Thursday, July 06, 2006


I am lagged again. Lagged from blogging world. While everybody is busy blogging, this little girl here is still lagging and busy with her sch's stuffs. So, what am I busy abt this time?

Busy No. 1:
School homework - Have bunch of it and still can't manage to finish it one go.

Busy No. 2:
School co - curriculum - Sports, Mag Club, Leo Club, CG, Prefects, and more add more busy into my busy busy life.

Busy No. 3:
TV addiction - I am still addicted to TV . Though I am very busy, I still manage to keep up with my TV routine. That's one big problem.

Though I only have 3 'busy points', those 'busy points' have their own elaboration so, that means, I am very very very very very busy.

-can't I just get out of this busy life just for one moment???-



Sherp said...

:) yea... very busy, hehe... take care yea?

lynthia said...

sure.. tnx and so sorry that i always didn go online and chat with you..