Monday, June 02, 2008

A Short Trip To Bintulu

Just arrived home from Bintulu after going there for a short trip. My parents suddenly decided to go to Bintulu on Saturday night for a 1 night stay there. So, my dad drove us there on Sunday morning after my appointment at Columbia Asia.

On the way to Bintulu!

We went to the new hotel, World New Suite, located at the New World Shopping Mall. It's a new hotel so, everything is very nice there. The rooms there are very spacious with a nice plasma TV in each room. The toilet in the room is indeed lovely! Love the design.

Just arrived at the hotel...

The room!

My favourite item in the toilet! So cute...

Well, we didn't really do much there. Went eating and shopping only. Besides, I saw some friends while shopping! On the first day, I saw Pastor Connie, then Kok How! Then, today, before going back, I saw Che Kong. Such a coincidence!

Enjoying the complementary drink... (Bad picture coz' took it against the sunlight but, I love it!)

It's so hard to teach my sister how to behave well... Haha!

Trying out an Applemint tee which I thought was nice but, didn't get it.

Love this! It's green tea with red bean. The green tea is real yummy!

Marrybrown's Mambo Fries!

I bought these lovely Hello Kitty bubblegums coz' they're really cute!

Btw, I really didn't do much in Bintulu except for my parents who went fish-hunting early in the morning! Haha... Well, although it is such a small town, I do love to go there occasionally. I guess there'll be more short trips to Bintulu again this year. :)

A nice view from our room :)


lynnx01 said...

WHeeeee!! You guys so impromptu to decide to go the night before?? HAhaha! Anyway, the room looks nice. Enjoy more before you 'suffer' in college and uni. :P

James TC Wong said...

What is the room cost? Any offer? xD

LingDi said...

Nice le? Haha! Yeah. Got to enjoy first!

Uncle James,
It's an executive room. Cost around RM247 or RM274? Not so sure about the offer but, I know the price for the room we stayed is suppose to be more expensive. ;) But got discount. Got complimentary drinks and breakfast for 2.

lynnx01 said...

Meepit so funny lah.. hahaha like 'tak tahan geram'!

< u3! y!nG > said...

Wah.. does tat mean I can also go to Btu for a short trip?

LingDi said...

Haha! It's not meepit. It's 7 姑姑 !

Uei Ying,
Haha.. Sure. You can if you want.. :)

Bintulu said...

How do you like your stay in the hotel? Any suggestions or comments?

James - you can learn more about the hotel rate, room type, at

LingDi said...

Who are you? Btw, the hotel is fine. The staffs are very friendly and polite. The rooms are gorgeous and it's pretty a good idea to build a hotel next to the shopping mall. I guess people would love the restaurant to be bigger. And... More shaded parking spaces for the hotel guests. Should build swimming pool too! But, I guess it's fine without it.. :)

Pyroboy1911 said...

i had the privilege to stay there once during CNY too..

Bleh...nothing to do in bintulu anyway...might as well stay in the room and watch tennis or something...

LingDi said...

Isn't it a nice hotel? Haha..
Yeah.. Ntg much to do there and that's why we only went there for 1 night. But my parents love to buy fish from there. Haha..

Dancing Queen said...

Wow, I didn't know Bintulu had such a nice hotel now. Will try it the next time we go there. :)

LingDi said...

Dancing Queen,
Yeah yeah yeah! Must go back and check it out! The mall is a little bit too small for me. It's smaller than Bintang Plaza.

< u3! y!nG > said...

Hehehe.. I want to eat eat eat. Go Bintulu just to see friends la. Hahaha... :D

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