Sunday, June 14, 2009

WebCam Craze

Alright! I shall not write so much and post loads of my webcam pictures here. Btw, this craze actually started when I was just too bored of studying and ended up snapping loads of pictures with housemates & neighbours. Haha~

Let me start with some pictures of me!!!

Moving on to pictures of me & the rest of crazy 2-3-A2!

Not forgetting my beloved neighbours, Agnes & Evon.

Total of 30 pictures excluding the gif pictures. Webcams can be really nice somtimes coz it makes us look real good! And btw, I love Agnes' webcam!!!


raindrenchedflowers said...

My goodness...make us look good? Hahaha, I look like a crazy lunatic released frm Tanjung Rambutan. Thanks a lot!-.- haha.. happy hols!=)

LingDi said...

Haha.. I like the webcam pics though.. ;) And yes, you looked like as if you're on drugs! Haha.. Maybe eric-overdosed? Haha!

Chelley~ said...

THIA!! The one that moves damn scary laaaa!! I was so shocked O.o

raindrenchedflowers said...

Haha very funny! -.- Its ok i'm not particularly dosed with him, not at all=)I would rather like to think it as pork-deficiency, hahaha.

Suraya Sajoli said...

me luv it! esp d moving pics!
can i save it? :))

LingDi said...

Haha.. U can try to save.. Otherwise, I can transfer for you next time..