Friday, June 27, 2008

I Don't Want!

I don't want to leave my family. Don't want to leave home. Don't want to leave my friends. Don't want to leave Miri. I DON'T WANT!

I'm leaving very soon to somewhere called KTT/ETC. I really don't want to leave home. I know I might sound really immature, desperate and exaggerating but, this is my first time going somewhere else to study! I know I'm going to come back for my holidays, but I'm just a little depressed about leaving Miri.


I going to miss my family, dogs and friends sooooo much! Especially my parents. I'm going to miss going out with my cousin, Ning Jie and friends especially Joa. Gosh... I really feel like crying when I type this. Please pray for me.

I'm so going to miss my family!

I'm going to miss hanging out with Ning Jie

I'm going to miss going out with Joa too!

Don't worry! I will be strong. I will study hard and do my best. :) Please pray for me...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Long Time No See!

I met up with my very, very good old friend, Susan, yesterday! It has been 8 years we haven't seen each other. Thank God I got the chance to meet up with her.


I didn't really want to go at first because I was busy with my stuffs and was quite shy too. But, Sylvia kept encouraging me to go (Thanks girl!), so I went.

Sylvia, Susan and I

It was really great meeting Susan. She's such a cute, bubbly girl. Really enjoyed the conversation. Btw, she likes Nadal!!! She's the only girl I know so far (besides my two sisters) who likes Nadal.

She's a happy-go-lucky girl :)

Really hope to meet this wonderful girl again. May God bless her and her family.

With Susan!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Ivan just taught me how to delete people from a picture by using Photoshop. He didn't teach me much about it as he just told me to use the clone stamp. It was quite difficult at first but, few minutes later, I learned the function of it and start deleting someone from my picture. :) Guess who I deleted?



I did not purposely delete her from the picture. Someone asked me to do it. Hehe... Btw, I'm really glad to learn something new. And I'm looking forward to learn more new things. Never stop learning guys!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Sherp is Back!

Sherp is back to the world of blogging! Yay~

At last... She'd been on hiatus for the past 2 months due to her final exams and now, she's back! So, Sherp, welcome back! I miss you so much!

I know you still love to drink susu and sing at the same time!

Remember to listen to my advice, Sherp. Don't regret! Hahahaha!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Out To The Beach Again!

About 2 weeks ago, Joa, Ivan and I went to the beach to hang out again. Well.. One of the main reasons we went there was to eat the BBQ chicken wings and chicken butts. Joa and I went to Ivan's house first then, he drove us to the beach.


Ivan walking along the beach...

We went for a walk along the beach first. Suddenly, Joa became so hyper and dragged me to the sea because she wanted to play with the seawater! We just soaked our legs at the water. Later, we went to play with the crabs' holes. We saw a lot of little crabs but, didn't dare to catch it. Cute! We also wrote our names on the sand. I never did that before with my friends and it was fun.

Quina, Lynthia, Ivan


After having enough fun, we went to buy the BBQ chicken wings and chicken butts. We sat at the bench and had a very long chat. I can't really remember what we talked about but, I do remember us talking about the old times when we were still in primary school. We talked and talked until it was sunset. We took loads of pictures too.

Us 3!

Ivan and I

Ivan and Joa acting crazy!

Joa and I

It's me!

After sunset, we went back to Ivan's house. Guess what we did...


Yes! We played Scrabbles! I know... It was so random but, we had loads of fun searching for words. And we even finished all the letters we had! Ivan got the highest marks then, me followed by Joa who got the lowest. Haha!

Our completed game :)

After Scrabbles then, we had dinner. I love the fried chickens prepared by Ivan's mum. Really yummy! We continued our long chat and drank some vodka. Hehe... Not really vodka. It was more to a little vodka + a lot of soda. Joa didn't drink though because she doesn't know how. Haha! One of the main reasons we met up was to have a look at Ivan's collected 'gifts' and we didn't get to see them! He was too 'pai seh' to show them to us. No matter how badly we argued, he still didn't want to show them. So, we gave up.

Ivan washing the dishes...

Not long after that, Ivan sent us back home at around 10pm. It was really fun. And yes... I'm going to miss having him around because he has gone to Aussie to study!

Ivan Yong, I know you don't read my blog but, I just want to wish you all the best in Aussie. Study hard arr... And don't forget to design our houses in the future although I know you're not doing interior design. Haha! Going to miss having you around! God bless... :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I Wanna Eat Strawberry Cake!!!

I have cravings for strawberry cake few days ago and I am still craving for it!

I wanna eat strawberry cake!!!

I know... I may sound very random but, yeah... It all started when I re-watched 'Lavender', a Taiwanese series, where one of the guys bought strawberry cake for a girl. Then, recently, I saw the strawberry cake at Servay but, didn't get it. I doubt it's delicious. Again, I saw a strawberry cake picture on Dancing Queen's blog!

It's so coincidental! It's like I got 'jodoh' with the strawberry cake. Haha! I don't care. I must eat strawberry cake. If I can't find it in Miri, I'll hunt for it in KL! Muahahahaha!!!

