Friday, June 19, 2009


I must admit that I have been reminiscing the old times lately. First, the high school pictures on facebook. Then, my experience as a runway model. I really miss my high school moments. I just went to my beloved high school, St. Co for their St. Columba Day.

School's band performing...

I noticed my face on this banner when snapping pics using my dSLR!

Thinking back, I only attended St. Columba Day for a few times only. Maybe only twice. Unlike Lynna, I dislike attending these kind of activities. No idea why but maybe because I'm just too lazy.

Super hot day~

But, on that very special day, the school organised a food fair/fun fair/exhibition. A 3-in-1 event! The day was really hot. I was a little bit annoyed but, later had fun meeting old friends and teacher. I arrived there quite early and the St. Columba Day celebration ceremony was still on. Loads of students especially the primary school students were there.

Ah Ning selling food for Leo Club!

I was alone for the 1st hour. So, I had Ah Ning and Mimi to accompany me. There weren't much things on sale. Only 4-5 stalls were selling food. The rest were selling souvenirs and games. I even went to see the exhibition with Mimi but, when we were about to explore the place, we heard the students alerting each other that the Principal and guests were heading towards there. So, we quickly 'cabut'.

Ah Ning & Abel

Mimi & I at the exhibition!

Then, Joa arrived. I had to walk to find her car coz' she needs my help to check her parking. Lol~
After that, we went to sit at the canteen. A few old friends like Daniel Tan and Arif came to chat. Daniel is so big and tall now! I miss him being short and chubby. So cute! We did some catch-ups and talked about the things happening in school now. A boy from Lynna's batch named Bobby also joined in to talk.

My french fries friend!

Not long later, Ho came and I challenged him to play the basketball game. While playing, Jin Kiat and Jeremy came. So nice to meet them.
Later, Audrey, Chyi Chuan and Marcus came! We walked around the hall and chit-chatted for a while before going to the exhibition again. Since Joa had to leave for badminton and I was almost dehydrated because of the super hot weather, we went back.

Old friends: Ho, Chyi Chuan, Joyce, Joa and Daren!

I spotted this when at exhibition!

Health Quiz 2006

I really miss high school. Though there were some ups and downs, I really thank God for sending me to St. Co. It's the place where I met all my cute and loving friends. It's the place where I really grew up becoming a more mature and experienced person. And it's a place where I will never forget!


lynnx01 said...

Wah.. you left some 'legacy' in school ah.

LingDi said...

You also bahh.. Haha!