Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Many Hearts One Spirit

Had one of the busiest moment during the Leo Forum 2007 in Miri. So, the five of us (Joa, Pres, Treas and Miss Pui) stayed together in a 2-room apartment in Imperial Hotel and Suites so that we could stay up late in Eastwood to work for the Forum.

The living room..

I played a small part in the organizing committee. Didn't even attend the meetings regularly. I was the emcee for both opening and closing ceremony and I did the roll call for the Banquet night! Tiring~ Plus, I had some bad experiences before but, thank the Lord that everything went very well! Luckily got some ppl to check out the scripts. Otherwise... :(
First Day:
I helped out to bring the Leos from Sabah (Ker Yin's club) for a Miri City tour. Was quite tired coz' it was really difficult to be a tour guide especially for a person like me who wasn't even born in Miri. But, thanks to Emandy, Michelle and Joa who also came along to help out...or should I say play? Haha..

At the Grand Old Lady! Cool huh? (Mandy, Me, Joa and Mic)

Struggling to push that oil thingie!

Finished the whole tour at 3pm. Then, stayed at Eastwood till around 6.30pm then, went to the apartment to have dinner. Pres, Treas, Joa and I went out for dinner. Weirdest thing, we spent about half an hour to find a place to eat! Finally, went to a small coffee shop. Then, went to shop for some snacks then, went to Eastwood again for rehearsal.
Our rehearsal started at around 12.00am! So late.. Only managed to go back to our apartment at around 1.30pm. When reached our apartment, I had to quickly settle down and check my scripts again and again. Only managed to sleep at 2.45am.

Second Day:
Woke up at 6.00am! Did the usual things then, straightened my hair, put on a little make up and rehearsed again. I was really nervous and couldn't even have my breakfast. Then, we made our way to Eastwood. Practiced for a while again. Then, DG arrived...speeches...presentations...DONE! Phew... Thank the Lord!
After that, one of the PDGs approached me and asked me to help him to do some talking during his workshop. Wah~ So many business.. Haha..
Then, went back to the apartment at around 1.00pm to get ready for the Banquet night. Joa and I went to set our hairs at Inspiration Alan Saloon in Imperial Mall. Joa curled her hair and I had a hair blow. Then, after all of the preparations, we set out to the Banquet. We were actually quite late but, DG were even late to the event! Phew~
The night went well.. Not that well but just nice. We won 5 awards overall. Outstanding Pres, Sec, Treas and Leo Advisor and Outstanding Club. We weren't that happy abt it but, we are all thankful. We all know what the results should be but... Nvm abt it anymore..

The 'Night' to remember...

With Kelly!

With best friend, Mic..

With crazy girl, Joa..

With Kian Sang (the guy who lost to Mic and I in tennis for 2 times! Score: 1stGame: 4-0, 4-0. 2ndGame: 4-3)

With Mic, Ker Yin and James-Brooke-lover, Sze Hao

The band was really really good! They are very talented.. Good choices of songs and good voice.. Hehe.. Then, the night went on wild! The whole place turned into a dancing place! Everyone was dancing and dancing.. Slow and fast.. Just like in a disco! Haha.. I was so tired so, didn't want to dance.. My legs hurt so much after wearing my beloved purple high heels. we went back to the apartment at 1.00am.

With the cool, talented band..

Ppl dancing around..

We (Mandy, Mic and I) with Sze Hao again!

Third Day:
Woke up quite late. Ard 6.30 am. Then, we all hurried and went to Eastwood again for the closing ceremony. My voice was getting a bit coarse. Then, DG came... speeches...comments...DONE. At last! The whole forum finally came to an end! I am quite relieved about it. It was quite a good experience. I am very glad that we had to organised the forum this year instead of participating it because we really learned a lot of things. It was a great and memorable moment...

With Tong Tong before she leaves..

With funny guy, Edwin!

With Jr. Edric! *Notice Ho and Sam's face? Haha...*

Watch out! I am about to reveal who is the 'baby' in my previous post in few seconds of time!
The 'baby' which I talked about in my previous post which really created a lot of suspense among all of you is none other than my sch's Leo Club! Haha.. Why did I say I was sad because our Leo Club didn't get the Top Award. It really hurts. We sent all the reports in, we organised numerous activities which involved other Leo clubs and fulfilled the criteria given. But, everything happens for a reason right? I believe there is a reason behind all of these. As long as we know we did our best. I still thank God for everything... :)

P/s: I did left a small clue in the previous post! Up in my head, here in my heart, down in my feet! There are part of the Leo Songs.. Hehe.. No one actually noticed it!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


First time, my very first time I feel so sad about the 'baby'. I just don't understand. Not only me but all of us. We really don't understand why is it like that. We did everything that we need to do, planned everything that we need to plan and act accordingly. WHY??!!
All I can say is that something is not right! However, no matter what, I will still do my best and I will never regret what I had done. I only do it because I love the 'baby' and I want to fulfill the 'baby's dream.


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Favourite food!

I have been craving for U-don noodles recently. Seriously! Everytime I tag along with my 'rents to the hypermarket, I always search for instant U-don noodles but, couldn't find one. I am addicted to U-don noodles! It's tasty, with nice soft and bulky noodles and yummy seaweed! So, when I was shopping with my mum, I found something which really enlightened my day...
Samyang U-Dong.. Yum yum...

Yup! U-don noodles at last! It costs about RM2.00+. Expensive because an ordinary instant noodle is usually cheaper. But, I really wanted to eat U-don noodle so, no harm buying a RM2.00+ instant noodle lo~

Talking about Japanese food, I really miss them! It's healthy and yummy! Did I mention yummy? Yes! Yummy!!! Special thanks to my host families for those yummy food! Really enjoyed it!

Lovely yeah? Had it during the Raions' meet

Another nice dish! It's pork and salad. Love the salad!!!

Tempura tempura!!! Lovely! I love the appetizer, main course and the soup! Miso soup is the best.. Haha..

Okonomiyaki!!! Hiroshima's best food! It's very large but, tasty! I couldn't finish for the first time but, on the last day, I managed to eat it all up! It's just really nice...

Food food food.. I better go on a diet before I become even fatter and ugly! Haha~