Thursday, December 07, 2006

I love them!!!

Have you ever wondered how are you going to survive in a class full of students who don`t even speak English? Have you ever wondered how are you going to survive with only one electrical dictionary? Difficult but, I CAN!!!
On first day in Hasami High School, I was placed in the third class of Year 2. I am in the ceramic side. So, I actually learn to do ceramics. I was so lost. I didn`t know what to so, what to say and how to interact. I don`t speak Japanese like everyone do and I can`t understand what everyone is trying to tell me. But, as I tried my best to smile to the students, they approached me and introduced each of them. They helped to remember all of their names! Though a lot of people say that they are maniacs, I think they are very cool and kind. As days in school passed by, I got closer and closer to them. I had fun during PE and even could communicate with them very well. I feel so relaxed. Tomorrow will be my last day in school. Whenever I thought about it, I feel so sad. I can`t believe that a week has just passed by very fast. I always don`t want to go to school because it was very cold but, now, I don`t want to stop schooling in Hasami High School. Hasami High School is very popular and has the one of the best baseball team in Japan. Maybe the best in Japan! The people there are really kind and fun! I will really miss them. Mmm... I don`t want to leave the school. I really love them so much! One of the girls, Takumi, gave me a picture which she drew. It was very very pretty!!! That is the very first anime picture that I had ever liked! All this time, I had no interest in anime and didn`t even bother to look at it but now, I love what she drew! I was soooo touched! I love them!
I will go to Hiroshima next Tuesday. It will be very cold there. I love my host family and they are very fun and kind! They are so cool. I will miss them very very much!!!

-sorry, i will try to upload pictures!-