Sunday, May 29, 2005

Lambir Trip... - Don't kill the journalist... (especially during the wars...)

Haha... Just back for the Lambir trip. Tored, exhausted but FUN!!! Incredibly nice... Ok, first, we went to there and went jogging and did some aerobics. Then, we went inside the hall and did played some games. Then, we ate breakfast then started playing guessing games. Then, the AJK's (plus me)went to get water and filled the ballons with water. Later, the best part... Water!!! (skipped some events) After playing stesen games, the players got to get their revenge back on us.. Water ballons, water gun.. all on us but we got to play too.. haha.. I threw pails of water at my friends.. Haha... but I got wet a lot and had to change. Haha.. Then, got singing contest and best couple (the girl become the boy and the boy become the girl) Haha... funny but really admire their efforts. Then, reached home about 4 and took bath and now... almost typing this.
Malaysian Idol is on!!!!

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l y n n w e i said...

why did u go Lambir? wat trip??

did u stay overnite?/

so, who won Amazing Race??