Friday, February 17, 2006

Busy Busy Busy Form 4 Year

You guys must be annoyed when visiting my blog and found that it wasn't updated yet. Yes, I know that. I got a lot of work to do and was VERY busy. Plus, Lynna has the control over the computer more than 50% so, she is always in front of the computer everyday checking on forums, bla bla. Ok, the update of the time:11.23pm. That's quite late already for a normal girl like me. I will have a lot of things going on tomorrow and my eyes are very droppy now but, still need to stay up to look for the infos of gynaecologist. Help~~~ Well, micnutes ago, I wanted to put up some nice pics but, since I can't open the window to upload the pictures, so, decided to put it up next time. Update of the time: 11.38om.
Oh, Valentine's Day, for the sale,m it was great! Well, I think our group did the best in distributing the roses. Way the go rose!!! Haha... I got some roses as well because my friends gave it to me and some was forced. Haha.. I gave one to Mama to make her happy. Everything went well. And... the end of the day.

Leo Signatures Game!!! For my opinion, it was kind of fun. Though a bit of nervous and eager to get the signatures, still got to join the fun of getting them! Please pray for me that I will collect them! Wonder what kind of assignments will they give me. Hopefully a 'do-able' assignment and not the one that is 'undo-able'.

Well, gtg find more infos of gynae. Please pray for me once again! Love you guys!

Update of time: 11.44pm

Friday, February 03, 2006

The Last Episode of Twin of Brothers

Last night was the last episode of the Twin of Brothers. Well, I must admit that it was the best ending for an ancient series. I really love it. I can't express my feelings through blogging but, I have a lot to say about it.
My Best Actor & Best Actress:
Best Actor - I must change the 'Best Actor' to 'Best Actors'. I can't make my decision between Ron Ng and Raymond Lam. They are both good in their own ways. Ron Ng was really great in playing his own role as a religious man who loves his love one. In another way, Raymond is really fabulous in playing an evil man who was possesed by the evil power. He also played the role of a good and playful man. They are really talented. But, at the end of the day, I must make the ultimate decision between them. Well, for me, the Best Actor must be RAYMOND LAM. Why? Why not Ron Ng? Well, Ron Ng was really good but, too bad the series didn't reveal a lot of his talent in playing all types of roles compared to Raymond Lam. I admit that I like Ron Ng more than him. But, to be fair, Raymond did a great job int his series. He played a role of a man who is very playful and kind-hearted at first but, was influenced by an evil power. The way he acted was really good and it showed that he was into his own character. So, my decision is final.
Best Actor: Raymond Lam

Rong Ng and Raymond Lam

My Best Actor forTwin of Brothers

Best Actress - This is the hardest decision among all! All the actresses acted very well in their own roles. I really like Leila Tong because I am her fan. Tavia Yeung was also good. Li Qian on the other hand was great in acting. For Nancy Wu, for my own opinion, she did OK. According to, Nancy Wu was he/her Best Actress. But, for me, I don't think so. She wasn't as good as I thought she will be. Maybe that I had read about how good she was in and expected her to be very good. But, everything turns out different. She was just ok. I found her quite annoying sometimes when she kept bothering Ron Ng. I don't really like the way she cries. It is just very weird. But, I must admit that she was good in playing her own role. For Tavia Yeung, I have no comments about her. Li Qian, she was good and funny sometimes. For the first time I saw her picture in, i guessed she wasn't a Hong Kong actress but, a China actress. I was right! Though so, she was still good and I really like seeing her scenes with Raymond Lam. For Leila Tong, WOW! I really like her in this series. She was fabulous, good and pretty. Not being bias but, she is good in this series. Her chemistry with Ron Ng was irresistible great! You can see how much I like her in this series. She was very religous and helped Ron Ng all the way to success. She is caring, forgiving and understanding. Well, for my Best Actress, obviously, LEILA TONG.

Tavia Yeung & Li Qian

Nancy Wu, see how annoying she is?? 'I'm Ron's woman'? No no... for me, she is really annoying but, she did a great job as an evil lady who fell in love with a guy.

Leila Tong, My Best Actress of this series

Best Supporting Actor: It must be Tavia's brother. Though he didn't appear much in this series, he acted well and I really like his character. He showed that he was a very potential ruler. Well, this series wouldn't complete without a aupporting actor like him.

Tavia's brother

Best Couple: Leila Tong and Ron Ng!!! They are so cute to be together. I like watching them more than Ron Ng with Nancy Wu. They brought they relationship to a higher level when Laila Tong forgived him because of having an affair with Nancy Wu. This moment was really touching.

Ron Ng and Leila Tong - Such a great couple in this series!

Well, this series is one of the best ancient series I have ever watched. I will nvr regret watching. For them who haven't watch this yet, do watch because it is very interesting.