Thursday, April 30, 2009

What I'm doing...

Wake up, class, study, eat, talk, study again and sleep. That's practically what I always do nowadays as AS exams is around the corner.

Well, I just want to update this blog once a while to keep all of you updated. Recently, I was sick. But, I'm feeling much better. And now, I just really want to concentrate more on my revisions. Really hope I can finish them in time.

Another thing... I didn't know there was such thing as swine flu when my room mate mentioned about it. So, on the next day, I went to the library to read the news about it. Again... Another epidemic! So, we must really take care of ourselves well.

Recently, a friend in college of mind is diagnosed with a malignant tumour. I'm not very close to him but, he had told me about it before. Thinking of this right now, it really reminds me of how fragile a life could be. Anything could just happen at anytime. But, no matter what, we should appreciate life and live life to the fullest without regrets. God is in control of everything. Btw, he had the tumour removed last Monday and now is recovering. Please pray for him for a speedy recovery as he will have to sit for the AS exams in less than 2 weeks time.

Speaking of anything could just happen at anytime... I heard that one of my seniors got a +ve result for HepB and he couldn't continue his course and fly to India. What a sudden news! What if this suddenly happen to us? All of our dreams to be a doctor/dentist will no longer be true to us. We won't be able to even do or study something we want. Life is just so unfair sometimes. *Gosh.. I can hear someone talking loudly even I'm having my earphones on* But, I believe no matter what happens, it's all part of God's plan. Like what I had just read from a forwarded email from DaJie:
It is easy to get discouraged when things are going bad.
But we shouldn't lose heart, because God is at work in our lives,
even in the midst of pain and suffering.
For all the negative things we have to say to ourselves,
God has a positive answer.
Always have faith! Whenever a door closes in your life, God will open another door for you. Definitely a better door. =)

P/s: I tried song leading in praise and worship last night in CF! I so nervous but, I'm really happy I tried. Now, I won't be scared to do it anymore.. But, I got to practise singing so I won't go out of tune.. Haha! And I would really love to play guitar again for praise and worship.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Back in College again...

Yes, yes... I'm back in college again. =( And yes, I don't sound excited.

Back to college means away from family, away from holidays, away from comfortable home and back to the stressful life of a student. And not forgetting the most important thing, back to college this time means AS Level Examination. Help~

OK.. Let's talk about my Pre-AS. I got most of my results back. I did quite bad in Chem but, I kind of expected it because I did loads of careless mistakes in Paper 1. And I felt so terrible about it. But, I know I shouldn't keep feeling the same way and I must learn from my mistakes. I will not repeat my mistakes in the real AS. Physics was just average. I didn't do well in my Paper 2. Again, I realised I did quite bad at the questions involving graph. So, gonna work on that. I got an A for Maths! I'm really happy about that and I'm going to keep it going that way. And as for Bio, my lecturer haven't given me all the papers yet but, I hope it'll be good.

AS is around the corner! In just about 3 weeks time, I'll be sitting for my 1st paper. AS will last for a bout 1 month. And I can't wait to finish it! But, at the meantime... I really need to do revisions. Please pray for me so I can be disciplined and concentrate on my revisions. I don't want to disappoint my parents.

Alright. I guess I better stop writing now. I have been on the computer for almost an hour! Better stop and get back to Maths. Btw, I'm having sore throat but, now recovering. Hopefully can recover ASAP. Everybody is falling sick lately.. So, better build up strong a body immunisation! =)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Back to School

I went out to meet my two besties, Chelle and Joa last Wednesday. I haven't seen them for quite a long time and really missed hanging out with them. We met at Suncity for breakfast. I ordered something I seldom order which was laksa! Yummy~


As usual, we chit-chatted until around 9.30am and walked to our most beloved secondary school, St. Co! I kind of miss St. Co after graduation. Maybe because the life in secondary school is simpler and less stressful. But, I definitely miss the friends and teachers there.

Block E of St. Co

We were there during the school's recess time. Our very own 'koperasi' changed a lot! Nasi Kismis and Meee Jawa are no longer in polysterene containers and there are other kind of food which we did not have last time. Too bad I already had my breakfast otherwise, I would buy one to eat!

Nasi Kismis.. The 'koperasi' food that I would always buy last time..

Besides the food, we met quite a lot of ppl there. We got to meet some of our teachers; Miss Vic, Mdm Tan ML, Mdm Loh MH, Mdm Tan LC, Mr Tan, Mdm Magdelene and Mdm Susie. We're so fortunate that the new principal wasn't in because otherwise, we wouldn't be free to walk around the office. Lol~

Our ex-EST teacher, Mdm Magdelene!

We met Joyce too. She is looking good as usual as the Head Prefect of the school. This cute girl is really interesting! The first thing she did when she saw us was to complain about 'She'. Haha! You know who if you know. Lol! We didn't do much talking but took some pictures. After a while, Ho came. We went to McD for lunch after chit-chatting with the teachers.

