Monday, May 25, 2009

Me & Exams

I couldn't publish this post last week. So, decided to try again. Note that this post is actually dated on last Monday.

Hey hey! I just realised that Hammer just spammed my account again. Haha! It's alright coz' my blog seriously need to be updated.

I'm currently sitting for my AS Level Exam. Having 2 papers this week; Physics and Chemistry practicals. I really hope the questions will not be so difficult! I'm feeling very uncomfortable now. Don't know why. Maybe because I didn't get a good sleep last night coz' I borrowed my room mate's mattress and put it under mine so, it'll be softer. But, it didn't seem to help. =( Nevermind about that. What I really need to do after this is to collect my lunch, clean up and go to one of the empty classrooms and study. I really need to do so coz' I haven't been studying as I should during the last weekend. Please keep me in your prayers.

Alright! Gotta stop here now coz' the place I'm at is super noisy with inconsiderate people and it's really annoying me. Please continue to drop by for more updates from Hammer! I shall return completely to this blog of mine after my exams in June. If there's any wireless connection, I'll try to update short posts about my progress here.
So, take care and God bless!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

New flaps

Sorry, I cannot resist writing here again. Yes, this is Hammer the Spammer here to spark up Miss Lynthia's blog.

Today, I present you a never-seen-before photo..

Oh yes, this is an old photo dug out just recently. I, Hammer, never really liked pets until Shoo and Hei came into my life. Well, most pet enthusiasts would be very concerned about their pets. Cat owners usually have door flaps installed at their kitchen or entrance door to allow their cats the freedom to enter or exit the house anytime they wish. However, do you realise the potential of other cats entering through the door flaps? The potential "visitors" may finish up the food you have prepared for your own cat, leaving your poor kitty to misery and starvation.

That is why I would like to introduce PetPorte SmartFlap, an innovative product which enables you to monitor and ensure that only your cat can enter through the flap. This unique product is battery powered and fits in most existing circular hole on the door. It allows only cats with the specially designated microchip ID to enter through the flap. Isn't this a brilliant way to keep other cats off your beloved pet's territory?

Now, with a special offer price, you get also an 18-month warranty with it. If still in doubt, the 40-day risk free trial is what you should grab. Have more peace at home today.

Toast to the hosts

Hi there, people! This is Hammer the Spammer once again. While Miss Lynthia is toiling away with her AS papers (I hear it is Cambridge, not London Board that she is taking...), I would just want to ensure you that she is doing fine. She would definitely come back to the blogosphere soon, that is, after she finishes her papers in June.

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