Monday, November 30, 2009

Kay-Tee-Tee I

I had learned a lot of things when I was in college. The fact that I had to be away from home had really changed my life. I had grown to be more independent, made loads of good friends and realised how important family is to me.

But, there is still one thing that had really changed me. That one particular thing is God. When I was at this small, depressing place, I experienced God. 1

It’s funny coz’ when I knew I was going to this college, I questioned God why?

Why must it be here?

Now, I know why.

Before going to this college, I was quite an anti-social when it comes to church. I didn’t have a lot of friends there. In fact, I was bullied when I was in Sunday School and because of this, I refused to mix with the youths because I thought they didn’t like to hang out with me. It was a big discouragement to me. I guess I was quite paranoid too.

So, I never really had the experience of serving God in church and mixing with the youths. God knew how much I wanted this so much that He sent me to this college.


God is awesome. I kind of had a mild depression for the first 3 days there. I was completely a different person. But, when I attended the college’s CF for the first time, I felt so good. So good that I feel this is home to me. I think that’s when I got my smile back.


Besides, I was elected to be one of the committee members for CF. Although it wasn’t very difficult, I took it as God’s blessing. I enjoyed every single time I had in CF with my friends. And that was also the time I started to learn guitar and play for CF.


Nilai Chinese Methodist Church was the church I had been attending when I was there. It’s a small church but, the pastors, members and youths there are amazing people. I also got the chance to serve in the Tertiary Youth Fellowship as one of the committee members.

I really liked it there as it’s my very first time getting along well with the youths. Although we’re from different colleges, they are so friendly and nice.

If it wasn’t because of Agnes, I would not have the chance to play guitar for church too. Awesome experience.

Just like what many of us agree on, it’s always the people of Kay-Tee-Tee that kept us going. For me, it’s not only the people but, Him too.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Reunion with Best Friends

I just came back to Miri last Sunday and got to meet up with my besties. And also to spend time with Sherp!!! Btw, all the pics are taken from Sherp’s new SLR (Canon EOS 500D) so, they are super nice! All either taken by Ivan or Sherp.


Joa and I

The first gathering we had was at Bintang Megamall. Ivan came to my place first to teach my some photoshop skills and also on how to use an SLR. Then, Joa came to fetch us, Ivan, Sherp and I, to Bintang Megamall.


Ivan, me and Joa =)

We didn’t do much there though. We had lunch at Secret Recipe. Not as satisfying as we thought it would be. The Chicken Cordon Bleu was a big disappointment.


Eating Secret Recipe’s brownies.. Not as nice as I thought it should be…

After that, we went to Starbucks for drinks. We sat down to talk and talk. Really miss talking to them! So many things to talk about but, too little time… =(


3 of us again, at Starbucks. Very little pics of Sherp coz’ she kept taking pics of us. Tnx Sherp, muaks!

Later, we went to watch the Treasure Hunt prize giving ceremony. Lynna’s team won first. Really proud of her. =) Then, we wanted to go catch a movie but there was nothing to watch! I miss GSC and TGV. So, we went to Coffee Bean for second round of drinks again.


Ivan’s espresso. Pic taken by him but, the curves are edited by me! Muahaha…

It was great meeting my besties again. I miss them sooooo much! But, we couldn’t meet up that often coz’ Ivan is leaving Miri soon and Joa’s going Taiwan next month too. =( I’m still going to meet Joa again but, I don’t know when I’m going to meet Ivan again after this year since he wouldn’t be coming back often and I’ll be leaving for India too next year.

Well, guess that’s what Facebook, Twitter and MSN are created for!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Prom Graduation Night

We just had our prom graduation night last Saturday. It was an awesome and fantastic night to remember!


Me & Christine during the rehearsal.. I was so tired!!

Everybody really took the effort to dress up nice for this event of the year. Well, I must admit that I had a difficult time finding a dress and had myself ended buying a quite expensive dress. I felt quite bad at first for buying such an expensive dress but, it’s once in a while that I could attend such event.


Full length pic of me =)


With the white rose! Don’t know why I looked different.. =( Maybe coz’ of the lipstick?

My friends and I did a musical performance. It was a blast and we all did a great job since we kind of screwed up the rehearsal. So, before performing, Christine, Hui Fen and I said a short prayer about it and it went well! I shall try get pictures from friends on the musical since I forgot to ask my housemates to take for me. =P


Suraya, me and Haziqah!


With Chai Lian, my study buddy! =P

The whole night was mostly about us taking millions of pictures! Except that I didn’t take that much since I was a little bit tired.


My housemates (Suraya, Yasmin and Joanna) + neighbour (Haziqah)!      

I had loads of fun. It was really meaningful since we wouldn’t be seeing each other in a few months time. Gonna miss all my Kay-Tee-Tee friends! Gonna miss all my CF buddies very much! Honestly, I wouldn’t miss the college but, I will definitely miss all my friends.


