Monday, August 31, 2009

Surf’s Up!

This movie has just become my favourite cartoon movie! So cute and it really enlightened my stressful day when I watched it. My room mate and I really enjoyed the movie and it really made us laugh! Lol~


Penguins are cute but, Shoo is still the cutest! Maybe they should have a movie about dogs surfing.. Haha!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Little Superhero Girl

I just got to know this really nice song ‘Little Superhero Girl’ by Corrine May. I first heard it at ACTS Church’s Unplugged and the song was sang by Ellie who has a fantastic voice.

This post is really random. I’m way behind my schedule. I’m trying to ‘swallow’ the Bio chapters as much and as fast as possible but, I really find it difficult. I hope time can just slow down a little bit for this moment. I still got other subjects to cover as well! =(


Study like crazy!

I’m very, very sleepy now. I don’t usually feel sleepy around this time but, maybe it’s because I haven’t been taking afternoon naps for the past few days. I actually feel good about it coz’ I really sleep a lot and to actually not sleep in the afternoon is a big challenge to me. Lol~

Btw, I had Secret Recipe for both my lunch and dinner today. It was really an impulsive decision to go there to eat. Luckily, I had Sarah to ‘teman’ me. I had Cordon Bleu and Greek Salad for lunch and ‘tapao-ed’ Sherperd’s pie for dinner. Ok, not just that! I also bought a slice of Oreo Cheese which tasted good. I’m not really a cake person btw.

And I’m really missing home… I really want to go home. Most of my college mates are back home for this weekend and I’m here all alone. =( I miss family, dogs, friends and everything back in Miri! Btw, I had a long phone talk with Michelle 2 nights ago. I miss her so much! I was quite troubled that night but, she called me to comfort me and we ended up talking about a lot of things. Really miss those old times when we always call each other and talk. Nostalgia!

And last part of this post, I have a friend who’s turning 19 on this coming Thursday! Although she’ll be having her exams on her birthday, I hope she’ll be thankful to God no matter what. She doesn’t hope for anything big or special even though she has been acting very weird towards her housemates. Naughty girl! Lol~ Btw, I hope she’ll have a good time and really appreciate the things in her life. An early Happy 19th Birthday to her ! 


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Justice for Gary

I first read about this news from here. I didn’t understand at first because I was lazy to read about it. But, somehow, I felt the urge to read this seriously. So, I clicked on this.

snDSC_0662 (Small)

This news really gave me a big shock. This young, talented man died in one of the most shocking way. Right after completing the 22km Adidas King of the Road marathon, he collapsed and was carried away in a stretcher without basic medical checks. And the next thing that happened, he was found dead at the end of a construction waste tunnel in the stadium. Why in such a mysterious way?

I really felt sad and sympathetic to the family and friends of this young man. At the same time, I feel terrible at the management of the organisers. And after reading the timeline, I strongly feel that they should be responsible over this tragic death.

I don’t think I can do much to help but to just blog about it to make a difference. Just like what it is mentioned on the website, this is to enable the public to be more aware of the story perhaps his death was not in vain.

May justice prevail for Gary Leon Robert.

[All of these info are taken from Please refer to this website for more info.]

Thursday, August 13, 2009


There’s so many things to blog about but, I really need to find the time to do so coz’ exams are coming again!

Btw, just to update you all about some things that had happened last week during my MIA mode.

  1. I met up with family last weekend! Yay.. Miss them sooooo much! I went to KLIA to meet them to go to MV to stay for the weekends. My family came for my Da Jie’s graduation btw. So, we spent 2 whole days of shopping and spent so much of $$$. But, it’s worth it coz’ we wouldn’t be able to do this together so often. I have pictures to post but, will have to delay it coz’ I don’t have the pictures! So, please wait…
  2. After 2 great days with family, I had to come back college. And this time, it was different because it was the day of the release of my AS results. I didn’t really feel so nervous but, I just don’t know what to feel. I just know that God is in control. And yes, praise the Lord! I got 4 straight As. I’m so relieved and glad but, I didn’t go out to celebrate. I was too sleepy that I slept after my housemates went out to celebrate. But, it was a really good nap. Lol~
  3. And now, IELTS exam is coming! I still have the numb feeling but, sooner or later, I will definitely panic. Please pray for me.
  4. A2 trials is around the corner! I’m wrestling to finish my syllabus. I’m still half way in Chemistry and have yet to start Biology and Physics. Please, please remember me in your prayers.

After this, you will notice less and less blog posts from me as I will be having my A2 in about a month time. But, I will try to post up something. And I can assure you all a massive update after my exams! Hehe… So, stay tune!

Sunday, August 02, 2009


I’ll be MIA for this week. Only this week.

I need time to reorganise my time and studies. I have not been studying on a regular basis lately and this is making me really guilty and depressed.

And I feel really distant from God. I don’t know why. Please, please pray for me. I think the existence of laptop and internet has really changed me. And I tend to rely a lot of them instead of Him. This is not good. I do not feel good at all.

I need time to reorganise all these things. Please remember me in your prayers. I have been feeling unwell but, now recovering. I really hope that by the end of this week, I will be able to readjust myself back to normal.

Oh God, please forgive me. I need you, oh Lord. I need you to guide me and lead me. I need You. I love You. Amen.

P/s: AS results is coming out real soon! I have faith in God.