Chelle and Joyce..

Me and Joyce!

Best Friends Forever!

Before McD, we went to Toys R Us to walk around. Love the toys there! At 12pm sharp, we went to McD. McD moment was fun. Loads of talking and gossips! Really miss my old friends ler.. ;) I really hope we can all meet and spend time together coz' it's really hard to gather everybody when some is in UK, Aussie and soon India. Lol!

Cinta tiga segi...

Ring, Necklace & Bracelet!

Hammering again

Hi there, it is Hammer the Spammer here to intrude in this very pink blog.

Today, I want to bring across the issue of dressing. Do you like dresses? How about a piece fancy dress? Well, if you are a girl and opts for dresses instead of top and bottom, I would say you are an easy-going, fuss free person. Sometimes, don't you think it is tiring to find matching top and bottom for an outing? How much easier it is if you just don a piece of dress to go out with. Accessorise it with a necklace,clincher or a nice bag and you're off to show to the world what you're made of. Of course, do not forget those shoes.

Well, Hammer is quite a fat Hammer now. Hammer needs to lose some substantial amount of fats before she starts putting on nice dresses.

See you all soon! 

Thursday, April 16, 2009

See You There!

I'm super nervous for tomorrow. I'm super worried about tomorrow's job. Why? Because this is my first time doing sales and honestly, I'm not a sales material. =(

But, no matter what, I will do my best. I'll take this as a new experience and learn from it. Please do pray for me tomorrow.

Btw, just want to give some infos here. I'm in the Toshiba team where I'll be selling Toshiba laptops. So, do look out for me tomorrow at the red Toshiba booth. There'll be stocks there so, you can Cash&Carry. Besides, we do have the Easy Payment plan where credit card owners can split the money into 12 fractions and pay each month with 0% of interest. This applies to all the banks (Ambank, EON, OCBC, HSBC, RHB, MBB & PBB) except Standard Chartered which imposes some procession fees. (Note that so far, only we have Easy Payment plan for credit cards by HSBC) Cool eh? Lol~

Toshiba had earned the BCN No.1 ranking every year in unit sales of Notebook PCs for the Japanese Market for the past 3 years. Toshiba offers quite a lot of good laptops in the market now. For students, I will definitely recommend Toshiba Satellite L310-S416 which has a Genuine Windows Vista Home Basic Edition installed, 4GB RAM (after free upgrade of 2GB) and best of all, 320GB of HDD. Even my current laptop doesn't have that! If I don't have a laptop now, I will definitely opt for this. Besides this, we also have Satellite M300, the ultra-portable Portege A600 and Protege M800 which is in my favourite colour, pink! There are also other good laptop models there. To know more, do take a look at these.

Satellite L310-S416

Portege M800

So, what are you all waiting for? See you there at the PC Fair, Miri Indoor Stadium (17th - 19th April)!!!

Btw, will I get my commission for promoting for the company here? Hmph...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Me love Woody!

Ever since moving to our new house (not very new but, it's our current house), my sensitivity towards home furniture has increased. Not forgetting those days where my family and I spent quite a lot of our time hunting for new furniture.

I guess it was from there that I realised my interest in woody furniture. Woody furniture in my context means the real wood. Not the ones we usually see which I always call 'sa ka pang'. Haha! Those look quite fake when compared to the real wood.

Btw, check this rustic furniture out! They have really nice woody furniture. The pictures make me feel like buying all of them! Haha! Btw, this is my favourite piece:

Walnut 3 Drawer Corner Desk

Oh man.. Looking at this table reminds me that I will have to start revising for my AS which is in a month time! Aiks! Pre-AS was OK for me though I screwed up in some papers. But, I will learn from my mistakes and shall not repeat them! Please remember me in your prayers. Tnx!

I guess that's all for now. Btw, remember to look for me this Friday at Miri Indoor Stadium! ;)

God bless~

Friday, April 10, 2009


Hey guys! Pre-AS is over and I'm now back in Miri. It was a last minute decision to fly back but, I'm really thankful that almost all my classes are canceled next week so, we earned ourselves a 1-week holiday!

Now, I'm lazing around at home, playing Rubik's cube, watching TV and going online. Like what ppl always say, "There is no place like home".

Btw, I'll be at the PC Fair this Friday selling Dell and Toshiba laptops. Whoever are interested in laptops, do come to Miri Indoor Stadium and find me! I'll be there on the 1st day of PC Fair (17th April, Friday), 11am-9pm. My sister, Lynn Xuan, will be there on 2nd and 3rd day (Sat & Sun). So, anyone planning to go on any of those days, you are free to find her. Do come and have a look at the laptops! You can further contact me through this blog before the PC Fair if you're interested.

