Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Prom Graduation Night

We just had our prom graduation night last Saturday. It was an awesome and fantastic night to remember!


Me & Christine during the rehearsal.. I was so tired!!

Everybody really took the effort to dress up nice for this event of the year. Well, I must admit that I had a difficult time finding a dress and had myself ended buying a quite expensive dress. I felt quite bad at first for buying such an expensive dress but, it’s once in a while that I could attend such event.


Full length pic of me =)


With the white rose! Don’t know why I looked different.. =( Maybe coz’ of the lipstick?

My friends and I did a musical performance. It was a blast and we all did a great job since we kind of screwed up the rehearsal. So, before performing, Christine, Hui Fen and I said a short prayer about it and it went well! I shall try get pictures from friends on the musical since I forgot to ask my housemates to take for me. =P


Suraya, me and Haziqah!


With Chai Lian, my study buddy! =P

The whole night was mostly about us taking millions of pictures! Except that I didn’t take that much since I was a little bit tired.


My housemates (Suraya, Yasmin and Joanna) + neighbour (Haziqah)!      

I had loads of fun. It was really meaningful since we wouldn’t be seeing each other in a few months time. Gonna miss all my Kay-Tee-Tee friends! Gonna miss all my CF buddies very much! Honestly, I wouldn’t miss the college but, I will definitely miss all my friends.


Hui Zhi, Christine, me, Joanna and Sylvia =)

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