Friday, July 31, 2009

Good, Better, Best?

I’ve just thought of posting pictures of me since young till now and let you all decide when is the time I looked the best. I don’t think I’ve changed much though but, I still like the way I am!

1. A picture of me when I was super young! Forgot how old was I but, I don’t think I’ve changed much. Hehe…


2. Jumping from a super young of me to a 15-year-old of me! I love the chubby, pimple-less face of mine!


CNY 2005


End of Form 3

3. Then, here’s me when I was sweet 16! I kind of like my short hair here… Hehe!


Drama competition in March/April


KK Leo Forum in June

Japan in December

4. When I was 17, I looked kind of kiddy. And not to forget, I gained loads of weight that time. =( Maybe it was because of the stressful SPM…

Prefect Camp in April

   LYZ’s concert during my birthday

School’s Prize Giving Ceremony in Oct/Nov

5. After high school, life started to change! I think I started to look less kiddy or maybe not…


CNY 2008


Orientation Week KTT in July (Ok.. This pic is really funny! Bad hairstyle and too ‘sepet’ eyes!)


CF Christmas Celebration in December

6. And here’s how I look like now in 2009. Although with different hairstyles, I still look the same. Please do let me know whether I should keep a fringe or bangs? I like fringe better but my housemate said I look more attractive(?) with bangs. Hmm…


Ponggal Night in February


  Back to St.Co in June 

Malacca trip in July (This is me with fringe and more layered hair which I love now!)

So, which do you all think is my best looking time? I think I like how I look when I was 16. Hehe… But, no matter what, we are all beautiful in God’s eyes. So, I’m thankful of how I’m made! =)

There’ll be more coming up! Still have to compare how I look like next time when I’m in India studying… Lol!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Go Malacca Day 2

The very next morning, we went to eat pork soup and yam rice! It might sound ordinary but, it’s really, superbly delicious! This shop is quite famous I heard. Even Astro’s Ah Xian also came to this shop.


The name of the shop that sells the best pork soup!


Hungry people waiting for an available table!


We loving it!




The friendly boss preparing our breakfast…

After breakfast, we went to walk along Jonker Street. The weather was super hot but, it was fun walking and stopping by the shops to buy things. The whole afternoon was all about Jonker and shopping. Not much eating yet. Btw, we also visited the oldest temple in Malacca. But some say in the whole West Malaysia or probably Malaysia.


The start of Jonker Street


Super excited!


At the oldest temple here…


Somewhere behind the temple…


Admiring the door.. Lol!

We went to this shop which sells handmade shoes. I guess this is quite a famous shop coz even Director Lee Ang visited this shop. Interesting…




Star Wars anyone? Haha…

After all the shopping, we started to chant the shopaholic’s motto: My will is strong, my wallet is closed, I don’t want to shop! Haha… Guess what? It really worked! At least on Sarah…


          We even tried to ignore the ‘2nd piece RM1’ promotion!


Sarah with her ice-cream and floppy hat!

We wanted to visit some Baba Nyonya house so, we continued to walk around until we reach the 8 Heeren Street. We stopped by a model conservation project by Badan Warisan Malaysia. It’s an old Dutch-influenced house which BWM conserved as an exhibition to the public. Seeing this very interesting, we all decided to go in. There’s this old man working there. He explained every single detail about the style of the Dutch houses. It was really a good experience knowing a little bit about the architecture of the house.


A short talk about the house =)


Pretty maid with her Dutch boss ;)


Chai Lian at the cute well…


At the balcony of the house!

After that, we went to somewhere familiar. It was the house Little Nyonya was filmed! We wanted to go in to see but, it was a private museum and we have to pay RM8 per person just to go in. And no photography too! Well, we still went for it coz’ it’s an experience we all want to have.


Baba Nyonya house!


It seems like I was over-excited!

The Baba Nyonya house is super grand! It’s definitely a rich family living there last time. Btw, I only spotted 3 parts of the house that were filmed; the front part of the house, front room in the 1st episode and the ancestral room where Ju Xiang was beaten by the grandmother. And the rest was maybe filmed on set or at other houses.

After the tour around the Baba Nyonya house, we sat down to have some snacks. Jun Mei ordered ‘pai tee’!!! I’ve seen it before on TV but I didn’t know it tasted so good! We also had some nyonya kueh. Later, we walked to eat some popiah and rojak. Then, we went back to shower and rest before starting the night activities!


Lovely ‘pai tee’!

To be continued…

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Go Malacca Day 1

Since it was a day off on Friday because it was KTT’s Family Day, we got to leave early. There were 5 of us; Daniel, Chai Lian, Sarah, Jun Mei and me! Jun Mei was our tour guide. And the 4 of us, the Sarawakian tourists! Lol~

We took the KTM from Nilai to Seremban. When arrived, we walked to Terminal 1 where we managed to grab the last few tickets for the earliest bus at 10.30am. The whole journey took us about 1 1/2 hour. It was quite a short trip compared to the trips I made to Bintulu, Sibu, Sarikei and what more to say Kuching!


In Kei Shing’s car

When arrived, Kei Shing came to fetch us to Dream Box, Dataran Pahlawan Mall for some karaoke session. It was my first time going out for karaoke and it was really fun. We sang loads of songs. From English to Chinese and Malay. Yes, I manage to sing Chinese songs without pinyin. Thanks to Kei Shing who mumbled the lyrics to me when I was trying to sing the songs. After almost 3 hours of singing, we stayed for a while to sing some random songs even though we couldn’t play the songs. We even tried beat box!


Me love singing!


Sing sing sing…


Singing again…

After having enough fun singing, we left the place. We went to Dataran Pahlawan to snap some nice pictures. I love the grass there although it might not be as clean as it seems. We also went to A Famosa but, didn’t go up the hill.


Contestants of KTT’s Next Top Model


The winners… Haha!


A Famosa!


Sarawakian tourists!


With the cannon…


Random pose at a random part of A Famosa!

After visiting the place, Kei Shing drove us to the Portuguese ‘kampung’. I remember the taxi driver drove my family and I to that exact same area 8 years ago which means when I was 10. Nostalgia… Btw, we stopped by and took some sea view pictures. I miss the sea so much coz’ it reminds me of home.


Cannon again!


I love this pic! =)

At night, we went to eat satay celup for dinner. I love satay celup so much!!! Good food to eat with family and friends but, not for romantic candlelight dinner la. Lol~ Chai Lian and Sarah took so many sticks especially the mushrooms sticks that we couldn’t finish all of them. My favourite satay celup is the ‘you cha kueh’ (that’s what I call but, I don’t know the actual name..) coz’ it taste really nice!


Satay celup!!!!


Yummmm…. Camel!


I want satay celup again!


Eat eat eat…

After dinner, we went to a cafe bar to have some drinks. I ordered Rum Punch which tasted just like a tropical orange juice. Haha~ Chai Lian and Sarah ordered something that tasted like milo but it was baileys. Sorry… My first time drinking cocktails. =) We wanted to listen to this guy who sings in the cafe but he wasn’t there. So, Jun Mei was kind of disappointed. After the drinks, we went supper again. I had chee cheong fun which was quite nice. Then, we went back to sleep!


Me at the cafe bar!