Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lord of the Ring?

I still can't get used to writing here. I feel so foreign, with all the different tool bar and fonts that I am seeing now compared to my domain's. I guess I really miss writing at my domain very much. =S

Btw, I finished the whole Lord of the Ring trilogy films. Note that I meant the films, not the books. I actually watched the third one before but, not the first two films. I tried reading one of the books but failed miserably because it was so difficult to read! Lol. I thought I would fall asleep while watching them but, no I didn't. Surprisingly, I survived the total of more than nine hours of all the three films combined and I really like them. Though I did not focus so much while watching, because I was actually online and playing FB and doing other things.

I think the films were so awesome that I actually dreamt of it for a few times! OK, the dreams weren't so happy-ever-after but, I realised that I was so affected by it. I woke up everytime feeling so blur and there was even once when my mum was trying to wake me up, it's just wasn't registered in my mind that I was sleeping! I didn't even realised that I was sleeping. =S I guess that's what you call getting drunk in sleep. Haha!

How I wish I have the determination to read the books. Maybe I shall give it a try. Who knows since I'm older now, I might be able to understand? Hmm... Anyone who has LOTR books? =)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New design on an Old blog

I am feeling real down now. Seems like my domain is dying and I have no idea what is going on. I just have to hope and pray that I can get it back because I don’t have an extra copy of the posts that I had written there. It’s the thought of losing the things that I had written there that pulls me down right now.

Even a good laksa cannot make me happy=(

I don’t know what to do. I really feel very down and annoyed because is like a stepping stone for me. It’s the step for me to leave the pasts behind me here and start a whole new beginning there. If any of you have read what I wrote in this blog and also in my domain, you might be able to tell the difference. I was just starting to get used this whole new writing style and suddenly, I have to come back here.

36You chia me Tony Romas also cannot guarantee that I will cheer up=(

Sorry, but I am really emo at the moment. Please do pray for me. Anyone who has any ideas on what’s going on and how to solve it, please let me know.

Meanwhile, I had re-design this blog. I just need to get away from my old blog’s look so, I don’t feel that bad. Hope you like that very cute pair of my Crocs. It’s symbolic too, OK?

P/s: I am only putting all these new posts under one category which is ‘Domain suspended’.

Account suspended!

Yes, I am back here for the moment. Seems like there's something wrong with my domain's server so, the account is currently suspended. I really hope that I can get it back ASAP.

Meanwhile, I feel really empty. I don't have much things to do since my account was suspended. At first, I was relieved because I could take a break and not squeeze my mind for ideas. But, it's taking a long time to recover so, I am getting a little bit worried. Therefore, I am back here for the moment to write while waiting for my domain to be fixed.

I have no idea how many of you are still visiting here since I had stopped writing here. But, I hope this is just temporary. =) Please pray for me!