P/s: Gosh... I sound so desperate!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Chant! Chant! Chant!

I know it's pretty late for me to post about this. OK! It's veeerrrrryyyyyy LATE! Apologies as I was quite busy lately.

There were a lot of bloggers blogging about this Big Mac Chant few weeks ago and I must admit that I was really blurr about it. Then, when I really took the time and read the posts carefully, I realised that McD was giving free Big Mac! But, in order to get it, we need to do the Big Mac Chant within 4 seconds.

So, I decided to give it a try. I tried reading the chant out but, I just couldn't do it. Slowly, as I watched the Big Mac Chant commercial, I got used to the words and was able to mumble the words out quickly. Feeling confident, I went to McD with Ning Jie. It was quite a random decision though. And, I did it. Simple and easy! I did it in 2 seconds only. Cool eh?


On the last day of the promotion, I went again and did the chant twice. Again, I did it in 2 seconds only for each chant and earned myself 2 free Big Macs.

Yummy! But, I still like Chicken McNuggets!

Last Saturday, I went to redeem my free Big Mac as it was the last day of the promotion. And the lady there tried to cheat me! She didn't want to give me my Big Mac. Lucky that I was very conscious that day and I told her nicely that it was written on the ticket saying I could still redeem my Big Mac latest on 7th June. So, she 'pura - pura' look at the ticket and say,"Oh... Boleh, boleh." -_-|| I guess she was kind of lazy to give me my Big Mac.

Well, that's all for my veeerrrrryyyyyy LATE post. Btw, anyone can beat my record of 2 seconds? Hehe...

Friday, June 06, 2008


맛있은 means delicious in Korean. To be honest, I thought Korean food isn't that nice compared to Japanese food. And for certain people like me, it's not really our cup of tea. However, there are some which are really nice. My very first time eating Korean food was when I was at Japan for YE. I had yakiniku (in Japanese) which means grilled beef. And I'm pretty sure it's called bul-go-gi in Korean.

The bul-go-gi we had yesterday...

Not long ago, Ning Jie and I wanted to try some Korean food. It was quite random though. So, yesterday, we went to the one and only Korean restaurant in Miri (I think...), located near Boulevard Hypermarket.

With the menu!

We ordered 3 dishes:

  • Bul-go-gi is thinly-sliced choice beef stir fried in special blend of oriental sauce and spices.
  • Kimchi bo-kum-bab is fried rice seasoned with soured kimchi and various ground meat and vegetables.
  • Ra-myon is thin noodles in hot soup with its spices originally from Korea
(Credits to Ning Jie)

We were also served with some side dishes like kimchi, pickles, and some others. The kimchi bo-kum-bab was really yummy! However, the ra-myon was quite disappointing coz' it tasted just like the normal curry instant noodles we can get. The bul-go-gi was OK and it's very different from what I had in Japan.

Yum yum!

Ning Jie!

The ra-myon which I thought was disappointing...

The food!

After the Korean food, we went to walk around Bourlevard. While walking around, we heard something was going on Level 3. Curiosity kills the cat! So, we went up and found out that it was Ultraman Max's meet-the-fans session! -_-|| And guess what?! There were kids queuing up just to take pictures with the Ultraman Max. So cute!

Kids and their parents queuing up! (Ultraman Max must be really popular!)

Ultraman Max!

I did watch some Ultraman series last time but, not Ultraman Max. I guess Ultraman had just defeated a big number of the most evil monsters and gained special powers thus, up-leveling himself to Ultraman Max. Hmm... Isn't it so?

Monday, June 02, 2008

A Short Trip To Bintulu

Just arrived home from Bintulu after going there for a short trip. My parents suddenly decided to go to Bintulu on Saturday night for a 1 night stay there. So, my dad drove us there on Sunday morning after my appointment at Columbia Asia.

On the way to Bintulu!

We went to the new hotel, World New Suite, located at the New World Shopping Mall. It's a new hotel so, everything is very nice there. The rooms there are very spacious with a nice plasma TV in each room. The toilet in the room is indeed lovely! Love the design.

Just arrived at the hotel...

The room!

My favourite item in the toilet! So cute...

Well, we didn't really do much there. Went eating and shopping only. Besides, I saw some friends while shopping! On the first day, I saw Pastor Connie, then Kok How! Then, today, before going back, I saw Che Kong. Such a coincidence!

Enjoying the complementary drink... (Bad picture coz' took it against the sunlight but, I love it!)

It's so hard to teach my sister how to behave well... Haha!

Trying out an Applemint tee which I thought was nice but, didn't get it.

Love this! It's green tea with red bean. The green tea is real yummy!

Marrybrown's Mambo Fries!

I bought these lovely Hello Kitty bubblegums coz' they're really cute!

Btw, I really didn't do much in Bintulu except for my parents who went fish-hunting early in the morning! Haha... Well, although it is such a small town, I do love to go there occasionally. I guess there'll be more short trips to Bintulu again this year. :)

A nice view from our room :)