One of my friends described Dell as the sexiest laptop!

Toshiba laptops, anyone?

I'm very excited about it and looking forward to seeing you guys there!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Hammers launches occupational health and safety

Hello there again! This is Hammer the Spammer coming into Lynthia's blog again to promote some awareness and to sprinkle little lessons in life.

I think this is of much relevance to most of us - young, aspiring people like me and you. Some of us are entering the world of professionals. Whether it is healthcare, engineering or politics. Others of us may be into the business world. There are also some of us who may end up in the management area. I always think that readers of this blog would all become very successful people, so no matter what your future career may be in. 

Anyway, into my topic. I want to bring you into the realm of occupational health and safety. This applies to basically everyone. Whether you work in a factory, a laboratory or a farm, you are due to face hazards. Take for example, a factory. In a factory, there would be various machineries which may be hazards. In a laboratory, there may not be so many machines, but the chemicals you deal with become your occupational hazard. So, what about the farms? One may think that working at the farm is just like being in the nature, so you may not come across such occupational hazard. 

You may just be wrong. How about those pesticides you deal with? There are plenty of cases where farm workers accidentally ingest harmful pesticides. So, you get the idea? Every single occupation has its own occupational hazards. Accidents happen everywhere. No one can predict how and when accidents occur. But as an occupational specialist's point of view, you can learn to plan well before all these devastating events come by.

A wise employer should think about various potential Accident Compensation Claims which may come by one of these days. Even if you are not an employer, an employee should also have some knowledge in this field so that they know their rights as an employee. Accidents at your workplace may happen for a reason - they may be a wakeup call to do some changes to your workplace to improve its safety, but there is no excuse that the victim involved in the workplace accident is compromised. While it is a loss for both employer and employee, having a good insurance plan is always the thing to start with.

So, the next time you are in your job, you must bear this in mind. Never get underpaid for overworking. Especially not in the circumstances where you are affected medically or healthwise.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

To the UK!

I believe by now you would have some ideas who Hammer the Spammer really is. I have given enough clues in the past. It is just the matter of piecing them up into a big picture and you find yourself reading a familiar blog post.

Another huge clue I am giving is that Hammer the Spammer is going to the UK soon for her studies. So, it is up to you to figure out who the Hammer really is.

Meanwhile, speaking of the UK itself, I must bring you to an enlightening topic. Most of the time, when people here about the UK, they would envision those famous places, historical buildings and rich traditions. Travel in the United Kingdom is definitely fun and worthwhile. You would find yourself spoilt for choices there. In London itself, you already have those museums to visit. How about palaces? Or those bridges?

Well, if you want to go out of London, there are even more places you can visit and things to do. Yes, like what I have mentioned - you would be spoilt for choice. However, today I would like to point out something in this very 'hammering' post. 

Let me present you a different idea of travel and adventure on the British soil which would give you an adventure of a lifetime and your money worthwhile. Instead of the typical places to visit, why not give some thoughts to the alternative destinations? Those are some of the destinations not many people would consider as tourist destinations, yet they are definitely perfect spots for travel destination. Just give you some examples.. Northumbria, Torquay, Folkstone, Wales.

Take an example.. getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city, I may want to look into vacation in cottages. Fresh air, scenic views... those are things you can find if you plan your vacation at the Northumbria Cottages. I believe you can get good deals and at the same time, spend quality time with your loved ones. It would be a creative way to spend your holidays. A picnic, fishing or just walking on the lush greeneries.

Coping with redundancy

Hi everyone, it is Hammer the Spammer once again! 

Indeed, it has been quite some time since I left my mark here, hasn't it? I was just trying to hold my horses as not to bore everyone here on this very pink web blog which belongs rightfully to Lynthia Wong.

Today, I am here to point out the very redundancy in many people. With that looming economy recession, some people just become jobless and find whatever they do redundant. They can't seem to have that breakthrough whether in financial matters or career advancement.

As a matter of fact, I, Hammer the Spammer is one of them. At the moment, I am just bumming around. Most of the time, I would say aloud my wonderful visions in life, yada yada yada but in the end, no solid action is taken. How hypocritic, I would say. Well, I really should take more action and take charge of my life altogether.

So, of late, I have tried to widen my field. I try to explore the worlds where I never really were interested in. I learn about various business opportunities and even got myself an odd job. If I had more time, I wuold always think of very exciting jobs. Say, Finance Jobs or working online. I like that flexible schedule and freelance sort of commitment. Be creative and daring when it comes to exploring those job or career opportunities. Stretch yourself and get out of that comfort zone. You may find more opportunities waiting out there.

If you have a valid qualification such as a vocational certificate, diploma or a degree, you can always try to maximise that advantage. If all still fails, get online and find those online recruitment companies. They can bring you to many different horizons that you can never even imagine!