Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Road Not Taken

I actually typed this post in the notebook last year but, it was incomplete. It was just lately that I opened the file again and finished it. You guys can read it if you want. It's just something I had gone through last year.

It has been almost a year....

Monday, June 22, 2009

Double Star-ing

It was kind of a random meet. Since Lynna was going to her Science tuition on Wednesday, ErJie decided to meet up with her friends after sending Lynna. Then, I decided to 'tumpang' the plan. So, I asked Joa and Audrey out for dinner at Double Star. It was a very simple meet. We talked about loads of things and craps... Haha!

With Audrey!

After dinner, we went to Dessert. We were walking towards Audrey's car when we saw the small vending machines! The ones where you put in 20 cents or 50 cents and twist the knob to get the eggs. I remember Joa and I always play that every week at Physics tuition. We put in a few 20 cents. That particular vending machine was a little rusty so, we had trouble twisting the knob. We got a few Beijing Olympic rings and a keychain. So cute!

Joa & I 'pok' eggs!

With Audrey!

Our Beijing Olympic rings & keychain...

We had a short talk at Dessert before Audrey sent us to Xquisine where ErJie was eating at. Then suddenly, Audrey was so random that she wanted to go 'kai-kai'. So, we went to Parkson to buy my nail polish remover. Then, headed back home.

P/s: Most of these pics here are taken from Joa's blog. Tnx Joa!

Friday, June 19, 2009


I must admit that I have been reminiscing the old times lately. First, the high school pictures on facebook. Then, my experience as a runway model. I really miss my high school moments. I just went to my beloved high school, St. Co for their St. Columba Day.

School's band performing...

I noticed my face on this banner when snapping pics using my dSLR!

Thinking back, I only attended St. Columba Day for a few times only. Maybe only twice. Unlike Lynna, I dislike attending these kind of activities. No idea why but maybe because I'm just too lazy.

Super hot day~

But, on that very special day, the school organised a food fair/fun fair/exhibition. A 3-in-1 event! The day was really hot. I was a little bit annoyed but, later had fun meeting old friends and teacher. I arrived there quite early and the St. Columba Day celebration ceremony was still on. Loads of students especially the primary school students were there.

Ah Ning selling food for Leo Club!

I was alone for the 1st hour. So, I had Ah Ning and Mimi to accompany me. There weren't much things on sale. Only 4-5 stalls were selling food. The rest were selling souvenirs and games. I even went to see the exhibition with Mimi but, when we were about to explore the place, we heard the students alerting each other that the Principal and guests were heading towards there. So, we quickly 'cabut'.

Ah Ning & Abel

Mimi & I at the exhibition!

Then, Joa arrived. I had to walk to find her car coz' she needs my help to check her parking. Lol~
After that, we went to sit at the canteen. A few old friends like Daniel Tan and Arif came to chat. Daniel is so big and tall now! I miss him being short and chubby. So cute! We did some catch-ups and talked about the things happening in school now. A boy from Lynna's batch named Bobby also joined in to talk.

My french fries friend!

Not long later, Ho came and I challenged him to play the basketball game. While playing, Jin Kiat and Jeremy came. So nice to meet them.
Later, Audrey, Chyi Chuan and Marcus came! We walked around the hall and chit-chatted for a while before going to the exhibition again. Since Joa had to leave for badminton and I was almost dehydrated because of the super hot weather, we went back.

Old friends: Ho, Chyi Chuan, Joyce, Joa and Daren!

I spotted this when at exhibition!

Health Quiz 2006

I really miss high school. Though there were some ups and downs, I really thank God for sending me to St. Co. It's the place where I met all my cute and loving friends. It's the place where I really grew up becoming a more mature and experienced person. And it's a place where I will never forget!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Once A Runway Model

I have always been telling my friends that I was once a model. A catwalk model. Or better known as a runway model! And they weren't very convinced by my story. =(

So, I was kind of crazy about how I looked when I was young coz' I think my toddler pics look really cute so, I went to dig out some old photo albums and found these!

I was just 4 yrs old!

Hahaha!! My outfit was really cute!

I love my pose!

Cute right?! Hehe... I was one of the kids model for Parkson and yes, I know it's hard to believe! But, yes! I was a model! Woohoo!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Random Updates!

I really love holidays. Wonder why college didn't schedule a longer period of time for our holidays. 1 week is not enough for us who studied 24-7 for 2 months straight!

The first few days back at home was really nice though I didn't get enough sleep. I slept late at night and woke up very early for 2 days straight. 1st day was to meet Joa and Greg for breakfast at Yakin. Joa and I shared a plate of wet kueh tiau and we also ordered some dim sum. Then, we went to watch Ho's basketball match. I thought it was a big match but it turned up to be a mini match only. But, it was nice to watch especially Ho who wore 'leggings'! Haha~ After the match, we went to eat lunch at Yakin too. But we didn't go to the same cafe. Instead, we went to the Shabu-Shabu shop. Again, Joa and I shared lunch coz was still full. Forgot what we had but it was something like sweet & sour fish. Later, I went to Boulevard to meet Daddy and ErJie. I found out that they were planning to buy a laser printer. After the whole day analysing the printers, Daddy finally made up his decision to buy Oki printer. Good choice and good price. Just RM799 only!

On the next day, I woke up early to go church. After church, went back home to online till around 2pm, went to get ready to go to Grand Palace for the SUPP's JPA Sharing Session. I didn't prepare much because I really didn't know what to prepare. But, I did prepare a set of photos of college with useful captions to show to the new students. Only a few seniors turned up actually; Me, QiYing, Boon Tong and another 2 from INTI. We had to go up to the stage and sit to have a Q&A session. Though they didn't really ask much, I still gave as much info as I can on college. I know how the students feel coz' I was once clueless about this college and was so worried about it. So, I really hope they found the things they need through the sharing session.

The seniors sharing their experiences...

As for Monday and Tuesday, I didn't much. I was lazing at home, online and watching TV. And btw, I had just uploaded 100+ pics on facebook. All are pictures from high school (2005-2007). Jan Jan and I were remisnicing the old times we had in school. I think the most memorable times we had was in Form 3. Although it was our PMR year, things seems to be so good for us. And guess what?! Form 3 is 4 years ago! And now, my youngest sister, Lynna is in Form 3 studying in the same old classroom I studied in 4 years ago. Aih.. Nostaligia~

Bio Lab 06'!!! I miss our group of 4 girls and just 1 guy...

Old memories...

Pic taken from Marvin's FB...

Me, Joa and Chelle at Petronas Museum!

Lastly, a random pic which I thought is soooo cute!!!

The lil' cute baby is me! Lynna commented that I looked like a giant baby! Lol~

Sunday, June 14, 2009

WebCam Craze

Alright! I shall not write so much and post loads of my webcam pictures here. Btw, this craze actually started when I was just too bored of studying and ended up snapping loads of pictures with housemates & neighbours. Haha~

Let me start with some pictures of me!!!

Moving on to pictures of me & the rest of crazy 2-3-A2!

Not forgetting my beloved neighbours, Agnes & Evon.

Total of 30 pictures excluding the gif pictures. Webcams can be really nice somtimes coz it makes us look real good! And btw, I love Agnes' webcam!!!