Hui Zhi, Christine, me, Joanna and Sylvia =)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Night to Remember

I just came back from my Prom Graduation Dinner. So tired! I just managed to finish packing all my stuffs. Tomorrow morning will wake up early to pack a little bit more then I’m good to go home!

Meanwhile, this is a photo of my at the dinner.


I looked a little different because of the very red lipstick I used to match the red blood belt and shawl. My theme: red and black!

I’d gained a lot of weight. Due to certain misfortunes and laziness, I had gained weight but, I’m determined to shed it off when I’m back during the holidays.

Stay tune for more pictures of the dinner!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Headbands I love!

I love wearing headbands lately. It’s like my favourite thing to wear on my head now.


I curled my hair for fun and I think curly hair looks good with headbands!

I started off wearing just a thin, plain black one. I was just to hold my fringe back. Boring but, it’s very useful when I have a bad-fringe-day. Then, I started to wear something cute like, the Hello Kitty pearl headband. Me love Hello Kitty! But, it’s not very practical coz’ it’s a little hard for me to mix & match it with my outfit.


A thin, red headband with fake red diamonds that I just bought to go with my prom dress.

I also found a ‘Blair-like’ headband. It has a neat ribbon bow at the side of the headband. Sue Ting also sold me her never-used-before big, white ribbon headband which I had used twice to my exams.


This is one powerful headband. Why? It could distract people (inside joke)!!! Muahaha…

Lately, I bought this really really cute headbands. Well, it’s the stretchable kind which you can slip it through your head and let it grip your head. It’s light and easy to use! Muahaha…


  I love this~ I got it from Diva and it came with 4 different colours…

I wonder when will my headbands fever will end. But, I hope it will last long otherwise, people will call me ‘hangat-hangat tahi ayam’.


It was supposed to be free and fun after exams. But, I felt like I had an attack. Not a normal one but, a spiritual attack.

I don’t really know how one defines spiritual attack but, I suppose it must be something that happened to us and affects our faith. This could be a small matter to most people but for me, no. It definitely affected me severely that I couldn’t help thinking about it all the time. It really kept me away from focusing on God during CF.

After I finished talking on the phone, I was a total different person that even my friend could spot the difference in me. I kept denying but, I was clouds weren’t enough for me to cover my feelings.

I don’t feel good being misunderstood-ed. But, thank God for ErJie. I found her online and talked to her about it. And now, I felt better. Much better. Much, much better.

God, please grant me the peace in my heart that I would not need to worry about this thing. Amen.

Friday, November 20, 2009

I’m Back!

Hey hey!

It feels weird to resume my blogging habit after 1 month ++! Seriously, did anyone even visited my blog after I went MIA for so long? Well, the only one I know who always visit my blog is ME. Yes, it’s me. Funny coz’ every time I on my Google Chrome, the first thing I click will always be my blog. Then, Gmail, The Star online and so on.


Willy, Me and Sue Ting =)

I feel kind of free now since I won’t be sitting for any exams or even going to any classes any time soon. So free yet, I feel there are so many things for me to do! There are certain important things that I have to do but, I’m procrastinating. Help~


Sue Ting, Daniel and me with CF juniors! Noisy juniors from ‘Penang’.. Lol!

Btw, exams are awesome. Awesome not because it was easy, in fact, it wasn’t at all. But, God made it awesome to me that I felt peaceful after every exams. No matter how difficult the questions were or how many questions I know I could be wrong, I felt peaceful, knowing that God will take control all of these. It’s definitely a whole new experience to me. No matter how dangerously late I could be for finishing my syllabus and past year questions, I knew I could do it because God is my strength and He was there to guide me and teach me the things I needed to know. He helped me finished what I had to and prepared me the battle every time I enter the exam hall. Amazing God.


I thank God for awesome friends in college. They are the ones who kept me smiling all the time! (At Edwin’s place)

Now, college life is coming to an end. Time flies. It seems like it was just yesterday that I saw my seniors finished their A-Levels and going to graduation night. Little did I know, I’m the one who had finished her A-Levels and preparing for her prom-themed graduation night. Yoohoo!


I’m gonna miss the juniors…

P/s: I’m love watching Glee (influenced by the Gleeks in KTT)! And it’s turning me to become a Gleek! Muahahaha!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Hi! I'm sorry to tell you, but the blogger isn't around this time, again...
So I'm here to blog on behalf of her.

You can just call me THE GUEST BLOGGER!
Haha, no no, of course not, I was just joking. Just address me as The Fedfan.

I know the name sounds a bit weird, but hmmm, it's gonna be fine, right?

Oh well, what should we talk about today?


Everyone loves music. Who doesn't? It's just a matter of perception, whether you like soft music or the loud ones.
Jazz, pop..etc.

Recently, the blogger (yes, the owner of this blog!) ordered a Sony Zappin Mp3 for me. It was an unexpected belated birthday present.

What do you think of it?

Loads of <3,
The Fedfan.