Thursday, June 18, 2009

Once A Runway Model

I have always been telling my friends that I was once a model. A catwalk model. Or better known as a runway model! And they weren't very convinced by my story. =(

So, I was kind of crazy about how I looked when I was young coz' I think my toddler pics look really cute so, I went to dig out some old photo albums and found these!

I was just 4 yrs old!

Hahaha!! My outfit was really cute!

I love my pose!

Cute right?! Hehe... I was one of the kids model for Parkson and yes, I know it's hard to believe! But, yes! I was a model! Woohoo!


Suraya Sajoli said...

aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh, nw i noe :P

Chelley~ said...

Wowehh! NOW I believe teehee!!

Queena said...

thia, i bet u cut and paste ur pic there rite?? i know ur good at it eh..

OrAnge-wAsAbI said...

u never change ha, still look the same now...

LingDi said...

Oii!! Where got?! This is really true.. U see the date also la.. 12 of Nov 1994. =(

Boon Loey,
Haha.. Tq Tq..

lynnx01 said...

Eh like that I also model before. HAhhaha!