Saturday, October 22, 2005

New borned puppies...SCOOBY!!! I love you the MOST!!!

On 20th Oct 2005, Hei Gou had given birth to 5 cute puppies. They are so so so cute. I took some pics of them and Scooby.
I am so happy as this is the first time I have a dog which had given birth. So excited! We decided to keep one male with no tail. But, Scooby is our most loved dog!!! Hei Gou is very obedient as she let us go near her and her puppies. She actually gave brith at an abnadoned house near our house but, Dad went to bring it back to our house and she obediently followed. Scooby was also sooo excited but, was scolded by Hei Gou. Scooby didn't feel angry because of the presence of the puppies.

Hei Gou and her puppies (Aren't they adorable??)

Scooby, cute Scooby.. Even adorable Scooby! You are so so so cute and none other dogs can be compared to you! Smart and photogenic dog! My brother!!!

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Recipe of Flipping Stuffed Egg

This is the recipe of the Flipping Stuffed Egg®:

What to prepare?
1. A handful of mixed veges
2. 1 or 2 long sausages ( cut into small pieces)
3. 3 eggs
4. 2 or 3 layers of popiah skin
5. 2 spoonful of cooking oil

What' next?
1. Firstly, boil the sausages and the mixed veges.
2. Then, after boiling, put it at the other side.
3. Prepare the eggs by frying one egg first. (Make sure that it is wide open)
4. Then, lay the sausages and the mixed veges on the fried egg.
5. After that, while still on the pan frying, put the layers of popiah skin over the contents and pour one beaten egg over it.
6. Then, pour the last beaten egg at the side of the food so that it will stick to the base.
7. Try flipping the whole food without the contents falling out. (If you have 2 pans, hot the other pan and then, transfer the whole food to the other pan by flipping it)
8. Then, it is ready to be served!

A picture of the cuisine

Isn't it nice? Well, you guys can just try it at home as this dish is suitable for teenagers to preaper their own food instead of fast food. Hope you all will like it!

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Reality Shows~

Well, I watch a lot of reality shows. A lot! So, I decided to write about it out for you guys and know why I love to watch it a lot!

Fear Factor:
This is a very cool american show. It has stunts which challenge you! I want to join and also wish to join. The stunts are really cool and very breath-taking. I really want to try and join this show! Well, anyone knows how to join, please do tell me! Love this show!

Amazing Race:
Oh man, this is an amazing show! It is about a race between teams to travel all over the world and try to win 1 million$. It is really challenging. I want to join too! I might prefer this more than Fear Factor coz' this is a longer term competition and you got to travel around the world and learn more about cultures. I want to JOIN!!! Amazed~

Malaysian Idol:
Oh, I also love watching this show. It is about a singing competition and who got the VOICE. Well, I love the show because so far, my favourites have won it! Jac and Daniel!!! Well, this show inspired me to sing. Ok, I know I don't have the voice but, at least I tried and I have the spirit too. Anyway, so far, the winners have been very good and I really support Daniel though a lot of ppl don't like him winning.*bluck* I know he will win because he is the BEST! Haha2x*evil laugh* Not saying that others are bad but, I prefer him winning! Anyway, Jac is still the BEST!!!

Next Joe Millionaire:
Oh, this is a very classic show which shows a man who is seeking for the dream girl of his life. Well, I just watched it recently and I found that it is really nice as I can see the how romantic the guy could be. Anyway, of course, the negative part is that too bad the guy had to tell a very very very big lie and the girls are all after his money. So sad!!! But, I believe that at the end of the show, LOVE will prove it all! Still looking forward to watch this show.

Next Action Star:
Wow! Cool and great show. But, too bad that they only show the first season. Not sure whether there is any second season. But, this show is a very good and entertaining show. It tests the acting skills of the contestants and every week, they will have a scene to act, and will get eliminated based on their acting skills. Not bad and taught me a lot on how to act.

