Friday, June 27, 2008

I Don't Want!

I don't want to leave my family. Don't want to leave home. Don't want to leave my friends. Don't want to leave Miri. I DON'T WANT!

I'm leaving very soon to somewhere called KTT/ETC. I really don't want to leave home. I know I might sound really immature, desperate and exaggerating but, this is my first time going somewhere else to study! I know I'm going to come back for my holidays, but I'm just a little depressed about leaving Miri.


I going to miss my family, dogs and friends sooooo much! Especially my parents. I'm going to miss going out with my cousin, Ning Jie and friends especially Joa. Gosh... I really feel like crying when I type this. Please pray for me.

I'm so going to miss my family!

I'm going to miss hanging out with Ning Jie

I'm going to miss going out with Joa too!

Don't worry! I will be strong. I will study hard and do my best. :) Please pray for me...


αмαвε| said...

Lynthia,all the best and good luck!love ya!

Dancing Queen said...

Don't worry, Lingdi. The first time is most difficult but after that, you will get used to it. You will cherish your home more after this. Good thing you have your sis around there. :)

All the best!

ღAmandaa said...


eliselise said...

hey gal! be strong! i'm sure u'll have memorable times at KTT where u can look back at and laugh..hee.

call me if u need anything. I'm just a few km away! ^^

Welcome to KL!

Queena said...

oowhh...i will be missing u thia...take care n enjoy urself!!will always keep u in my prayers..dun worry!!

James TC Wong said...

There's a season for is the time that you will do what is important for your future. Our prayers are with you and make GMC proud of you! All praises to our Lord, Lynthia!
xD Uncle James & Aunty Roseline

LingDi said...

Tnx! Will miss you girls a lot!

Dancing Queen,
Yeah.. Definitely missing home now! Good thing my sis is here.. Tnx!

Tnx! I will.. You too k? Study hard! Ganbatte!

Yeah.. I will. Thank you so much!

Me too! Study hard and all the best in your studies k? And don't forget to look for me when you're in KL. :)

Uncle James & Aunty Roseline,
Thank you so much! Thank God for everything. I will continue to have faith in Him! Thank you. God bless..

Joan said...

:) all the best, lynthia. u know u can.. rmbr ur fav verse? phil 4;13. xoxo

LingDi said...

Thank you so much! At this moment, I really felt that God has used you to remind me of the verse Philippians 4:13, I can do all things in Him through Christ. I know I can do it because I have faith in God! Pls pray for my studies here too.. :)