Friday, November 20, 2009

I’m Back!

Hey hey!

It feels weird to resume my blogging habit after 1 month ++! Seriously, did anyone even visited my blog after I went MIA for so long? Well, the only one I know who always visit my blog is ME. Yes, it’s me. Funny coz’ every time I on my Google Chrome, the first thing I click will always be my blog. Then, Gmail, The Star online and so on.


Willy, Me and Sue Ting =)

I feel kind of free now since I won’t be sitting for any exams or even going to any classes any time soon. So free yet, I feel there are so many things for me to do! There are certain important things that I have to do but, I’m procrastinating. Help~


Sue Ting, Daniel and me with CF juniors! Noisy juniors from ‘Penang’.. Lol!

Btw, exams are awesome. Awesome not because it was easy, in fact, it wasn’t at all. But, God made it awesome to me that I felt peaceful after every exams. No matter how difficult the questions were or how many questions I know I could be wrong, I felt peaceful, knowing that God will take control all of these. It’s definitely a whole new experience to me. No matter how dangerously late I could be for finishing my syllabus and past year questions, I knew I could do it because God is my strength and He was there to guide me and teach me the things I needed to know. He helped me finished what I had to and prepared me the battle every time I enter the exam hall. Amazing God.


I thank God for awesome friends in college. They are the ones who kept me smiling all the time! (At Edwin’s place)

Now, college life is coming to an end. Time flies. It seems like it was just yesterday that I saw my seniors finished their A-Levels and going to graduation night. Little did I know, I’m the one who had finished her A-Levels and preparing for her prom-themed graduation night. Yoohoo!


I’m gonna miss the juniors…

P/s: I’m love watching Glee (influenced by the Gleeks in KTT)! And it’s turning me to become a Gleek! Muahahaha!

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Chelley~ said...

Awww I remember that feeling. After finishing A Levels. Enjoy it girl! I miss you =(