Monday, May 30, 2005

Holiday and ntg to do....

Ok, I have ntg to do so.. decided to put some pics from my sis laptop...

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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Lambir Trip... - Don't kill the journalist... (especially during the wars...)

Haha... Just back for the Lambir trip. Tored, exhausted but FUN!!! Incredibly nice... Ok, first, we went to there and went jogging and did some aerobics. Then, we went inside the hall and did played some games. Then, we ate breakfast then started playing guessing games. Then, the AJK's (plus me)went to get water and filled the ballons with water. Later, the best part... Water!!! (skipped some events) After playing stesen games, the players got to get their revenge back on us.. Water ballons, water gun.. all on us but we got to play too.. haha.. I threw pails of water at my friends.. Haha... but I got wet a lot and had to change. Haha.. Then, got singing contest and best couple (the girl become the boy and the boy become the girl) Haha... funny but really admire their efforts. Then, reached home about 4 and took bath and now... almost typing this.
Malaysian Idol is on!!!!

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Exam Semester... OVER!!!

Hey... Ok, Semester Exam is over and will be my last semester exam for this lower form. Gonna miss it!! Haha... Sorry didn't actually post some new stuff coz' my semester exam is really driving 'stressed up'. Plus, I screwed up in my Maths subjective which make me lost my confident in my other papers. But, luckily, mum said that it is ok but make sure that I do will in my other papers. Thank God for answering my prayers and I got a quite good marks for my History papers.
Oh well, after Amazing Race 7, I was quite blank and had nothing to really enjoy watching until I watched another reality show, The CONTENDER!!! It is cool, fun, touching, nice and most of all, it is about boxing reality show!!!
Although the Finale was over but, I just want to say this. I really learnt a lot from this show. Not like other reality shows where ppl always fight against each other, the boxers are kind-hearted, friends and most of all, when the competition begins to be tight, they are even closer. They also join this competition to win the 1 million dollars to help their own family. I just love watching it.
There are some boxers that I like and admire...
1. Peter Manfredo Jr.
He is a great boxer and is in the world rank 3. He boxes well and is friendly. He was actually eliminated at the very first round losing to Alfonso (a great guy) but was voted back again because one of the guys got chicken pox. He is the runner up of the competition.
2. Alfonso Gomez
Oh me gosh... This guy is really good although he has the smallest body. He is determined and has a big heart. He deserves to win the car and be the bronze winner of the competition. He is cute and funny. Haha... He lost to Peter in the semi. plus, he was known as the UNDERDOG.
3. Sergio Mora
Ieqa's favourite.. Haha... He is the CONTENDER after beating Peter in the seven rounds of middel weight boxing. He is cool and most of all he did all of this for his family and wants to buy a house for them. Sweet... Then, he loves writing and was known as the BRAINY. Not weird coz' he is... Congrates!!!
Idols :
Carrie Underwood won the Amaerican Idol 4.
Tonight is the first night for the Malaysian Idol 2!!! On 8tv, 9.30 pm. Must WATCH!!!

I am going to Lambir for a club trip tomorrow.... Hehe...

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Amazing Race 7 FINALE!!!

Ok... This is really serious!! Finale!!! Haha, anyway, I can't wait to watch it but, I really do hope the one that I supported win... Which is.... the couples who most ppl hated, Rob and Amber. I just don't know why I supported them... Maybe coz' the first time I see them I had already support them.. Anyway, the review of the finale shows that everybody is having a lot of trouble especially Ron and Kelly who is almost breaking up... Rob and Amber's cab 'kena saman' and Uchenna and Joyce missed a good flight which Rob and Amber got it... Amber fell down.. That is really sad but I hope they will win... Haha... Actually, everybody deserves it... Anyway, Semester Exam is coming up and hope I do well...

Monday, May 02, 2005

La la la ~

Phew... What a long day. This morning I woke, went to write my Moral assignment, then my grandma wasn't feeling weel so my parents took her to the General Hospital. Thank God is now back and resting. Then, Ning Jie and I went to Curtin to take her special graduation gown ( jubah ). Wow, we were waiting there for almost an hour. Then, something freaky happened. An auntie came talking to me. I was freaked out. She asked my whether I know her daughter or not but I said I don't know. She asked again for my name but at last, I told her that I am not a Curtin student. Haha... But, she still talkied to me. Phew, luckily, it was Ning Jie's turn to take the tickets and zoom we go... Haha... Then, we went to find my KH project decorations which is the glitter glue and the small little cute shiny things. I found the cute shiny thing but can't find the glitter glue... NO!!! Haha, anyway, I think I just need to think of other ways to get it. Well, gtg... No Amazing Race time for this post. Sorry...