Thursday, June 19, 2008

Out To The Beach Again!

About 2 weeks ago, Joa, Ivan and I went to the beach to hang out again. Well.. One of the main reasons we went there was to eat the BBQ chicken wings and chicken butts. Joa and I went to Ivan's house first then, he drove us to the beach.


Ivan walking along the beach...

We went for a walk along the beach first. Suddenly, Joa became so hyper and dragged me to the sea because she wanted to play with the seawater! We just soaked our legs at the water. Later, we went to play with the crabs' holes. We saw a lot of little crabs but, didn't dare to catch it. Cute! We also wrote our names on the sand. I never did that before with my friends and it was fun.

Quina, Lynthia, Ivan


After having enough fun, we went to buy the BBQ chicken wings and chicken butts. We sat at the bench and had a very long chat. I can't really remember what we talked about but, I do remember us talking about the old times when we were still in primary school. We talked and talked until it was sunset. We took loads of pictures too.

Us 3!

Ivan and I

Ivan and Joa acting crazy!

Joa and I

It's me!

After sunset, we went back to Ivan's house. Guess what we did...


Yes! We played Scrabbles! I know... It was so random but, we had loads of fun searching for words. And we even finished all the letters we had! Ivan got the highest marks then, me followed by Joa who got the lowest. Haha!

Our completed game :)

After Scrabbles then, we had dinner. I love the fried chickens prepared by Ivan's mum. Really yummy! We continued our long chat and drank some vodka. Hehe... Not really vodka. It was more to a little vodka + a lot of soda. Joa didn't drink though because she doesn't know how. Haha! One of the main reasons we met up was to have a look at Ivan's collected 'gifts' and we didn't get to see them! He was too 'pai seh' to show them to us. No matter how badly we argued, he still didn't want to show them. So, we gave up.

Ivan washing the dishes...

Not long after that, Ivan sent us back home at around 10pm. It was really fun. And yes... I'm going to miss having him around because he has gone to Aussie to study!

Ivan Yong, I know you don't read my blog but, I just want to wish you all the best in Aussie. Study hard arr... And don't forget to design our houses in the future although I know you're not doing interior design. Haha! Going to miss having you around! God bless... :)


lynnx01 said...

So weird la.. two girls and one boy. Hahaha..

LingDi said...

You're even weirder.. One girl (you) and one boy go shopping. -_-||

Sherp said...

ei.. one girl and one boy go shopping isn't weird la! ;p
waiseh. seemed so fun. remember wat i said last saturday? hahahhaa. maybe you dont knw wat im talking abt. but remember, i will be searching ALL the posts in your blog... for the one. faham faham la.

And. wat is nipa?! on the scrabble

LingDi said...

Haha! But that's weirder than 2 girls and one boy.
Fun le? Haha! Not like someone.. Can go HK with *ahem*. Search mar search lorr.. No problem. Haha...

No idea what's nipa but that's what we found in the dictionary. ;)

lynnx01 said...

one boy one girl shopping? mana ada! with ah wei got la.. haha

LingDi said...

Got.. You mentioned in your blog before that you went shopping with a guy friend.. What with Ah Wei! -_-||

Sherp said...

ah wei!!!

lynnx01 said...

Oh.. haha that friend got gf now leh.. cannot ajak go shopping anymore.