The Contender:
Oh gosh! I love this show. Though I am not into boxing but, it is really nice to watch the boxers to box their hearts out to win the 1 million$. Well, it is an american reality show. They brought 16 boxers and will give them stunts to play on. Then, who ever's grouod wins, they will have the chance to pick their oponent to fight. Well, of course the one who lose get eliminated.
*Alfonso Gomez and Sergio Mora are really cute and talented!*

A singaporean show. Something like Malaysian Idol but, the diff is that it is in chinese version and are diff in the voting process and also the judgment. But, still trying to watch coz' I am not that familiar with it. Just watched a bit only. But, I think it would be very nice.

30 Seconds to Fame:
Not sure whether this is a reality show but, i take it as a reality show. Contestants are given 30 seconds to show off their talents. Well, very interesting show!

Well, I think that's all. I think I will watch more coz' PMR is now officially finished and I am now have ntg to do. So, hope there is more TV shows for me to watch!
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Friday, October 14, 2005

I have a dream...(Backstreet Boys' song)

I have a dream... Bla bla...
I want to have a new hp! Not I am going too but, I want! Well, I am eyeing on Nokia 6680 or 6681. Both is NICE and GOOD! But, my dad prefer to get me a Nokia 3230. I am glod to have it but, don't really like the size of it. It's not wide enough like 6680/6681.
My dad is just OK with my decision since he is providing the money. But, my mum is like 'Don't even think so! Don't simply say orr... Don't...don't..don't..'. But, I know what she is thinking. A small kid holding a hp especially an expensive one. But, I believe I can! I have a dream........

Nokia 6680 - My dream phone. It is nice...

Nokia 6681 - Also my dream phone. The size of it is just the one that I wanted!!!

Nokia 3230 - My second choice and also recommended by dad. This is ok but, has smaller width compared to the previous two. But, not bad too...

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New Hair Cut

I went to cut my hair again yesterday at Telang Usang. It looks abit weird coz' I didn't ask the barber to cut my hair which looks a bit flat. But, I cut it short overall. I better put it at the beack of my ears until it is long coz' it is really funny for me if I don't do that. Well, everytime I cut my hair, there is must be a time where I looked aweful. Plus, i am going out with my friends today for the whole day!!! What am I going to do??? Anyway, I decided to pin a bit of hair up at the side of my hair so that it looks better. My fringe is not nice too but, time after time, it will grow and look very nice. Hopefully...
I am going out with my friends today! Urm, for movie and then, dinner. Hope that Micheal Steamboat and Grilling is open today. *finger crossed* Anyway, I decided to go early to parkson with my friend to buy presents for the Oct borned friends and then, watch a movie then, wait for other friends and watch Sky High! Haha2x. But, don't want to waste too much money. Dad gave me RM 100. I should got it coz' it is my allowance. But, I promise to give RM 20 back to him. Bluck! Hope that i don't spend too much!!

See?? So short and looks abit like 'ang ma' hair. But, must got ways to prevent this kind of situation.

Ok lar I think. Not that bad right? Just try not to be hair conscious. My face look soooo big!!!

Well, that's it for today! Hope I can look good today when going out.

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Saturday, October 08, 2005

My first, and proudly made cuisine.

I am now in the mid of PMR but, wasn't having my exam today. So, I tried to make myself a breakfast. Then, I came up with an brilliant idea. I tried to make a some sort of pie out of eggs.
It wasn't that good looking coz' I haven't got the skills to make so. But, with the help of my grandma in flipping, it successfully looked like what I wanted it to be. But, few changes might be made. Anyway, I am planning to write a cookery book of my own recipes. Hopefully, I have the skills to do so. Haha2x.

'Flipping Stuffed Egg'

That's is my first made cuisine. Hope you all who read this will like it. I called it 'Flipping Stuffed Egg'. I will write out the recipe and how to make it but, not now. I want to make a few changes first. Well, anybody interested, please just give me a call and I will try to make for you to try!

Another picture of 'Flipping Stuffed Egg'