Monday, June 22, 2009

Double Star-ing

It was kind of a random meet. Since Lynna was going to her Science tuition on Wednesday, ErJie decided to meet up with her friends after sending Lynna. Then, I decided to 'tumpang' the plan. So, I asked Joa and Audrey out for dinner at Double Star. It was a very simple meet. We talked about loads of things and craps... Haha!

With Audrey!

After dinner, we went to Dessert. We were walking towards Audrey's car when we saw the small vending machines! The ones where you put in 20 cents or 50 cents and twist the knob to get the eggs. I remember Joa and I always play that every week at Physics tuition. We put in a few 20 cents. That particular vending machine was a little rusty so, we had trouble twisting the knob. We got a few Beijing Olympic rings and a keychain. So cute!

Joa & I 'pok' eggs!

With Audrey!

Our Beijing Olympic rings & keychain...

We had a short talk at Dessert before Audrey sent us to Xquisine where ErJie was eating at. Then suddenly, Audrey was so random that she wanted to go 'kai-kai'. So, we went to Parkson to buy my nail polish remover. Then, headed back home.

P/s: Most of these pics here are taken from Joa's blog. Tnx Joa!


Sherp said...

cooli le, the rings! hehe
and fun to hang out right?
are u bak to kl now??

lynnx01 said...

O goodness can't believe you guys played that!

LingDi said...

Haha.. Yeah lor! Yeap.. now back in kl =(

Cheh.. Very nice what.. So fun to play!