Sunday, May 08, 2005

Amazing Race 7 FINALE!!!

Ok... This is really serious!! Finale!!! Haha, anyway, I can't wait to watch it but, I really do hope the one that I supported win... Which is.... the couples who most ppl hated, Rob and Amber. I just don't know why I supported them... Maybe coz' the first time I see them I had already support them.. Anyway, the review of the finale shows that everybody is having a lot of trouble especially Ron and Kelly who is almost breaking up... Rob and Amber's cab 'kena saman' and Uchenna and Joyce missed a good flight which Rob and Amber got it... Amber fell down.. That is really sad but I hope they will win... Haha... Actually, everybody deserves it... Anyway, Semester Exam is coming up and hope I do well...

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l y n n w e i said... am excited for the amazing race too!!

i won't really support the couple that won survivor..they've got enough money! why wan to win this too!