Thursday, July 27, 2006

Danson came in 2nd

Our sch's Sport's Day just ended well. Happily and proudly, the sports house that I am in, Danson, came in second!!! Go Go Go Danson!!! I'm proud of Danson!!!
We prefects had some jobs to do for Sport's Day. Deco, carrying stuffs and also controlling students. Hard but, we had fun. We actually went to watch movie during lunch - Stay Alive.
Well, it was a nice movie but, I thing I disike it is abt the evil spirit . That's the only part that I think is scary coz' without, the whole story wouldn't be a horror movie. Love half of the plot. Well, the reason why I love only half of the plot is that we didn't finish the movie. While watching it, my hp vibrated and yes, we all need to rush back to stadium coz' smth happened.

Sorry to those whom I lied. I didn't mean to but we were all enjoying there. I wouldn't want us all to be bombed just because we were all there. Plus, we didn't have any tugas. So, literally, it's NOT our FAULT. Sorry!!!

After the whole thing, we prefects had a lot of fun! We cleared up everything. Then, we all took pics together and posed a lot of poses - 'Ah Lien's pose and the 'L' shaped finger pose.

The 'L' shaped finger pose - One board, One family!!!

Friday, July 14, 2006


What happened to 559?
559 is the hotel room number that my friends and I stayed in KK. It was the most memorable time I had with my friends. We had gone through a lot of things that friends don't normally go through much. Laughters, Joy, Tears, Special Bond, Honesty, Fun... That's what 9 of us had gone through. I really wich I could go back into time where we were spending a lot of time together in that room. That special little suite.
I miss you.
What happened? I am confused and I had no idea what is going on...

Lord!!! Help us...

Thursday, July 06, 2006


I am lagged again. Lagged from blogging world. While everybody is busy blogging, this little girl here is still lagging and busy with her sch's stuffs. So, what am I busy abt this time?

Busy No. 1:
School homework - Have bunch of it and still can't manage to finish it one go.

Busy No. 2:
School co - curriculum - Sports, Mag Club, Leo Club, CG, Prefects, and more add more busy into my busy busy life.

Busy No. 3:
TV addiction - I am still addicted to TV . Though I am very busy, I still manage to keep up with my TV routine. That's one big problem.

Though I only have 3 'busy points', those 'busy points' have their own elaboration so, that means, I am very very very very very busy.

-can't I just get out of this busy life just for one moment???-