hav ever been with u guys.